Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam vs. Booker T & Eddie Guerrero: SmackDown, Dec. 30, 2004

100 thoughts on “Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam vs. Booker T & Eddie Guerrero: SmackDown, Dec. 30, 2004

  1. Back when smackdown was the main show. Used to tune in just to see eddie as a kid , miss him so much


  3. Ahhh back when they had the WWE Tag team champions and the world tag team champions the good ol days none of this raw and smackdown tag tittle craziness

  4. By the way, what Eddie did has no logic because he had to win by DQ but he didn't even win the titles.

  5. R.I.P Eddie Guerrero latino heat you will always be known as one of the greatest wrestlers in wwe history

  6. 1:02 Rob van dam owns Eddie Guerrero version one frog splash for finisher move disrespect

  7. Dude, that end where that guy pretended to be knocked out was so staged I cringed my bullocks off watching it 😂

  8. The great WWE days. Also the old Smackdown tag titles looked much better then the new ones

  9. Esto sí era buena lucha libre con buen humor, no como la mierda que hay hoy en wwe, VIVA MÉXICO!!!

  10. U may be gone Eddie but Latino heat still lives within the wwe universe we lie we cheat we steal and we will never forget you viva la raza🥺😭

  11. The fact that Eddie wanted to push Rey mysterio by deciding him to win on almost every match they had, just shows what a great man Eddie was

  12. Djake “Djarhead” Dgyllenhaal plajing Raj “Fišhbowl” Mysteяio?? Hʌh?? Hʌh?? Haw du jou gow fяom Djarhead tu Fišhbowl??

  13. Rey Mysterious in dark blue is awesome.

    Between Black, Red & Silver it’s my favourite Rey colour.

  14. These pairings are so bizarre to me and it should be other way around. I'm more used to seeing RVD and Booker as partners from their Raw days, and Eddie and Rey were a very memorable team.

  15. Rey Mysterio y RVD fueron una buena pareja, y grandes campeones de equipo de etiqueta. Booker T y Eddie Guerrero fueron una pareja buena también, me hubiera gustado verlos gana los campeonatos de equipo de etiqueta. ¿Alguno de estos equipos tenía un nombre de equipo?.(Rey Mysterio and RVD were a good pairing, and great tag team champions. Eddie Guerrero and Booker T were a good pairing as well, I would’ve liked to see them win the tag team championships. Did any of these teams have a team name?).

    Booker T=Harlem Heat
    Booker T=Spin-A-Roonie
    Booker T=Can You Dig It Sucka
    Eddie Guerrero=Latino Heat
    Eddie Guerrero=Frog Splash
    Eddie Guerrero=Viva La Raza
    Booker T + Eddie Guerrero=Team Heat(?) World’s Hottest Tag Team(?)
    Booker T + Eddie Guerrero=Frog Splash-A-Roonie(?)
    Booker T + Eddie Guerrero=Can You Dig The Heat(?) Viva El Calor(Long Live The Heat)(?)

    Rey Mysterio=King Of Mystery
    RVD=The Whole F’N Show
    Rey Mysterio + RVD=The Whole F’N Mystery(?) The Whole F’N Kings Of Mystery(?)

    Descansa en paz Eduardo Gory Guerrero-Llanes(Rest in peace Eduardo Gory Guerrero-Llanes)

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