Restoration Old Phone Who Went Missing In The River | restoration of cell phone fall in a river

river in the fields restoration of nokia 1800 submerged in the river there is still a sim card I try to dry it open the front cover, usually the bolts are on the inside I use a screwdriver pentoleb (5 star) remove the pcb machine with tweezers or other prying tools the inside of the machine is also very wet I try to dry Take off the LCD cover and keypad possibility in the LCD is also exposed to water we try to use a new battery type bl-5c it turns out to be a short circuit inside the lcd due to exposure to water I try to check the obstacles in the engine using multitester in x1 settings a small short circuit occurs in the engine it is possible because the engine or LCD is wet I will try to remove the LCD first remove the LCD using solder and paste flux take off keytone I will try to remove the ic cover so that it is easy to clean Cover flammable parts with aluminum foil use steam solder with settings 3 in the heat and 1 in the wind use tweezers to pry, gently because it can damage the path underneath clean with a special tinner liquid until it’s really clean dry it with a hair dryer until it is completely dry so that it doesn’t happen again Next unload the LCD to clean the inside to pry the LCD, use a thin device such as a plate, mica or a little hard paper the inside was wet I took off the layers to clean it there are 3 layers for this small LCD clean and dry all layers after it is completely dry, put it back in the same order as we unpacked it Paste the LCD again in the machine we try again using the battery it turns out the LCD is still good and the machine works well clean and dry all parts from the speaker charger socket like the casing can not be used anymore I will replace everything transparent casing After it is completely dry, install all parts install a new transparent casing Nokia 1800 transparent the battery and pcb machine parts are visible because of the transparent casing

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