Response To The Quint Video On Sri Sri Ravishankar and Art Of Living

so in today’s video we’re going to do a
response to a Quint video which was in response to an OpIndia video which was
in response to a Quint video inception Let’s Start the show hello hello and welcome welcome to
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today thank you very much for watching I appreciate you okay so today I’m gonna
be responding to like I said before a Quint video now what happened was the
Quint came out with a video which was based around an NGT report which is the
national green tribunal report which said that the art of living foundations
world cultural festival that was held in Delhi in 2016 over three days that had
completely destroyed the floodplains of that area and that had caused
irreversible damage and completely destroyed the vegetation of the area it
also mentioned a couple of farmers who said that their land had been destroyed
and who said that they were not able to farm there anymore and they were not
giving given any proceeds or anything like that and then OpIndia came out
with another video in response to that and they actually went and talked to the
farmers on the ground and the farmers actually said that well that’s not what
we were actually saying is that our entire conversations were not used and
our conversations were edited a little bit now you can check out both of those
videos in the description below the links to them are provided down there
you can check them out and make your own mind up but then Quint responded to the
OPIndia video and they were saying in that video that we didn’t tell anything
to the farmers we didn’t edit anything out and we’re gonna release the raw
footage of the conversations with the farmers as well but on their YouTube
page that raw footage is not available so maybe it’s available on their website
you can probably go check out there I would advise them to put that on their
YouTube so in the second video what they talked about is okay whatever you talked
about the farmers but what you didn’t really answer was what the core of the
issue was and the core of the issue was was the assertions made by an
environmental activist Vimlendu Jha in the video I’m gonna try and answer
those allegations today so before we get to what Vimlendu Jha particularly said I
want to kind of talk about this whole idea that this three-day festival has
completely irreparably destroyed the natural vegetation of those floodplains
and it has completely laid the floodplains barren it is very easy to
point a finger at this one event that didn’t really do any tangible damage to
the area which I’m gonna get into later in the video it’s very easy to point you know
your finger at a particular organization or at a particular event rather than
actually look at the inconvenient hard truths of the matter environmental
bodies and environmental activists have often looked the other way as
uncontrolled pollution land encroachments sand mining untreated
sewage discharges dumped garbage slum clusters illegal agricultural activities
and illegal Pucca colonies that have been constructed and that have been
happening in and around that Yamuna River area these are the things right
here that have been choking and strangling this river to death or the
past many many years various unauthorised colonies are sprung up
around the river and I’ve been choking the river to death over the past few
years look at the names of these colonies like Rajiv Nagar Sonia vihara
Usmanpur Abul Fazal Enclave Shaheen bagh etc now these colonies that have
come up around here have the patronage of certain political parties I think
it’s very easy to guess which that have allowed these colonies to come up on
these floodplains here that have been slowly destroying the floodplain area
what is more likely to be destroying the Yamuna River and the floodplains around
it all of these activities that have been happening for the past many many
years or one three-day event that happened in 2016 if you said the
three-day event then congratulations you are a true secular and the other thing
also did this National green tribunal report that they’re talking about this
report is using very ambiguous language very highly questionable claims
and completely unscientific reasoning to present its case so now we’re gonna look
at what the environmental activists in the Quint video Vimlendu Jha and
the allegations and the claims that he’s making there’s gonna be some weird text
on the video when I quoted because I don’t know how to download videos off of
websites because I’m horrible at technology so please bear with me on
this one it looks like a like a playground it wasn’t supposed to be a
playground it was supposed to be a wetland an ecologically sensitive zone
which is which has been destroyed plundered by this Baba called Sri Sri
Ravi Shankar’s there was a different kind of corruption I would not say that
it was exchange of money but exchange of favor or unlawful activity or going
beyond the law of the land is also form of corruption government
really went against law of the land and gave them permission to plunder
sixty-eight hectares of floodplains is is really really almost leasing out
state property public resource on to a god man in that sense in Good faith
let’s actually look at the second claim that he’s made that the Art of Living
Foundation actually has gone completely against the law of the land that land
belongs to the Delhi Development Authority it belongs to the DDA funny
thing is that he himself mentions in the video that there’s no money that
exchange had not just that they also took permission from the Delhi Pollution
Control Committee the U P irrigation committee the Delhi Disaster Management
Authority irrigation and flood control Department of Delhi so yeah I mean if
you really think about it it is the worst kind of corruption where you
follow all the procedures and you take all the permissions that are required
and you don’t even pay anybody off it’s the worst kind of corruption I mean what
is India coming to I mean think about it what’s gonna happen next people are
gonna start stopping whenever there’s a red light and as soon as the light turns
