Restoration And Insurance | SERVPRO Of Denton

– So, a common question that we get as restoration professionals, is how do I deal with
the insurance company? What do they expect? Can you all perform this
work before they’re here? And now, with all the programs and with the insurance requirements, the restoration
professional that you select should understand the program requirements of your insurance company, and they should be able to walk
you through that on day one. No matter if it is midnight
when the loss happens, or if it’s during the day. They’ll be able to walk you through that, and they’ll be able to help
manage the expectations. What your insurance
company’s gonna look for, such as not demoing on day
one, any of your walls, versus what they are able to
salvage and help you restore, and we’re able to walk
you through that process. Not just the paperwork, the expectations, but also the drying
process that they expect. The entire insurance
process requires everything from certain photos to process your claim, all the way through
certain moisture readings to process the claim. We’re able to provide that. When you select a
restoration professional, you should seek to have that type of file produced to your insurance company. (upbeat music)

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