25 thoughts on “Rescuers search for 12 missing in Texas floods

  1. Lot of people wishing they had voted for Climate Change Al Gore.

  2. California will get their rain.  Texas went through severe drought these last 6-7 years.  The smaller towns around central Texas just havent been prepared for this.

  3. Don't worry, rain is coming to CA, but I will be in a way that we wont have a dout that is a Divine hand.

  4. Gods vengeance upon those who would go against his will and wishing. Don't you dare ask for the governments help either just pick were you left off.

  5. How come the religious right aren't claiming this is god's judgement like they usually do? is it because texas is a red state? What with the floods and the biker violence, if this were a blue state the religious nuts would be screaming doom and judgement. Not a peep!

  6. Allah akbar the prayers of the oppressed muslims in syria and iraq have been heard . Now texas looks like ramadi and tikrit 😀

  7. No rain for california but more on the way for texas clean it up bitch 😀

  8. Oh I'm sorry. Is Texas asking for aid now? I thought they hated those Government hand outs and wanted to secede. Let them pay for it themselves since they can't stand those taxes and benefits. Or better yet, pray. Because praying works better than science and engineering. Lol.

  9. How much you want to bet that the liberal hacks and partisan Democrats will try and politicize this.

  10. Texas is getting a good douching to clean out all those right wing conservative christian nutjobs and corrupt Texas government officials. Come on Turd Cruz, pray for it to go away.
    Maybe you could borrow that perverted child molester Duggar from Arkansas. You might be able to get a hole Quiverfull of child molesters there to pray with you. Wait a minute…….
    Did Obama do it, with his secret weather machine? That has to be it. It can't be from climate change because that's that science stuff and you know that's a bunch of hooey. Ya'll

  11. This can be traced directly to the Obama administration. Jews and liberals have created a machine capable of controlling the weather. God fearing Christians should be aware, the machine is now pointed at White Christian families living anywhere in the United States. God will punish the Jews, Liberals and abortionists in the afterlife.

  12. My take on this – i couldn't care less because i have no respect for Texans..nothing but a bunch of bluff tough war mongrels who wear stupid looking cowboy hats and carry guns because they can't back up anything with their fists..Hillary Clinton for Pres 2016

  13. This is the will of Allah as punishment for the mohammad cartoons

  14. Haarp to blaime!!!!!!!! Govt. Hides the secrets they keep……………..DISTROY WEATHER CONTROL HARRP IN ALASKA!!!!

  15. He wear Texas with tunnels Govt. Want to keep humans from our freedom!!!!!!! In Bible says …..".RUN TO THE HILLS"!!!!!!! DONT BELIEVE GOVT.

  16. I hope the good folk of Texas know how people during Hurricane Sandy felt when they needed help from the federal government. Yet Texas's Ted Cruz said that helping Sandy victims was "spending money we don't have"–http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/ted-cruz-calls-federal-flood-relief-texas-article-1.2238227

    I'm sure those Texas Republicans will now say that spending more money is not the answer…..right.

  17. "Um yea theres water all over"
    "You know uh sometimes I stop and think to myself why god does things for a reason"
    "And I think this is one of them""Texas is a very populated state"
    "I just hope and pray that all of theses innocent men,women, and children,can make it back home safely to their families"
    "Because losing a family member at all is like losing a part of yourself , most parents actually want to see their children grow up into the wonderful people that they want them to be ,and all of those children that have been missing, and still keep on missing ,they had lives ahead of them and I know in my heart ad bad as this may seem, you just have to trust in God"
    ~anonymous person questioned by BBC News ~
    ~May 28th,2015, 19:30 pm~

  18. Lol I remember being waken up at 3am by my neighbors then seeing my car under water

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