Ring Alarm in depth: How it works and using the app

on the bench in front of me is the ring alarm system and I’m going to show you the different parts of it the way the app works and how this all sort of works together when this first came out tech I’ve reviewed it and ranked it as the number one top smart home security alarm system and that rating is still current as we’re recording this video in August 2018 so for 199 dollars this is what you get the largest unit and the most obvious here is the main base unit this grill here hides the speaker the alarm is also inside here there these status LEDs a couple more status LEDs on the end here for Wi-Fi empower you’re not going to be interacting with this box there’s no buttons on it but because it has the alarm in it you need to put it somewhere in your kitchen or living room or somewhere where the sound is not going to be muffled so don’t hide this away in a cupboard no but this doesn’t need to be necessarily out and on show it also needs a power connection there is a battery inside and it will run on battery power for a small amount of time after the electricity fails when it does that it also automatically falls over to a cellular connection there’s a cellular chip inside here because the assumption is that if you lose your power in your house and you’ve probably lost Wi-Fi as well so rather than waste the battery searching for Wi-Fi for minutes or hours it just automatically jumps to cellular the cellular service though is only available with the monitoring option which I’m going to talk about later right now the bit that you are going to interact with is the keypad the keypad here most large buttons here with with bumps on the front indentation on the number five and a couple of extra bumps on the X and the tick mark here and that’s for people who are visually impaired also you’ve got your buttons here for disarming at home and away this does run on a battery and it has a wall mount you put that on your wall and you can slip this into your wall mount like so it also means you can take this unit around with you in two different areas of your house if you need it normally you put this by your front door and then the starter kit comes with a couple of other things all of this communicates with a technology called z-wave it’s not Wi-Fi it’s a sort of lower power version and that’s gonna help save the battery on all these units but it does mean that there’s z-wave in the base station and then they also give you this z-wave range extender which you can put at sort of the far end of your house to make sure that all of the sensors down that end to their house still work with the system and then there are two sensors if you have an alarm system at the moment these might be familiar to you this is a basic contact sensor magnet in here sensors in here and when you pull them apart the system detects that they’ve been pulled apart you would put this on a door or on a window so there’s one of those in the box and then this is an infrared motion sensor this will look for large heat sources that are moving around there’s an infrared sensor inside it’s not a camera so it’s not gonna do facial recognition or anything like that but if you or say a large animal is moving around inside your house this should alert so this is the basic set that comes for $199 up next I’m going to show you the app so if you’re already using ring then the app will be familiar to you you have your doorbell and cameras here in this section this is new for the security system it’s a block at the top here that gives you the main security modes disarmed home and away those three modes I’ll explain in a minute you’ve got your alerts down at the bottom here as well so that’s the basic way it looks and then if you go into the settings menu here and into devices you’ll also see now that as a new security section click that and you’ve got the different parts of your security system everything is joined onto the system except for the infrared sensor I want to show you how you add a sensor to the system so we going to kick plus there to add a new ring device security devices sensors and then it is a motion detector like other ring units it has a QR code on the back so if we just if we just scan that code then it comes up all right now it’s going to be looking for that it needs power so I’m going to put a battery inside it it uses the pretty common cr123a batteries that a lot of these security systems use alright that’s come on so it’s found the sensor and it’s set up tap here it’s a room sensor and we’re gonna say it’s in the living room you can use any name you want I’m just going to use one of the pre-programmed ones and the suggested room name as well let’s also go for a living room so install it and then they’ll wave our hand in front to make sure it works you know it’s all that changed there we go so we’re going to continue and setup is complete and now if we go back to that go back to that device dashboard you’ll see that the living room motion sensor is now added now show you along the top ribbon of that app there are the different alarm mode settings the app assumes that you already have a passcode or lock or something on your cell phone so you don’t need any special code to arm or disarm the system you simply go in here and you press a button and you hear the home alarm from from both the main base station and from the keypad here they’re next to each other but normally they wouldn’t let’s disarm it and then if you want to do it on the keypad it’s pretty much the same thing but you’ve got to type in a gotta type in a code first so I’ve got a very simple code here and we’ve now set this to away mode when you’re putting it in to away mode you get a count down that gives you a certain amount of time to get out the house before the system is armed you can adjust that anywhere from thirty Seconds to three minutes in home mode you can have it start from zero seconds to three minutes and the same for when you come back there’s a certain amount of time before the alarm will sound I’m going to switch this off by entering the code again that’s how you arm and disarm the system through the app or through the keypad so ivory armed the system it is in home mode that’s the mode you would use when you’re at home say sleeping at nighttime all of the sensors around the outside of your house there door and window sensors are all armed but the motion sensors are not because you don’t want to set off your alarm if you get up for a glass of water in the middle of the night but if someone tries to break into your house and opens a door or window the alarm starts the 30-second countdown begins close the door or window and of course it doesn’t stop the only way to disable it now is with a ping code on the pad here or there is a large disarm button in the app I’m going to let this go off though just so you can hear what it sounds like the other mode of course is away and that’s when all of the sensors including these are active but this is going to sound now as if no code is entered so that’s about 85 decibel alarm on here and that’s one of the reasons why you want this in you don’t want this in a closet or someone you want this out in an open room it’s very loud if you have the monitoring service with this then in a few seconds you’ll be getting a phone call to establish your ID and that everything’s okay if either of those doesn’t check out then they’ll be sending the police to your residence I mentioned earlier the system works on z-wave as far as we can tell it’s a closed system because it’s a security system so if you do have other z-wave devices in your house say things like a smart lock you won’t at the moment be able to interface that with the security system and that’s probably a good idea because you don’t want unknown devices being able to influence the status of your security system so that’s a look at the ring alarm I hope that gives you a better idea of how it all works the pieces that are part of it and what the app looks like a tech I’ve rated it 4 out of 5 we’re excited for the system we love the 199 dollar price and we’re also looking forward to expansion in the future not just with extra sensors and other devices but hopefully sometime where ring will be coming out with an indoor security camera to keep watching Tech I’ve on techyv.com and YouTube for more coverage of the ring alarm some of these additional units and importantly some of the competitors so you can make an informed choice when you come to buy one of these smart home security systems [Music]

