RIG BUILD 79 SERIES: The Reveal ► All 4 Adventure TV

We rocked up pretty early. We didn’t really know where we were going,
so we turned up and there were all these buggies and bikes and stuff. So we’ve never actually seen it complete,
all-in-one. So we’ve seen it back and forth at different
workshops. We hardly ever see a vehicle finished. All we ever see is just a stray car. Do the chassis extension. Then it leaves, and we never get to see what
everybody else does to it, unfortunately. How’s it goin’, lads? Hey, Jase. Yeah, yeah, this is it. Obviously the All 4 Adventure compound. So why youse all here? We’ve come to see it. See what? See your beast. Oh, okay, right. Okay, well behind the roller door, we’ve got
the beast. All your hard work has come together, and
behind there is going to be an absolute animal of a 79. Let’s go check her out, hey? All right, I’ll open her up. There she is, boys. Oh well done. Well done to you guys. Holy crap, this has been absolutely an awesome
build. The jaw just drops. I’ve never heard a 79 sound like that. It blew my mind, let’s put it that way. All the boys have put so much work, and it’s
a really, really nice vehicle. Now it’s one thing to have an animal. We’ve got to get out there and use it. What do you reckon we go up the beach? The convoy sets off to christen the 79. A bit of beach driving should be a nice introduction
to some offroad terrain. Everyone is keen to see this truck in its
element. Hey boys, you back there? Yeah, Jase. Keen to see what this thing can do on the
beach? Yeah, we want to see some rooster tails. Yeah, we just want to make sure we play it
safe, hey? Yeah, not get stuck. That’s it. Look, the beauty of living in Queensland,
you know, you get yourself a permit–a beach driving permit–and you head up to places
like Double Island Point and Inskip. And you know, that’s why we own 4-wheel drives. It takes you away from the day-to-day life
of the big cities and working. So that on the weekend, dudes like myself
can just come out and enjoy this awesome country of ours and the awesome beaches here in Queensland. Same old story here in the Sunshine Coast. As soon as we get onto the beach, there’s
people bogged. Everyone makes their way through the cutting
and onto the sand, but Jase, seeing someone in need of a tow, gets the cruiser ready for
its first ever recovery. Old mate’s a bit bogged. So we’ll give him a bit of a hand. And try the old girl out. There is plenty of new gear on the Back in
Black 79, including a prototype snatch rope which Jase is keen to test out. Has old mate got the thumb’s up? Thanks guys. Have a good one. Well that was a quick little test, that one. I didn’t even feel like I was actually towing
anything. I don’t know how bogged he was, but apparently he reckons he couldn’t be bothered letting his tyres down. Now we’re going to head down the beach here. And I tell you what, the sand’s gonna get
a lot softer the futher we head down here. And we’ll see how we go. Beach driving will have to wait for a few
more minutes, as Jase has spotted another car that has fallen victim to the beach cutting. Perfect. Alright, I’ll come back a little bit. I’ll stick the thumb’s up. You let me know when you’re ready to go. All right. Too easy, mate. No dramas. Well that was easy enough. I think I might get out of this spot before
everyone gets bogged. This isn’t really that soft here, but if you
don’t drop your tyres down, then obviously you have a bit of problem. Finally it’s time to hit the beach in style. Let’s face it, the vehicle itself is not just
for looks. It’s actually practical. So it’s ideal for doing these things on the beach. All right, boys, we’d better get going otherwise
we’re going to be here all day, hey? Let’s go. I’m really excited that everybody involved
in this build, they’re all really the top of their field. They really know their stuff. They’ve been in business for a long time. And having their input into this build has
been really rewarding. All the concepts in this truck and all the ideas have come from the years of being in this industry. And so, I’m really happy with it. It’s a really powerful tourer. When we partnered up with Jase to start this,
we thought it was just another vehicle with another canopy on the back, just a standard
vehicle. But to see what’s happened… like the power,
just everything, the finish of the product is just absolutely wonderful. It really is. Yeah, I think just the whole package in general. To build a car like that, it’s all got to
come together as one, and I think that they definitely achieved that with the car. So there’s many areas in the car that I tend
to look at that are part of my favourite, but all in all, it’s just a great car. Looks good, looks the part. When you’re driving down the street, you see
it, and it stands out. This thing is an absolute weapon. It’s really, really exciting doing this kind
of work and seeing it out there. Oh! Oh! We’ll head back over to the other side, boys. Head up to Rainbow Beach, what do you reckon? Sounds good. Yeah, she’s a bit soft there in the sand,
but give her the berries and you’ll get through it. Yeah, I had a great day today. It’s the first time. I’m in the industry, but I don’t do these
sort of trips, so no, it was good. A good learning experience. So no doubt, I’ll get my boys out and do some more of it. The convoy has made it up 40-Mile Beach and
across to Rainbow. Next stop, the notoriously boggy Inskip Point. So Inskip Point has a reputation, and sure
enough, we rock up. And in about 5 seconds, and old mate drives
in and gets bogged. I’m going to have to give him a hand, I think. It’s pretty boggy, hey? All right, there we go. Nice and solid. It won’t need much. Just a little bit of a pop. We’re good to go. I thought he was gone. I thought he went for the next gear, and I
thought that was it. We were going to come and pull him out, but
no, just the amount of power. The sand flying off all 4 wheels. It was unreal. It was really great to see. Thank you for pulling us out. Oh, that’s okay. I really like how it says “Back in Black”
on your car. Oh, yeah, you like that? Yeah. Yeah, no worries, thank you. Thank you, bye. Bye. I thought I would have bogged down then, and
it was just like it was almost like I stomped the foot. The turbo kicks in and the revs go through
the roof and the sand just starts piling out the back. I even had enough power to snap second gear
and stomp it. Unbelievable. I don’t even think that car was even driving. I think I was just dragging it. I almost had to come get you. Nearly. Almost. Nearly until the boost kicked in. So now that the job’s completed, it’s a relief
that it’s finished but also the fact that now I can get it out and give it a whirl. And after doing that, it’s insane. It is a seriously powerful machine.

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