RIG BUILDS: D-MAX Walk-Around ► All 4 Adventure TV

Behind me here is my hardcore Isuzu D-Max, and let me tell you, I put this thing through its paces. I’ve got EFS heavy-duty XTR shocks in the
back on leaf spring suspension in the rear. I’ve got Elite struts in the front from EFS. ROH tough alloy rims and Mickey Thompson mud
terrain tyres. Long-range Brown Davis tank in the back, and
I think it’s around one hundred and thirty-odd litres. On the front a bull bar, winch, don’t go anywhere
without a bull bar and a winch. I’ve got Uniden radio aerial. I’ve got XTM light bars. On the side of my truck, the first thing I
whack on is a set of Clearview mirrors. They are all-time, tough-as-nails. Rhino-Rack gear coming off of everywhere. I’ve got the rack. I’ve got the shovel. Got the awning. There’s a solar panel up there. A set of Maxtraxs up there. And on the other side, I’ve got a kick-ass
new bat-wing awning. Inside my truck, Uniden radio. I’ve got a Redarc monitor here which is telling
me what’s going on with my batteries. I’ve got Supafit seat covers which, let me
tell you, they are so crusty at the moment. We get home, we’ll throw them in the washing
machine. Seats will be brand new. Seat covers will be brand new. Down inside here, I’ve got a Redarc Tow-Pro
that allows me to adjust the brakes to the trailer to exactly where I want them. Perfect. I’ve got a heavy-duty Norweld deluxe canopy
on the back which sits on their tray. I’ve got their toolboxes. The whole package is super-tough. Plenty of drawer space. I’ve got a Redarc battery management system
going on in the back here. That’s all fully wired up by Battery World. They do an awesome job. I’ve got an inverter in there. And in the back there’s a compressor and a
hose reel there. It makes pumping up the tyres easy. On the passenger side of my truck here, I’ve
got a Clearview EasySlide with a 65-litre Dometic fridge. So basically this whole truck is fully set
up to go off-road. Kitchen, camp, go anywhere, won’t break, get
itself out of the bog, do whatever you want, kick-ass.

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