30 thoughts on “Ring Alarm in depth: How it works and using the app

  1. Living in the rural area without WIFI, will this work? Great video….thanks

  2. I've heard that the motion sensors scan out and down so installing them lower and upside down would reduce false alerts because of pets. Can anyone confirm?

  3. Wait, Aug 3 2018 this video came out? At 8:40 "maybe they'll come out with an indoor security camera too"? They have all kinds of cameras, all are indoor/outdoor

  4. So the motion sensor will set the alarm off in away mode but not home mode? Also will pets set off motion detector?

  5. Nice video. Thanks. It seems silly to me to have to enter your passcode to arm the system. I would hope they change that in a firmware update.

  6. Can you choose to have the alarm sound immediately when certain sensors are tripped? Like when opening a window or tripping a motion sensor will set it off immediately, but coming in the main door it'll give you 30 seconds? thank you.

  7. Can you do a power failure / internet failure review? I am curious to see how well this system works when the power to the home is lost.

  8. Do they have outdoor motion sensors? So far I've only found one company that's local to me that has them: https://www.securityallstar.com/en/interlogix-outdoor-motion-detector

  9. Hey, can you do a follow-up on how many people were seen naked in their houses because Ring was allowing employees to view the recorded footage from like the Ukraine or something? Amazon should not be in the security business. It got a real system that does all of the same stuff with no security breaches.

  10. Does the app have a panic button?
    In case of emergencies and need to set off the alarm

  11. The X and ✓ buttons (with the red dots) indicate the panic buttons. If you hold those down simaltaniously it will instantly trigger the alarm. (If you have the monitoring plan it will send them an alarm as well)

  12. I've been searching all over for info on the area of coverage of the motions sensors. Without knowing this it seems like installing one to cover important areas is all trial and error. Does anyone know where this information can be found.

  13. Silicon Valley ………………… Well done. I particularly liked (was looking for) the cellular comment – when the power goes off (or is sabotaged) the Base Station switches to a cellular module. But ….. Are you dead in the water if you do NOT have the Protection Plan? i.e. The Base Station won't contact your smartphone?

  14. I have a question I have installed a wireless system a couple years ago so I’m familiar with programming and how they operate. The other videos I have seen people have the ring keypad wired and a plug in an outlet. It is unsightly. How long will it run on the cr123 battery. This is key because I like discreet things and who the hell has an outlet right under it by their front door

  15. OK, I am a verified customer. This is system is terrible. Only good for a small studio apartment. If you have a home or condo with an upstairs or down stairs forget it. Weak wifi signal based, erratic sensors, and required 4 hours of Ring support and still not resolved. Sorry, this is only a system for small spaces.

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