RIG BUILD 79 SERIES: A Visit from Uncle Mike ► All 4 Adventure TV

During the build, Jase receives a visit from
Clearview’s Uncle Mike who has a bit of a surprise for him. How you goin’, Mike? All right, mate. Long drive. Holy crap, what’s that? Clearview Power Boards, mate. Haven’t you seen them before? Very cool, look at that. So Mike’s rocked up in his 200 Series Landcruiser
Creative Conversion Dual-Cab, and he opens the door, and suddenly the sidesteps come
down automatically. And I’m thinkin’, how cool is that? And Mike goes, “This is what I’ve brought
for you, Jase. We’re gonna put these on your 79.” And I’m going, you beauty. I had to ask Mike, they look pretty cool and
stuff, but what about when you’re in a 4WD or offroad situation. You open the door and you’re bogged to the
eyeballs, are the old steps gonna come down and go eerrr, eerrr, eerrr, and probably break
it? But no, he said, no they’ve got that all covered. There’s a little circuit breaker that comes
in. The step comes down, touches something, and
then goes back up. So the 79, this is going to be used as a tow
machine. So why not put Clearview Towing Mirrors on
there. These ones will have electrics, and they’ll
have indicators in the side of the mirror. And they’ll be just like a normal car instead
of the normal tractor that Toyota normally sells. That or that? I know which one I want. After installing the Clearview Accessories,
Jase fits a few extra accessories to the 79. The Rhino-Rack roof rack goes on. An Ultrahook, and a few other bits and pieces. But up next, Jase heads over to get the suspension
fitted, because as he says… You gotta remember, this truck is not just
gonna be for show, it’s gonna be for go.

7 thoughts on “RIG BUILD 79 SERIES: A Visit from Uncle Mike ► All 4 Adventure TV

  1. Side steps for the elderly lol. Might need them on the swampy but not a 79 with 35”s 😂🤣

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