Restoring the Mississippi River Delta – USA Science and Engineering Fest

ANTOINETTE ABEYTA: I built a model and it’s designed to teach concepts of delta restoration. So the idea is that we could teach concepts on how to restore our wetlands in the Delta Region. Our primary focus is delta restoration on the Mississippi River Delta. The Mississippi River Delta is a very important environmental and economical resource in the United States. And it’s a vulnerable population because of our land management that we’re actually routing most of our sediment to the offshore, and we’re actually losing quite a deal of land in that area, it’s estimated around a football field an hour. And so what our research group does is understand the physics of how the sand moves in regions as well as how does deltas work, what controls the shapes, the sizes, what factors influence that. So what they want to do in the future is actually create a channel diversion which routes sediment during the flood stages and put it into low lying regions and kind of replicate what deltas would naturally do over time as well as maintain flood management in that region. ♫MUSIC♫

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