Resin River Cast Kitchen Table EP-3, Build the Table Mold

Sawadeecrap to everybody out there! Creative Thoughts series Resin River Cast Kitchen Table In today episode I’m building the mold for an epoxy cast kitchen table Before jump into it, if you think I deserve of curse, Please subscribe to my channel and ring the bell for future videos notification And now, with that been said, Let’s to build some and let’s to have fun with! Ok guys, with rubbing alchool I’m cleaning this playwood sheet 2 cm thick This is the third episode of my creative thoughts series and I’m building an epoxy river cast kitchen table and today I’m crafting its mold This playwood sheet is the mold base If you are interested in how I end up to this point above my head web link to the playlist of this series resin river cast kitchen table With scotch tape I’m going to wrap all the mold base Epoxy, once cured, wont stick to plastic, smooth surfaces so scotch tape is the effective, proper way to deal with the resin mold It makes our life much easier once the table will be assembled epoxy cured It will release from the mold with a mild lift push force With scrap wood strips 5 cm wide I build the mold sides I already cut the strips to the desired lenght I’m going to fix in place the mold sides with glue and screws so, let’s begin by drilling holes with my Krag pocket holes jig To speed up the process better to use my banch vise Let’s clean the mold sides first than, as I did for the mold base, I wrap the mold sides with scotch tape DONT skeep this step please! Once epoxy will be cast and cured, cause the scotch tape, the table will release from the mold easy just a mild lift and it will be free from the mold As I said earlier, epoxy dosent stick to plastic, smooth surfaces as scotch tape any plastic scotch tape goes, will be perfect for the job My work banch is perfectly flat, actually I’m using my surface flattening slad base as work banch and I know that is 100% flat Just to be sure let’s check one more time the flatness of the table the surface must be 100% flat for obvious reason to ensure epoxy casting spreading apart uniformely Let’s glue in place the mold sides I’m using “1000 nails” glue Everything should be in order let’s check one more time corners are square, ok so I can finally screw the mold sides in Last step of the process seel all the edges with silicon I’m applying an aboundant quantity of silicon to seel all the edges preventing troubles later on better to avoid epoxy speeling out and the consequent big mess! Let’s remove dust if any And here I am, job is done! I’m going to give 2 fully days to silicone to cure, harden properly and, in the next video, the most exiting, fun part of the job resin cast In the main time Thank you very much for watching and see you soon, by-by!

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