Resin River Cast Kitchen Table EP-4, Epoxy Pouring Time!

Sawadeecrap to all carpenters out there! Creative Thought Series Resin River Cast Kitchen Table In today episode is casting time! I’m going to epoxy pour the kitchen table built in past episodes Before jump into it if you think I deserve of curse please subscribe to my channel and ring the bell for future videos notification and now with that been said Let’s to build some and let’s to have fun with! Creative Thought series: resin cast kitchen table everything is ready slabs are assembled mold is built so let’s begin by do some cleaning If you’re interested in how I ended up to this point above my head web link to this series playlist It is finally epoxy casting time the funniest part of the entire project so I’m cleaning the table with rubbing alchool making the mold ready for the pouring This is a medium size resin cast so how much epoxy do I need? I begin by measuring the volume of the river so volume equal I have a lenght of 150 cm let’s write it down I have a width of 27 cm here 20 cm here let’s see in the middle 23 cm here let me ceck one more time just to be sure I choose a width of 23 cm an average measure cause the river is an irregular shape And finally a hight of …… 4 cm Let me ceck one more time Yes! 4 cm I procede with the volume of the irregular shape so Volume equal a lenght of ……39 cm let’s write it down A width that is….. let’s say 7 cm an average of this irregular shape and finally the live edge volume equal a lenght of…. 95 cm let’s write it down and an average width let’s see….. 14 cm should be fine the hight for both measures is steel 4 cm so let’s do the numbers for the volume of the river I have: 150 x 23 x 4=13800 let’s round it to 14000 cubic cm now, the volume of the irregular shape 39 x 7 x 4=1092 I round it to 1000 cubic cm and finally the volume of the live edge 95 x14 x 4=5320 so round it to 5500 cubic cm the total volume of the epoxy needed is: 1400 + 1000 + 5500=7900 round it to 8000 cubic cm because 1 liter=1000 cubic cm I need 8 L of epoxy in total Here in Thailand I can find only one type of epoxy available in large quantity I’m ordering the resin from a factory in Bangkok it is a good epoxy quality it has 40 minutes working time no yellowing over time Can stand scratches perfectly etc, etc however it isnt ment for proper casting I phoned call the factory The guy who I remaned in contact with actually we became friends gave to me planty of technical details unfortunately only one problem I cant pour layer more thick than 1 cm Indeed I need 8 L of resin in total cause the epoxy that I’m using thecnical limitations I should cast layer of 1cm hight maximum I do the numbers again and I’m going to do 4 casting with a hight of 1 cm each I’m ready for the first pour I already mixed and I’m stearing epoxy for 3 minutes about to achieve a proper bounding between component A and B I dont tell or show any technical details about my epoxy cause I dont think is wort it What I ment is over the years I worked with many different kind of epoxy and I learned that each resin has its unique chemical composition It reacts differently to a number of factors etc, etc, so unless you are going to use the exact same formula that I’m dealing with in case feel free please to ask any questions on the comments below I will reply shortly after spend the time telling infos that wont work with the specific epoxy formula that you’re dealing with It is just loosing time simply it isnt wort Sorry! Epoxy is properly mixed now so about colors I’m using powder metallic pigments green and white on the specific a small quantity for the white color and the rest… will be green Later on while the pouring are proceding I will talk about about metallic pigments in more specific details keep watching the video please and you will understand why shortly after and here I am, the first cast! every project is a pure fun it’s a way to learn and build up experience this table has no exception so I’m experiment with these 2 colors white and green and I’m going to show you different techniques how to play with casting with more than a single pigment and now let’s go with white I stear the epoxy playing with pigment metallic reflactions and finally with my hot gun I blow away air bubbles forming one more pass with my torch the epoxy river has a considerable width and lenght so be sure to eliminate completely all bubbles and now I’m going to repeat the pour for the live edge and the other recess all the steps involved are exactly the same First pouring is done I’m going to give epoxy proper time to cure I gave epoxy 24 hours to properly cure with a 240 grid paper I hand sand applying just a mild pressure The process is creating micro scratches to ensure mechanical boundind between resin layers Ok, I’m done! now I remove all the fine soda dust epoxy produces a very volatile dust remove it with compressed air if you have a compressor and a towel with rubbing alchool clean well the mold before procede I’m ready for the second pour green and white epoxy is already mixed and stired let’s have fun experimenting I’m going to use an aluminium foil as a barrier I want to see if I can create more separation between green and white It works! however with a more rigid barrier may the technique let’s call it “separation technique” will work even better and I will try it in the next pour I stear epoxy trying to find pigment metal interesting reflactions and, with my hot gun and my torch