Respect the River: Corbett’s Dam Fish Ladder in Port Hope

Hi, my name is Colin Lake I’m a biologist with the Ministry of Natural Resources and forestry and I’m here at the Ganaraska River fishway. Starting in 2016 we began stocking approximately 50,000 yearling Atlantic salmon each spring into the upper reaches the Ganaraska the Ganny was chosen due to the excellent habitat as well as the existence of a well-functioning fish ladder at the Corbett Dam. To track the returning Atlantics as well as the other migratory species we installed a high-tech video fish counter that allows us to count the fish moving up the Ganaraska to spawn. In 2018 we counted over 25,000 migratory trout and salmon moving through the Ganaraska fish way the most abundant species were chinook salmon and rainbow trout. It’s important to note that we don’t stock these species in the Ganny they’re wild produced fish that return to spawn here in the Ganaraska because the water quality and habitat are so good. when you come to Port Hope to enjoy the Ganaraska River, please remember our fisheries matter and respect the river

2 thoughts on “Respect the River: Corbett’s Dam Fish Ladder in Port Hope

  1. Great footage and message. More people need to respect this, and all Ontario rivers, especially this time of year during the fall runs.

  2. You guys better start doing something about snagging the salmon's, because that's to me is respect number 1. !!!!!!!

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