RIG BUILDS: 200 Series Exhaust & ECU Remap ► All 4 Adventure TV

So I’ve come down to Just Autos, and Matt
is a diesel performance specialist. And he’s asked me to bring my trucks down
to see what he can do with them so that they’re ready when we head off up north. You have a wide variety of customers that
come to us, and some of them want all that power. Some people are chasing a nice tune to caravan
around Australia which is a very common thing we see nowadays. So when it comes to the tuning things, we’re
looking at other things with efficiencies, reliability–which is a big one–warranties,
all these other things that come into play. So we have that in mind for our customers. But it’s really tailored to what they want. When we’re towing big loads in the bush, I
need to be able to stomp that accelerator and have the thing launch out of the hole,
so I can get through the bog hole. When you’re towing big loads, it is all about
torque and horsepower. So basically Jase’s 200, our plans for that
is we’re obviously put our exhaust system on it which is a twin 3-inch stainless steel
exhaust system with a 4-inch exit. We’re then going to put it on the dyno and
remap the ECU. We’re giving Jase a tune that’s going to be
on the edge of giving you a fair bit of power, because obviously he’s power hungry. But we’ve still got to maintain that consumption
and reliability with that car. Now you’re talkin’. 147 to 190. Yeah, so definitely good increase to that. That’s all 4 tyres. So that’s come up a good gain. Your torque off the bottom is going to be
unreal. Nice, safe, reliable tune. Perfect for touring. It’s gonna be good. So it’s a good little package. Yeah, definitely. It’s gonna out really well. It’s gonna be sweet. We are a master tuner, so we write our own
files for the cars that we do from scratch. And this is a very important thing. So every car is different. Not one file will fit all. So it’s something that has to be customised
to your car to get the benefits from it, which is gonna give you the efficiency to give you
your consumption and your power. So that’s something that’s very important,
and a lot of people are misled by this thinking that one size fits all. And it’s not quite the case. So this is a program that you’ve written? Yeah, so we start with every car with a base
map that we’ve designed. And then from that, we turn that base map into
something that’s gonna be more customised to your car. Gotcha, because I’ve got bigger tyres… Exactly right. …a bit more weight. Matt has also put a lock-up kit in my automatic
transmission. A converter lock-up kit is… with your automatic
transmission, when we’re driving on the highway with all this extra power that we have, our
converter tends to slip more. So we lock it up with a manual switch, and
it reduces the slip. So it comes down to no slip, which reduces
heat and then gives us better fuel consumption. So overall, it’s must-have when touring. After seeing the 200 on the dyno and seeing
how much torque is now in this 200, I can’t wait to get it in the bush.

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  1. I went pass just autos a while ago and saw the 200 and simons D-max parked out the front

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