I blow away air bubbles forming I’m going to repeat the cast for the other 2 recesses and here I am second cast is done! So far so good I gave epoxy 24 hours is fully cured and here I am ready for the third pouring As I did before with a 240 grid paper I hand sand epoxy the process creates micro scratches that ensure better mechanical bounding between resin layers I procede by cleaning the mold with air compressed a towel and rubbing alchool I remove well all the fine soda dust produced by the sand process The “separation technique” that I tried on the second cast do you remember? I’m always experimenting and I add to the aluminium foil a piece of wood strip I’m trying to have a more rigid barrier to achieve an even better separation between colors let’s see how it’s going to perform The epoxy formula that I’m dealing with requires a mix ratio of 2:1 two parts of component A the resin itself one part of component B the hardner I am measuring the exact needed quantity by volume trying to be accurate and I always mix the two components pouring component A inside component B this is the correct order to add components into each other because component A the epoxy itself is always more dense than component B the hardner the factory were I’m buying my epoxy produces different kind of resin I choosed this particular kind of epoxy because it has a really low viscosity perfect for cast proupose generally speaking indeed here I am with my separation technique I’m always experimenting trying to achieve more separation between the two colors: green and white let’s see how a more rigid barrier is going to perform …….. may to find a way to keep the barrier steady in place? Anyway a rigid barrier works much better than a simply floppy aluminium foil And now the same steps implemented before I stear epoxy to find interesting metallic pigment reflactions and finally I blow away air bubbles forming And here I am the third pouring is done let’s give time to epoxy to cure As I did for the first and second resin pour I gave epoxy 24 hours to cure and here I am ready for the fourth and final cast before procede let me please discuss about pigments I would like to give some advise tell you what I learned over the years 90% of my epoxy casts are done with powder metallic pigments I love their reflections and the final outcome that they give I alway work with this specific brand that I import from England through Ebay I watched many resin cast YouTube tutorials and I learned that the majority of professionals out there use the same kind of brand the quality is far superior without doubth In this video once epoxy is cast you saw me stering with a stick the resin try to find interesting reflections what I learned is that with metallic pigments the final outcome is unpredictable so many factors influence the final render: epoxy formula, weather temperature, volume of the cast etc, etc indeed predict a precise final outcome is practically impossible you can stear epoxy trying to find interesting reflactions that most likely while resin is curing are going to change with that been said one important factor that can be count in consideration to have some sort of control on the final outcome is the thikness of the cast as already told I always experimenting and during the past third pour I did that to show you one may important consideration look here please because my epoxy river is separated by metal steel inserts I use that to cast different in thickness layers here a cast with 1 cm thickness once epoxy is cured the final outcome is a big cells pattern here a cast with 1/2 cm thickness Once epoxy is cured the outcome pattern is much more smaller and regular in shape and finally a cast with 2-3 mm thickness as you can clearly see the reflection cells are almost gone indeed as a general consideration the final outcome of a metallic pigment epoxy cast is practically unpredictable however you can get a certain level of control playing with the thickness of the epoxy layer that you’re going to pour Ok, so far so good! fourth and final cast I repeat the exact steps did before I sand with a 240 grid paper to achieve a better mechanical bounding between layers I remove all the volatile epoxy soda dust with a compressor air gun and I’m cleaning well with a towel and rubbing alchool Dont skeep this step please Very Important! Cause the fine soda dust produced by the sanding process if still there is going to stain the comming epoxy cast I’m steering epoxy for 3 minutes about scrapping the bottom and sides of the container take your time steer well to achieve proper mix between A and B component about my “separation technique” as I did on casting number 3 as a rigid barrier I’m using a wood strip wrapped inside an aluminium foil to achieve separation between white and green this time I’m going to clamp it down let’s see how is going to perform Definitely this is the proper way to do the so called “separation technique” use a rigid barrier and clamp it down this is the best separation that I achieved during this experiment and here I am with a stick I try to mix the epoxy trying to find interesting reflections with my torch I blow away air bubbles forming And I’m done, job compleate! in the next episode of this Creative Thoughts series Resin River Cast Kitchen Table I’m going to do the final epoxy seel coats in the meantime thank you very much for watching and see you soon in the next video

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