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After coming back from Series 10 of All 4
Adventure, Jase already has itchy feet to get out there again. So in usual Jase fashion, he’s teamed up with
some of the best in the business to build an epic rig that he’s been planning for a
while. So I’ve come into Creative Conversions today,
because I want to talk to Len about a project that I’ve had rattling around in my head for
ages. And I’ve spoken to Len about it a few times. But I really want to get it off the ground,
and I think this project is going to be insane. Just push it a bit further. Make something a bit different. Like something that just stands out. Eye-popping. Yep. So like a concept build or something like
that. Yeah. Yeah, I got ya. So Creative Conversions have teamed up with
us, All 4 Adventure, to build a concept vehicle. They do 300mm chassis extensions on 79s all
the time. And let’s face it, we’ve been driving them
around in the bush for a while as well. I want to take it to the next level. And Len and I have decided that we’re going
to build an insane 79 dual-cab LandCruiser. We’ve got to be able to use it. But you want something that goes–boom–look
at that thing. Yeah, no, that’s cool. I reckon I’ve got a few ideas. Oh hell yeah. Well, I know we get rid of the front bar,
and we’ll get something sort of custom… So I sit down with Len, and we sit down in
front of the computer. And there’s a couple of pictures of the 79,
and we’re going through it. And with a little bit of imagination and a
bit of tweaking, you can get that 79 and get that agricultural look and throw it out the
door and make it something that looks like a kick-ass touring vehicle. I think we need to get Mark up here. He’s our project manager. And get him to come in here and finish this
off now. My first thoughts were this is going to be
a really awesome project. So I’m really interested to see what he’s
going to build. Everything he does is a really massive build,
so this is going to be a lot of work but it should look really good. Now this build is going to take a lot of work,
because there’s a lot of different components that go into it. The first one is going to be at Creative where
we extend the chassis. So basically they get the 79 Series extended
to make the ride better. They don’t ride really well when you put a
lot of weight on the back of them. So by extending the chassis, they ride a lot
better. We know from Series 8 when we did the first
big chassis extension, and then we tested it down in Western Australia. And look, the difference– because Simon spends
most of the time driving it, and he said the difference was just outstanding. It stabilizes the whole truck. It makes it more stable on road and off road
and even better when you’re towing loads. The extension is only the beginning. In order to build a rig that is capable of
anything, he’s going to need a team of people and the right gear to get the job done. How you goin’, lads? Well, behind the roller door, we’ve got the
beast. In series 5, we had a white 79. Simon was driving it. He obviously rolled it, if you remember. All 4 Adventure, my arse. And then series 8, we decided that we’d pull
the 79 back into business. And we built this sort of like a graphite
79. We did an extension on it at Creative. 300mm in the chassis. And we put a coil ass-end in it. And so I decided to bring it back… in black. And that’s why we called it Back in Black. What do you reckon we go up the beach?

11 thoughts on “RIG BUILD 79 SERIES: Extending the Chassis ► All 4 Adventure TV

  1. You need the diesel unlimited 5.1 vd toyota modified donk to give lots of towing torque

  2. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for 79 series it got to be out of this world mind blowing ???

  3. Just curious, why not use a Tacoma or a Tundra since its already extended and just replace the truck bed

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