Resin Geode Table (like a River Table but…not!)

it’s go time things are happening oh I
didn’t even think about that hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn and today we made
this resin geode table so before we do any of the fun geode resin stuff we have
to process this cookie first step and you need to flatten it out but we don’t
have the tools to do that in our shop so we’re gonna go to our friend Jason’s
shop from Helmwood Urban Lumber and he’s gonna help us out yeah Jason’s also the
one who got us in touch with Chris from Harvest Lumber Company which is where we
actually got the slab from we’ll have links to both of their websites in the
description below but for now let’s get to flattening the slab so we flattened
this with a router sled it’s basically two rails and a sled that sits across
them and you go back and forth with your router little by little until the whole
thing is flat the most important thing is to make sure everything is level and
parallel it creates a lot of dust and it takes a long time but it totally worked so we flattened almost all of it and
I know you’re saying almost what are you doing is these two little bits right here this
is gonna be the bottom where the legs you’re telling everyone our- that’s our
secret you’re not supposed to tell people I mean no worries we’re just flipping
it yeah it’s 100 percent done not 98 percent all right so while we’re doing the final
sanding of this we’re also gonna be removing all of the I thought I could
get one ah all of the bark nailed it after many hours the slab is done and the
next thing that we are gonna do is power carve into it which is a little
bit painful so we took out our inspiration for these these guys that we
made here a little bit ago we’re gonna see how they mesh together so these are
resin geodes we made a couple weeks ago to practice for this exact project it’s
just too underwhelming it’s too underwhelming this is a better size
still feels like a little bit not enough big kahuna this is gonna be way too
big we do wanna do crystals in the middle and like actually you do a cutout
like this one oh no it’s not that much – I think it’s way too big imagine all of this
wood gone maybe just leave a border three inches thick oh my gosh that’s so
much smaller what if we photoshopped it or something that is a really good idea okay so we decided on a design we’re
using the rings of the tree to dictate where our geode’s outlines gonna be and
where the hole is gonna be think this will look good even though it feels so
wrong to be drilling into this we’re gonna start with the center get this
good work out from there to get the hole drilled all the way
through properly aligned I’m gonna extend this quarter inch hole all the
way through the backside and then come up on the other side and join the two
holes basically dual-wielding slightly thicker than our hole saw can handle
let me see if I can gently persuade it come on oh yeah! it pooped
tree poop is valuable so Arbortech is sponsoring this video and you’re gonna be seeing
a few of their tools first up is their Mini Grinder which might look a
little bit small but it’s really powerful the Mini Grinder can really eat
away at material but you can also sneak up on a precise line woo did I get it all off haha no so the next step is
to carve a recessed area out of the cookie so we can pour our resin in there
but before we do the original one I did some test pieces we wanted to figure out
should we do a hard edge around that curved recess area or should it kind of
slope out gradually so you can probably see it best on this one I think we’re
gonna do a hard edge cuz it contains the resin better we noticed it really easily
spills over the sides and you have a gradual pour and we don’t want this kind
of mess going on so I’m gonna do a hard-edged slight recess this area
we’re going to use our next Arbortech tool this is the TURBO Plane it’s the
same one we used on our ripple bench which we’ll put a link to that it cuts
on the bottom but not on the side so once I have that outside edge defined I
can go deeper without worrying about cutting into my side it’ll just cut down alrighty let’s get some chips flying yeah okay we’re done carving
somehow got super late but we have to pour tonight so what we’re gonna do
first is prep a few things we made sure that this is all level we’re gonna tape
off the inside to make sure resin doesn’t pool inside here and we’re gonna
tape off the underside anywhere that there’s cracks so that it doesn’t go all
the way through and glue this to the wood and if you have a lot of questions
about resins and dyes and all that stuff we do go into that a lot more in another
video we’ll link that below and we have a video where we just do a resin geode
so we’ll link that to but for now we’ll get taping and then it’s resin time it’s too short there we go is this overboard
I don’t know this is what we go into panic mode yeah
this has about like a 30 minute working time until it turns kind of gel-like so
we got to go this beginning bit is always like one of the most
nerve-racking because like the timer is started but we haven’t poured anything
yet cuz also like it feels like it takes forever to mix I know and you’re like
ahhh things are happening I’m gonna start of the first
pour of clear look at the color change it’s like finishing it but permanently
permanently I’m gonna use the hot- the hot- the hot air gun words I have this feeling remind you to pour
more than we think look it just like absorbed his end grain is thirsty oh I didn’t even think about that I think that’s good you can start doing
that I’m gonna mix it up another batch of clear I’m going relatively heavy on the
white because it always gets squished year we always need more white so it always looks terrible at the very
beginning what is this did a child do this oh this looks so bad try to do this black right along
the very edge we mixed some real pretty colors I think I’m gonna go ahead and start
yeah you wanna do like outwards from the center can you pass me that green ink green
ink I’m gonna make some cells the alcohol ink does crazy stuff whoa look at that bloom going on there might need to do more cuz otherwise it’s gonna look like a face with
