Rietvlei Dam, South Africa (Oct 2019) – Fishing at the chalets

So we finally had the opportunity to visit the newly reopened Rietvlei Dam chalets after they were closed for quite
a while. Since they rightly fenced off the area we haven’t fished that side of the dam for bass for a long time. So that’s exactly what we did as soon as we got there. This was middle October and basically post-spawn so we didn’t know what to expect. But our afternoon turned out pretty great… So that was a great start to our weekend, but we were actually here to catch carp. The carp fishing was a lot slower
unfortunately. We did catch a few small ones but nothing decent. Our friend Edwin however was using pineapple tiger nuts on a hair-rig and he had a lot more success. Overall the weather was pretty good and the mornings were quite spectacular. Except for the second morning when we woke up to this. One night we even got visited by a hippo which is quite scary. We often see them around the camping side at Rietvlei Dam but never near the chalets. So that was quite surprising. It looked quite annoyed that we were there but eventually, it moved along. Somehow it missed all of our carp lines. So in case you’re wondering, we were staying in Chalet number 13. And here’s a quick look inside. So another fantastic weekend at Rietvlei Dam. We had an awesome time, and we’ll be back soon.

10 thoughts on “Rietvlei Dam, South Africa (Oct 2019) – Fishing at the chalets

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  2. Just added the spot back onto our visit list for 2020. Very exciting. Thanks for sharing. Any place where we can be carpy while the kids catch bass is a win.

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