RIG BUILDS: New Canopy & Wiring ► All 4 Adventure TV

So this year, the 200, well, it’s getting
a birthday. So we’re going to use it this year again, but we’re gonna
do some things to it. So last year, Simon had the Norweld canopy
on the back of his D-MAX. And mate, I was impressed. Very impressed. So I decided this year that I would go and
see the guys at Norweld. And I said, I’ve got this 650-extension 200. What do you reckon? Why don’t we design a canopy that is built
for this 650 extension? This is the new canopy, mate? Wow. This is our full-time canopy tray base designed
to work on the 200 series with the 650- and 750mm extension from Creative Conversions. The canopy is designed to house an upright
fridge. It also has 3 drawers integrated into it. Enough room for 2 batteries. Also plenty of room for generators or an outboard
motor, and plenty of storage as well on top. So this is a touring canopy, and it generally
works where one side is storage, refrigeration, kitchen. The other side, well that’s the business side. That’s where all your tools go. That’s where your fishing gear goes. That’s where you control all your panels,
you know, monitor your batteries. And we’ve come up with something that is practical. And that’s what it’s all about. When you’re out in the bush and you’re touring
around, things have to be practical. They have to work. Yeah, don’t forget the rear drawer, mate. Yeah, I love the rear drawer. That’s awesome. It’s all water-proof, dust-proof for you. Yeah, sweet, we’ll need plenty of that. Dust-proofing. So the design elements of our canopy, we try
and ensure that our canopies use existing products on the market that integrate well
into the canopy. Fridge slides, fridges, battery systems, BMS,
as well as other accessories like air compressors, your recovery gear. All that’s gotta fit into the canopy and work
and be easily accessible and functional. No point having something that you can’t get
to. Now it’s got a brand new canopy on the back
so that’s gotta be wired up. So we’ve got Battery World guys in again to
do all the wiring. So it’s got the 200AH lithium battery in there,
all the Redarc gear, all the same lighting system that we did on the last canopy. Boat loader with the winch on the roof, so
all the good stuff. So this is the life-blood of your trip. If you’re out there and you’ve got no power,
no lights, no fridge, no food… you know, it makes it really hard to eat baked beans
for weeks and weeks on end. So there’s little creature comforts. This one’s got the Cel-Fi for the long phone
reception in it as well. So it’s got the phone booster so you can ring
home and touch base with the family, which is nice. That’s the modern world we live in, and everyone
wants that accessibility. And having access to all these things remotely
just makes it so much more enjoyable to be able to go away and enjoy your travels and
tours like this. I’ll tell you what, this is a serious touring
rig. And so the layout of the whole truck, including
the canopy, I reckon it’s gonna be awesome.

16 thoughts on “RIG BUILDS: New Canopy & Wiring ► All 4 Adventure TV

  1. Do the red arc inverters ever overheat being recessed like that or are they given airflow behind there?

  2. Love when the rig builds come out. Need more details boys. Like Built Not Bought

  3. We have come a long way from dry ice and a looking for a phone box to call home.


  4. Love the 200 but definitely need a full run down of the dmax aswell just bought a new one myself and plan on setting it up similarly to Simons

  5. Can you do up a vid of all the wiring and setup and post to YT I have a fetish for 12v wire porn haha

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