RIG BUILD 79 SERIES: Strengthening the Underbody ► All 4 Adventure TV

The 79 is back at Creative Conversions for
some underbody work. So now with the exhaust and tune already done,
so it’s a full remap, Just Autos. Don’t forget the 4-inch exhaust hanging out
each side. We’ve brought it back to Creative, because
we need to start fitting accessories. So straight away, long-range tank from Brown
Davis. No doubt about it, you’ve got to be able to
fuel this sucker on those big long hauls. It’s a really good tank. It sits neatly under the chassis as well, so it’s well-protected for all the off-roading he does. Now not only is it more fuel capacity from
the rear end, but it’s also a much stronger tank. So if you cop a bit more of a flogging, you’re
not going to sort of punch a hole or split your fuel tank really easily in tough conditions. Now the other thing we’ve got is I wanted to
have something a bit creative when it comes to the tow bar. Look, every vehicle needs a tow bar, but they
just look a bit dodgy. So I found this one from Hayman Reese, and
it’s called the X Bar. And I tell you what, it looks pretty good. It looks like the X-Factor. All that we’ve got left are the brakes. Look, let’s face it, a 79 is built like a
tractor, and it stops like a tractor. It needs brakes. So straight away, get rid of the standard rotors and go straight to after-market vented rotors, and of course, some heavy-duty brake
pads. Brake pads that are gonna clamp on to give
it some serious stopping power, because there’s some serious horsepower to go with that. A lot of work has gone into this truck already,
but trust us, for Jase, it is only the beginning.

7 thoughts on “RIG BUILD 79 SERIES: Strengthening the Underbody ► All 4 Adventure TV

  1. The suspense is killing me!!!!!! Why are the vids so short? I could watch this all day.

  2. What are you doing about the driveline? If this thing is putting out 1000Nm, I am dying to see what axles and diffs you are going to use.

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