two eyes and a mouth muh! gimme more resin! oh that’s cool whoa Katelyn look at that whoa that makes it look super geode-y apply it a little bit more yeah it looks
more like eyes I think let’s flame it hahaha we did it we can’t touch it anymore
I want to it’s so hard to stop super excited though I’m excited to see how this edge did
wait I want to like admire it for a second it’ll be even cooler once this is
gone though you’re right oh my gosh that looks amazing oh yeah that looks so
much cooler Wow that’s looking like something it’s probably kind of hard to
tell but there’s definitely little cells that appeared overnight little
concentrated areas you have like these large cells created by the gold drops we
did I love how the gold is kind of like at that edge right here speaking of
edges this wasn’t level we made sure that this
is all level so this side is higher than this side are we gonna try to sand this
down at all or do you think just pour clear over it I think pour clear over it
but before we do that we need to add some crystals on the inside actually I
think we should I think we should bless you I think we should sand this before we do the crystals because it’s gonna be hard to get dust out from the crystal area and we don’t want to
seal it in forever so there’s a little bit of an edge from
where the tape contacted we’re gonna knock down that sharp edge real quick so before we glue the crystals down
we’re actually gonna paint the inside of this sparkly white
so that if any of it shows between the crystals it’s not
gonna be dark and contrast-y it should all just kind of merge together so we
have some white acrylic paint und some glitter how much glitter is too glitter? haha how much glitter is too glitter unicorn poop going for that goo video type
content now maybe it will reveal itself when we paint it now it won’t it’s lumpy now! just try it just try it why would you make me do this?
attempt number two attempt 3 yeah that looks better
that looks a lot better but we’re about to get a little crazy
we’re gonna add a little bit of teal and green and some of the
colors that are in there oh yeah yeah I like it
can I add a little surprise what is your plan here whoa look at that look at that
oh it looks magical that looks so good now we have to decide how
we’re gonna do crystals I don’t know if we need to record all this we don’t
really know what we’re doing yet BRB what I’m thinking is layer of larger
crystals at the bottom as we get closer and closer to the top we can do smaller
and shorter ones let’s do it we’ll timelapse it so Katelyn’s been having a hard time
gripping these little ones so I have an idea here you hold this like this you’re
crazy hot glue hack videos hot glue it at the end now let’s try it again with
the modified ones oh my gosh that’s freaking perfect that looks so pretty oh my gosh I’ve spent probably the last two hours in my life
individually placing crystals it’s worth it looks like
there’s an actual gem all the way through this
tree trunk yeah it looks like that’s like a magical tree
that was growing inside of the normal tree I’m so glad that we painted it
because you can see the gradient of that teal to the white underneath and behind
the crystals yeah also if it had of just been wood that would have been very
evident that it was just a layer okay this is finally done yeah now we’re going to do another clear coat of epoxy over the entire thing and
somehow figure out the sides I don’t know if we know what we’re
doing there yet let’s just epoxy over the sides let it flow over
it’s not gonna flow over some of these sides go kinda we’ll paint it on we’ll
figure it out as we go I am ready we are going to be using
epoxy again the same epoxy that we used for the initial pour and hopefully this
will unify everything well the reason we’re using epoxy instead of varnish is
cuz since it wasn’t perfectly level the last time some spots were a
little low in some spots were a little high so we’re hoping the epoxy which is
a little bit thicker will even it all out all right let’s go
so funny you remember how like a few seconds ago I was like oh I mixed up
plenty I mixed up extra we’re gonna be totally fine that’s it here I’m gonna
spread it a little bit and you use the heat gun okay it’s a thirsty cookie look at
this crack right here just soaking it up I can’t look I’m on a mission oh my gosh
remember when I was like we should get the next bottle is it out can you get this area over here oh my gosh it needs a bit more mix up more alrighty well we were so
intent on getting everything finalized that our camera died but everything is
looking really really nice it’s looking like 98% good it’s really close there were a
couple areas on the top where the wood was a little extra thirsty and soaked in
the epoxy so what we’re gonna do is actually cover those with varnish we
could do epoxy but we don’t really wanted to do a whole another layer and
cover up some of these natural places where it’s sunk into the bark inclusion
and the cracks because we really like that so we’re gonna see if this works if
doesn’t work I guess I’ll just cover it with epoxy anyway but hopefully this
will work and we’re also gonna use the varnish on the outside edges let’s do it all righty guys this is looking great
after two coats of varnish we’re just gonna flip it over clean up the bottom
and add the legs and then we drop it we no which way are we flipping it this way we need to make sure there’s
no goop on here it’s gonna be tropical themed all right I just got to remove a little
bit of tape alrighty for the legs we wanted something easier
Lowe’s hooked us up with some metal legs that they’re selling those look
perfect gonna be really hard to tell without like flipping it
how does that look those are upside down well thank you guys for sticking with us
through this whole video I know it was pretty long so you get bonus points for
things thanks for watching and we’ll see you guys next time bye all the way
through the backside through to the backside oh still recording
dang it they record the first one like it has to pee yeah

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