Resident Evil: The Fate of Raccoon City 1, Part 5: “The Plague’s Deluge”

Jane: “Norman turned into a zombie!?” Nick: “No doubt. After being killed by that giant spider, he became a zombie I injured at the sawmill.” Jane: “No way.” Nick: “Norman wasn’t alone, there. Everyone from town who disappeared has become a Zombie and is wandering in the woods.” Jane: “Stop. I don’t want to believe it.” Nick: “And…” Jane: “What?” Nick: “No, nothing.” Jane: “What is it? You saw something else. What did you see? Tell me!” Nick: “Nothing!” Jane: “Dad!?” Nick: “The bathroom. Wait there. I’ll get a shotgun.” Nick: “I’ll open it, Jane. Step back.” Jane: “Rats!” Nick: “Damn rats! Go away! Go away!” Jane: “It’s Jim!” Jane: “Good morning, Jim.” Jim: “Jane…” Jane: “What’s wrong, Jim? Do you feel sick?” Jim: “I’ve got a fever. I can’t rest for a while can I?” Jim: “Come on, Jim! Dad! Dad!” Nick: “Lie him down gently on the sofa.” Jane: “Jim, I’ll get some medicine.” Jim: “Thank you.” Nick: “What happened?” Jim: “My dad’s coming back home after being at work the past few days. I left home to pick him up, but suddenly felt sick.” Nick: “If I’m not mistaken, Mr. Marker is the management office director at Arklay Dam.” Jim: “He’s stayed overnight for about a week to carry our routine inspection. He always phones home the day he comes back; today he didn’t. So I got worried. Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday.” Nick: “I understand. I’ll pick him up instead. You shouldn’t move with that fever.” Jim: “Thank you. It happened suddenly… I’m a little… my body’s itchy.” Nick: “Well, I’ll be back. You stay rested.” Jim: “Argh, itchy… Jane, I’m so itchy. What do I do?” Jane: “Don’t scratch. Now, I’ll go get some ointment.” Announcer A’s voice: “In response to queries from citizens about the recent increase in the rat population, the Board of Health says it is no more than a temporary, seasonal phenomenon.” Nick: “…Jane, I’m sorry. Anita… I couldn’t tell you your mother became a Zombie.” Nick: “W-What’s that black mass!?” Nick: “They’re rats. There’s so many of them, and they’re crossing the road toward the lake. Wow! The rats are floating on the lake. I can’t bear it, what a smell. I have to get to the dam quickly, I have to tell them about this!” Nick: “Marker… is no one here? That’s strange. Nobody’s here.” Nick: “They left the TV on… Marker!” Nick: “What’s that sound? It’s in the basement.” Nick: “Who’s there? What are you doing, crouched down like that?” Nick: “Answer.” Nick: “Z-zombie! That’s… a neck! You’re eating it!?” Nick: “Eating right up to the eyeballs!” Nick: “Zombies here, too!” Nick: “The people at the dam… have they all become zombies!?” Nick: “Who’s there!? That’s not a zombie, is it!?” Nick: “Marker!” Marker: “Nick? Why are you here?” Nick: “What happened? That’s a horrible wound. I was asked to greet you at the dam and just arrived.” Marker: “Is that so…?” Nick: “What on earth happened?” Marker: “W-we didn’t see them until they were here. Lots of rats… floating in the dam.” Nick: “Eh. You saw it?” Marker: “Maybe…the rats were carrying germs.” Nick: “Germs?” Marker: “The first man to drink the water, he became a zombie. He attacked a group, injuring one after another… they all became zombies.” Nick: “What are you saying? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Marker: “If you drank water, you become a zombie. If you were bitten you become a zombie, and when you’re becoming a zombie your body starts to itch. That’s your evidence.” Nick: “Body!?” Marker: “The body rots, dies, and finally the zombie-” Nick: “No way!” Jim: “Ah, itchy…itchy…itchy…” Jane: “Oh no! This is… The blood’s not coming out.” Jim: “Jane, I’m still… itchy.” Jane: “Jim.” Nick: “Phone!? You don’t have a phone, Marker!?” Marker: “The zombie noise is dying down.” Nick: “Anyway, let’s go from this place as soon as possible.” Marker: “It’s no good… will become a zombie soon.” Nick: “What do you mean?” Marker: “This wound is from a zombie bite. Soon my body will get itchy, my intelligence decline, I’ll rot and die… Then I’ll come back to life, and become that revolting zombie.” Nick: “Marker!” Marker: “Nick, tell the townspeople. Don’t drink the tapwater. Watch out for rats.” Nick: “I understand.” Marker: “Then… with this gun.” Marker: “Kill me.” Nick: “Eh?” Marker: “If I am to become one of those zombies… I would rather die. I’ve seen it. They eat people’s flesh… and scratch out and suck up their eyeballs… kill me and don’t hesitate… blow my head off.” Nick: “That. I can’t do that!” Marker: “Please, Nick… Please!” Nick: “I won’t. Please, stop!” Nick: “Marker!” Nick: “I don’t believe it… He jumped…”

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