green you don’t hear 15 horns behind you within the first two seconds is that the
India that you want to live in that you want your kids to grow up in I didn’t
think so and looking at the first point that he actually talks about about how
this is supposed to be a wetland and this whole wetland has just been
completely destroyed so again if we look at the Ramsar convention according to
the Ramsar convention yes there is supposed to be no gathering or activity
on the wetland but the area where the festival took place is not a wetland the
ISRO’s national wetland atlas of 2011 identifies 399 wetlands in Delhi however
the area in which the festival took place according to the East Rose atlas
as well does not contain any wetlands what the area is is a floodplain which
was converted into a farmland and there are no such restrictions of gatherings
on a floodplain examples of flood plains where gatherings happen is the
kumbhamela you’re teaching people how to breathe and cut all my trees in return
that’s a bad bad encounter but we blame duty that is a bad bad example because
it turns out that not only was the vegetation in the area
or damaged not a single tree was cut down just to make sure not a single tree
was cut the number of trees before the event and right after the event were
counted using high-res satellite images and the numbers were exactly the same
bad bad example so basically what this report is trying to say is that an event
that took place over three days after which it was completely cleaned up and
it took place on an area of around 25 hectares completely destroyed an area of
nearly 10,000 hectares line of reasoning doesn’t really make sense at all
bad bad example and not only they did not destroy the area they actually
removed a truckload of debris that was present on the area as well The Art of
Living Foundation also developed an eco-friendly enzyme formulation which
was made from kitchen waste which helped remove the stench the unbearable stench
that was present in the area near of the Yamana because anybody who’s from Delhi
always been to Delhi or who’s been near the Yamuna in Delhi knows how smelly
that River can be you picked the wrong foundation to put these allegations on
because the other looing foundation is not really damaging places but what it
is actually doing is restoring rivers and areas around the rivers in many
water part state particularly where they have actually rejuvenated 22 rivers in
Maharashtra alone and again like I talked about before you
know the the NGT report and even the expert committee report they don’t
really provide any scientific basis to how this damage has happened or any
tangible evidence to how the damage has happened what has been the damage what
they talk about is is this invisible loss of biodiversity not just that they
also set up an expert committee like I said to calculate the monetary value of
the damage that was done to the area and that the damage is that the Art of
Living Foundation would then need to pay but as it turns out the monetary value
that they determined turned out to be a pretty arbitrary value and this was
acknowledged by the chairman of the expert committee Mr. Shashi Shekhar he
wrote a letter to the chair of the NGT where he himself recognized that the
random figure of 120 crore demanded as a compensation was
an inadvertent mistake it was not based on any scientific assessment it did not
have any scientific basis and was due to the fact that he was running high fever
and could not see the entire report prepared by the experts we have to
recognize a couple of things here too that all this noise is being made for an
event that is celebrating Indian values Hindu culture and Hindu values but no
such noise is made for the Maramon Convention which is the largest
Christian convention that is held in Asia and that is held in India in Kerala
on the banks of the Pampa River and you can see all the construction that is
going on and all the digging that is going on around the banks of the river
now that sense of power and and therefore sense of agency and watch what
he owns it’s very very important that someone like himself should need it
should use it for positive outcome for real actual work rather than propaganda
so what’s the propaganda here what’s the propaganda that you’re talking about so
essentially what you’re saying is bringing people together from different
geographies different languages different races different religions
different cultures and different nationalities to come together and
celebrate the oneness of humanity to celebrate peace to celebrate yoga to
celebrate meditation respect for nature human values and cultural diversity and
highlighting various indigenous and tribal art forms off across the world
are you saying that propaganda bad bad encounters because if that is so that is
probably the best kind of propaganda possible on the planet and I’ll tell you
why what the art of living is trying to do
and I’ll tell you why what any movement or any organization that talks about
Indian values in Indian culture why that’s painted as propaganda the reason
it’s painted as propaganda is because the left absolutely hates what the art
of living stands for the success of organizations like the art of living is
the confirmation of India’s cultural significance in the world and the
confirmation of the incredible gifts that India’s culture has provided the
world with and the fact that so many thousands of people came from across the
world to participate in this is again affirmation of the same thing and
because the left is hell-bent on painting India and its culture as
backward as oppressive savage and patriarchal when they see that people
from across the world are embracing India’s cultural contribution to the
world they can’t stand it because it defeats their entire agenda that they’re
trying to push so I want to hear what you guys think about this video as well
I want to hear what you guys think about the OPndia video the Quint video of
this whole situation let me know your thoughts in the comment section below as
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bad bad example bad bad example bad bad example

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