Ridgway White accepts the Olof Karlstrom Impact Award

Good evening. I’m honored and humbled to
receive the Olof Karlstrom Award from the Flint River Watershed Coalition. This
is such a great honor for me because I know Olle personally and I know the work
and effort that he’s put into the Flint River and the whole community, so thank
you. I’m also excited to receive this because the Flint River Watershed
Coalition has been this great seed that’s grown into this tremendous idea
of restoring the Flint River. All 142 miles of it. As I stand here today, I’m really
excited to look at the Flint River and see the removal of lots of sediment, the
removal of the Hamilton Dam and down the river about a mile, this concrete
wasteland transformed into Chevy Commons. It’s just amazing, and it shows the
beauty of the river and what it means to our community. So all this great work
that you’re doing is paying off, and it’s paying off in big ways. It’s connecting
our community and bringing us forward to the future, so thank you on behalf of the
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and myself for this award and for all the
great work that you’re doing. I can’t wait to see the future. Have a great
evening. Good night.

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