RIG BUILD 79 SERIES: A Quick Re-map ► All 4 Adventure TV

Next step for Jase and his concept vehicle,
horsepower. So I’ve hooked with Matt from Just Autos. Now the reason why is because I’ve heard he’s
got a reputation in the industry of making things get horsepower. We specialise in diesel performance. It’s probably what we’re best known for. We are a mechanical shop, so we still do a
lot of other things. But that’s probably the main thing that we
tend to do nowadays. So the whole thing with the 79, it’s a V8
diesel. It’s reliable. I want to take it to a whole new level. I want to increase its torque. Simple as that. When you’re towing and you’re out in the bush
and you want a touring vehicle, you want torque. I just want to keep it reliable, but I want
truckloads of horsepower. Yeah, we’ll put it on the dyno, and we’ll
see what it does. And then we’ll go through some packages and
go from there. Sweet. Goin’ on the dyno. And once he put it on the dyno, you just realise
that there’s not a lot of horsepower in this V8. It’s like you’ve got this big thumpin’ V8
under the bonnet. And it’s basically de-tuned and not doing
much at all. All right, so we just did the standard run
and made 136.9 horsepower at the wheels. This is pretty standard power for this model
of car. So everything looks above board. So I thought while we’re here, we’ll have
a bit of a play and just give you a little bit more for the meantime, and we’ll see how
it ends up just with the car the way it is standard. So this program we’re talking about that you’re
going to do now is yours. This is what you’ve developed yourself personally. That’s right. We write the software that’s in there. We tailor it to suit the car, so we’ll start with a base file that I’ve created over a few weeks. I’ll start with that and then what I’ll do, I adjust that to suit this model of car and go from there. Awesome. He gets in there, and he puts his tune into
the ECU. And it went from like 130 or something straight
up to 170 horsepower. Just like that. And we haven’t even started yet. You’ve got here, you’ve got package 1, right? Yep. And that’s not even, well that’s very close
to what we’ve just done. Yep, we sort of need to go a little bit harder. So I think we step straight into package 4. Boom, straight to 4. You’ve got 210% gains here. Yep, over stock. That’s exactly right. Holy crap, so exhaust… yeah, exhaust, that’s
a given. So straight away, option 4, you gotta change
things. You’ve gotta get that little, well, let’s
call it the little pissy turbo that Toyota’s got. Throw that one away. And we get this big kick-ass turbo. There is a lot of other modifications. We’re going to put a front-mount intercooler
on it. You know, exhaust to suit, especially with
that exhaust housing. So an intake pipe for that turbo as well. It’s all about airflow. It’s about air and fuel. So we’re looking around percentage-wise, from
standard, you can get upwards of 200% gains over that standard torque that we’re talking
about. As far as horsepower goes, every car is slightly
different depending on tyre size and so forth, but we’re looking from around that 280-300
horsepower for this actual kit. At the end of the day, we don’t focus on the
actual number, we try and make the car as a percentage-base over the torque range, a
good increase, so it’s a very drivable thing for the customer. All right, well, I’ll leave the truck with
you at the moment, and we’ll see how she goes. That’s it. Too easy. Awesome. It’s exciting to see the reaction of the customer. I know what he’s going to be getting. So I already have that excitement there. But when the customer gets the car and they
realise the power that they have, it’s a good feeling. And that’s where we get our satisfaction, so yeah, it’s something that we are looking forward to. That’s for sure. I am 100% confident that Matt is gonna look
after this truck and give it the horsepower and the care and attention that a 79 deserves. Look, realistically, the 79 is one tough truck. It’s going to be out of control by the time
it’s finished. Can Matt and Jase achieve the power they want
or will it be all “torque”… get it?

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  1. Hey Jase are gunna upgrade diff ,axles and clutch Ronny Dahl just broke Jmax axle in his 79 love the show

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