RIG BUILDS: MU-X Walk-Around ► All 4 Adventure TV

So this is the Isuzu MU-X. I can tell you,
I’ve been driving it for the last two months, and we’ve been going through a diverse range
of terrain, and it’s handled every bit of it. So under this car we have the EFS suspension. So in the front of this, we have the Elite
struts. At the back, we have the heavy-duty coils
paired with the shocks. We also have got the big Mickey Thompson tyres,
and the ROH rims. So at the front of this, we have the bullbar,
winch, XTM light bars, and the Uniden aerial here. On the side of this thing, we have the Clearview
mirrors. Up the top, we have the Rhino-rack roof rack,
batwing awning, and of course, a clip-on shovel. And you can’t forget a few Maxtrax on the
roof. Okay so behind the back seats, we have a few
batteries from Battery World. We have the Redarc manager and inverter, and
even a compressor to go along with it. So in the car here, we have the Uniden radio. We have the Redarc Tow-Pro and the Supafit
seat covers that are comfy as. So in the back here, we have the Redarc Manager
30 display where I keep an eye on the power. We’ve also got the Clearview EasySlide with
the Dometic fridge on it. And some Outback drawers. So the MU-X here that I call the Muxie, it’s
no soccer mom’s car. With a bit of gear on it, it’s a full touring

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