RIG BUILD 79 SERIES: Agricultural to Aggressive ► All 4 Adventure TV

This looks a little flash for Jase. Sports cars? Where’s the fourbys? Look at this thing. That’s wild. I went to see Alf; he was at the Brisbane
4×4 Show. My name’s Alf. I am the general manager of Vogue Industries. And I saw his 200 series Landcruiser, and
I liked what I saw. And so from there, I contacted Alf, and we’ve
come into his workshop because they are gonna be able to do some things that I reckon are
going to be next level. Yeah, when Jase contacted us, it was a little
bit excitement, of course. A little bit nervousness, because follow the
show a lot. We know exactly what he likes out of his vehicles,
how he treats his vehicles. So they have to be purposeful as well as practical. Yeah, it looks like things are happening,
there’s no doubt about it. Last time I dropped it here, it was in one
piece. Now it’s in bits. It is. It is. So we’re look at custom-made front bar, along
with a custom front grille. A little bit of dress-ups in the way we’re
doing a dual snorkel, which is something really different to match the aggressive look of
the front end. Yeah, so visor’s gotta go on up there. That’s right, yeah. So we’ve made room for the snorkels to allow
for that Wacko to go up the top there. We’ve got another snorkel going on here yet. Apart from that, there’s obviously the airbox
as well that meets up with the snorkels. So that’s also been fabricated ready to go
on. Why don’t we pop this and have a quick look. Oh yes. So last time we had this, this was all…
we were running it all stainless, but now you’ve powdercoated that. I’m keen to see how the front grille comes
up as well as the front bonnet scoop. So there’s a little grate-thing going on the
front bonnet scoop there. You know, all these things that normally get
overlooked when you do a build. Longy, do you want to come show Jase his surprise? Oh yes, yes. What surprise? What do you got for me, Longy? The car’s got all different lights. What? Your disco lights. Oh, you’re kidding me. Saturday night fever. Saturday night fever, that’s right. So what are you doing there? You just… Yeah, you control the colours. Yeah, you just like… oh, yeah, I’ll have
that colour, that colour. Depending on your mood. A little bit of a romantic night. Yeah, no romantic nights going on, mate. Look at that. The other thing, too, is Vogue Industries
do this paint protection stuff. And they’ve already put like just one coat
on the bodywork itself, like on the panel work, and the thing is just glowing like there’s
no tomorrow. Yeah, so our Pomponazzi coating, we’re quite
unique in our actual science. We protect the car in terms of adding resistance
to scratching. It helps a lot with that. So the day-to-day trips when the guys are
out touring, hydrophobic properties allow dust, mud, stuff like that to be easily washed
off without painstakingly scrubbing constantly. The dust, I know they do a lot of touring
out west, so having the capability to make the paint still glow after being through dust
and sand. This truck is not gonna be designed just to
be driven around and show-and-shine. This is going to be a workhorse.

22 thoughts on “RIG BUILD 79 SERIES: Agricultural to Aggressive ► All 4 Adventure TV

  1. Its like pimp my 4×4… would u really want to take it out and get it dirty..

  2. That is one killer workshop!!!!
    Not sure what use street car products will be, but nice to see the 79 looking good
    Then again, most of the Gold Coast Ford Ranger brigade never see dirt, so they will love it

  3. What the heck…. coloured lighting under the truck……come on…. get back on track

  4. How’s the wrap gunna stick to that smick finish , getting close to boarderline show Pony, twin snorkels should compliment xover

  5. Obviously this place is for the other half of people were coin is nothing to them?

  6. Cmon seriously what’s this pimp my truck…..get out on the tracks get dirty that’s what 4 Wheel Drives are for..

  7. الشاص لو ساموك معطي ولا ابيع… لو زودو قيمتك حاظر وحده….. لله درك ماتهاب المقاطيع….. الي صنعك معرب جد جده…. قام يتفنن يوم يازن براغيك… وحط الدبل جنب قيرك وشده…. وصدرك للي يرغبون المطاليع…. والي شراه ان جربه مايرده😴😌

  8. If this is what it takes to remain relevant, I’m off to watch reruns of bush Tuckerman, Malcolm Douglas and the like, ffs

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