Resin River Cast Kitchen Table EP-8, Finish table back side and Assemle it with Legs Structure

Sawadeecrap to my fellows carpenters out there! Creative Thoughts Series Resin River Cast Kitchen Table This is the 8th and final episode of this series in today video I’m dealing with the back table part and the final assembly connecting the table legs Before jumping into it I really hope that you are enjoying my work I’m trying to do my best believe me! indeed if you think I deserve of curse thumbs up, subscribe and ring the bell for future videos notification and now with that being said let’s to build some and let’s to have a fun with! okay guys creative toads series a resin
river cast kitchen table this is the final episode of this series and I have
to finish the table backside then connect the legs then the table will be
ready so I begin today project with the table back part removing the so-called
weeping effect produced by epoxy silk coats before apply finally holes in the
other side of the table Iraq layers of cocktail epoxy doesn’t stick to plastic
you know the two phases indeed dissolution is a real help in
removing the so-called dripping a factor is much much easier if you are
interested in how I ended up to this point above my head web link to this
series playlist where you can watch all our related videos now that the only extra epoxy is gone I
proceed cleaning the table to row timber with the 80 grit SanDisk and my orbital
sander so I’m cleaning the table removing all
the extra epoxy and bringing back a tall timber with the more quick filburn
sticks I deal now with some holes left over by the router surface flattening
slit and other minor imperfections the Mohawk sticks are really easy to use I
choose a proper color then I hit the sticker with a lighter then I drop some
drops filling the also like this his thick filler dries in a few minutes
then I can remove the extra material with a blade with the Unruh date we do it I clean the
leftover and yaariyaan problem solved I’m using a mohawk stick sir since long
time and this product really impressed me
is one of the best food fillers that I ever used so if you are interested in
this product below in the description you can find a related link almost done I’m mixing hundred fifty
grams of epoxy and I go for a couple of circles just enough reason to protect
the keeper this is the back table side I don’t go for a perfect crystalline gloss
finish as I did for the main table side the two a popsicles that I’m going to
apply are there for protection this is the the back table part obviously hidden
from view who cares with the foam brush I deal
with the table sides first I apply a thin coat of epoxy be careful about the
drippings or the way you are going to end up with the effect that I just
removed with a noob Russia I go for the whole so
fails and I apply a taxi only to the timber areas if you want to spare some
money instead of epoxy you can apply any kind of clear lacquer again this coat
are there just for protection if you decided to go with the locker
instead of hypocrisy be careful apply a thin layer of lacquer avoiding drippings
at whole cost if luck wire spills out the ribs go to the other main side of
the table they are going to stay in epoxy screwing or your war with the torture I’m removing the hair
bubbles forming then I will give two epoxy 24 hours to cure then I will
repeat the exact same process sending and apply another final coat of epoxy
last step of the process assembling all together the table is really easy we are
talking about ayyy pillows about I don’t have a big car I can’t assemble the
table and transport it from my laboratory tome yes the table is for for
my kitchen so I’m here Alma and I proceed with the the final assembly with
the engineer squares I make sure that the leg structures is in the table
Center okay guys my raising River cast kitchen
table is ready it was a project that took a full month’s about however it was
worth at all in the main time thank you very much for watching and see you soon
in the next video

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