Return to the Colleyville Lazy River 2017 Pool Tour

Hello, this is Mike Farley and we’re in Colleyville, Texas tonight. If you want to put the ultimate package into into a small backyard, This is it. We have a 135 foot lazy river, We have a recreational pool Uh, we have an outdoor kitchen area, patio, 2 bridges, with rain falls, we have bananas, we have palm trees, we have tiki torches, we have lots of landscaping, we have Maui transported back to Colleyville, Texas and this is all it – in a little bitty backyard! There is so much stuff in this backyard, you can’t stick a fork in the ground without hitting a pipe. So, we had to actually plan where the banana trees and palm trees were planted several years ago to make sure everything fit in and then, we added Tiki torches. And then what happens – we lost 1 palm tree & 2 bananas in the process. But – It looks pretty good now. So, we’ve got everything you can think about When your floating around the river and your thirsty, You can stop at a cooler, and get a drink Or wait! It’s too sunny out on the river Well, we’ve got a cave we can swim into with built in bar stools and a full bar. So, like I said – we’ve got everything We’ve got the ultimate spa here – The spa can comfortably sit 6-8 people But if you want to get a whole crowd in, there are 2 levels of seating capability (you’ll have to watch another video for cave details) So – How does a lazy river work? You have to have some big pumps to mover water in a circular pattern. You can’t be using a typical pool pump – that doesn’t work! We’ve got 2 River Flow pumps stationed in this pool. Now, the concept is this pool over here is designed so you can play basketball. So we didn’t want a big current going through that area, so right as you leave the basketball area, going past the cave you pick up the first River Flow pump. It shoots you through the back of the river. Then as you get towards the back corner of the river, right before you go under the bridge, You get the 2nd River Flow pump. It pushes you all the way through here under both bridges & into the main body of the pool. So, if you wanted the river to go real fast everywhere you would add a 3rd pump in the main body of the pool. But we wanted to basicaly be able to float there and this backyard didn’t have the space to make the river separate from the main body of the pool. We had to cram a whole lot of stuff in here – ya know, with 8′ tall water falls and all kinds of fun stuff into this space. So, we used a Travertine on the existing porch, cause it was kinda a very tailored home, and we didn’t want it to get too Rustic. Then we transitioned to the Oklahoma flagsone on the edge, also, the Oklahoma flagstone was used on the bridges to give us good traction as we walk over the bridges back and forth over to the island. Cause if you go to the island – of course we want safety. We have to make sure nothing is going to slip & fall. One bridge takes us to the waterfall bridge and across that we get to the peninsula where we’ve got the ultimate seating area for two. So we’ve got a nice shaded seat there so we can enjoy it – Or, the other bridge takes you directly to the spa. So we can have a lot of fun there. If that wasn’t enough – we also, converted one of the storage areas off the garage into a hot/dry sauna along with a cool shower, bathroom and sink. So, kids don’t have to go into the house and get onto the hardwood floors – or we can keep them out here where everybody keeps the floors nice & dry inside. So, can you think of anything else we should have added? No, I don’t think you could’ve. If you want to try – give us a call & we’ll come and do it at your house! We’re on the peninsula – this is the coolest part of the lazy river! The reason its nice on the lazy river, is you can sit here – your kinda in a secluded spot, You can see the river coming up one side, it goes behind you & you can see it going back the other side So it’s a great place to sit back and watch all the kids and all the activity, and all the fun! So it’s a great place to have some seating. We didn’t want to pave the whole corner, so we set this up so we could have a private seating area and of course we want some shade – with the sun, it’s coming in the afternoon, we want to be nice & cool while we sit here & enjoy watching everybody. The peninsula is one area that is really key with the river, and how you fit it in, and what you put in that space and this particular project we were all into the green & growing we’ve got lots of plants all the way around. So, underneath the lazy river bridge, is an intricate detail, this particular project we used Travertine. We did actually a square pattern instead of a Versaille pattern thats on the patio. But it’s really great – You can come under there & it’s a lot of fun! Of course, you have to get wet to do it.. So – We can build a Lazy River for You! And if you want a Versaille pattern under your bridge we can do that for you! Whatever you like – We mean to customize! Whether you want a basketball goal or a swim up bar or a cave – We build them all! Lots of fun – lazy rivers!! See you in a little bit. The cool thing about this island is that it’s 2 feet taller than the river, so we got all these boulder water falls all the way around that are incorporated. That way we also have good drainage for the plants. Whoa – got hit by the current again -See you later! Total tranquility! That’s what you get with a lazy river.. You don’t have to work hard – that’s why they call it lazy! It’s great – it’s fun! Good thing we built these coolers in.. Let me get something — we’re sitting out here on the river Lazy River – Oh Yeah! Whooooaaaa…… Ugh, I got water in my Coke! – What a Bummer! music Big water fall.. It’s the best part right here… Whoooaaa…

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  1. Wow this is absolutely stunning, one of the best designs i've seen. I wish I could've seen a time lapse of this pool being constructed. Beautiful Job!

  2. Wow amazing, I'd love to build this in the Philippines would be great

  3. Best one I’ve seen so far. Lot of use of the space you used and looks a lot of fun to be in

  4. Hello Mike ,
    Is the weather , you know , if its like always hot in a place ,damp , full of mosquito .

    Can you make it work SIR ?

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