Rise Of The TMNT Episode 2A Review: Origami Tsunami SPOILERS

That’ll make us heroes, but it’s only paper it’s only paper Donnie what did he just say? Did he say it’s only paper? Yep Okay, that’s what they all say Okay, so a couple things to go over in this video before we get started Yes, the premiere of rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was this past? weekend and Not only that. We got a look at five Episodes of rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and if you haven’t seen them yet, they are on nick.com So go check those out if you kind of want to be in the loop on some of these episode reviews are gonna be doing so I guess that goes without saying Spoiler warning for this video. This video will contain spoilers for Episode two a of rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Origami tsunami so if spoilers ain’t your thing then? wait till you see the episode either go watch chef Nick calm or come back after the TV aired a and watch this video and if you don’t mind spoilers, well, then let’s go ahead and just dive right on in now episode 2 a and I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this in another video but so with episode 2 a because The episodes are 11 minutes long, but they have a Part A and Part B So like episode there’s an episode 2 a episode 2 B. So each one’s 11 minutes, but the entire like episode 2 That’s gonna come out is 22 minutes, roughly I don’t know if I’m articulating that properly but each episode consists of 2 11 minute segments that are not necessarily one Continuous story maybe some will be but for the most part there are two self-contained 11 minute stories. That’s how it’s gonna be so this is episode 2 a origami tsunami and the episode starts off with Master Splinter and Turtles watching a movie and we get to see Master Splinter a little bit in action this probably the most we’ve seen them do something related since the you know We’ve gotten a look at this version of Master Splinter and he kind of it kicks their butt a little bit Raphael Donatello and Michelangelo Yeah after he kicks their but he kind of tells them, you know after practice. They’ll be great ninjas But the turtles seem to be tired of practicing and want to go out into the real world and do some real Crime-fighting so Donatella pulls out his computer. They start looking Throughout the internet just for different areas in the city that might need their attention to where they could go help solve some of the crime that’s going on in that area and Donnie’s coming across very like violent brutal crimes that have been going on in the city and and this is where in leo starts chiming in and Leo, comes off really funny in these First initial interactions with the rest of the Turtles. He doesn’t want to deal with any of these really Violent crimes he wants to do something a little more easygoing so they come across this these paper thieves that have been popping up and he says that they should do that and As he’s being funny though. This is probably Leo’s leadership shining through in this first moment of this episode more than we saw and any point in the first episode and I know Leo’s not the leader in this version of rise of the TMNT, but if you guys have been following my channel You know, I’ve kind of been theorizing that he will show To be a leader as the show goes on and I think eventually they’re gonna swap roles with him and raft at some point in The series and it kind of seems like that’s what they’re doing here as he does show a lot of leadership traits in this episode Especially in this episode but besides that Leo is still yeah pretty funny in the in these moments here Anyways, the turtles go out into the night into the city and kind of start to scope, you know Like one of the last paper stores that hasn’t really been hit yet Now we see two of the villains that we’ll talk about in a second here there They’re stealing paper as the turtle slot and then we jump back into raft kind of showing some leadership traits We started ordering the turtles of what to do each orders them to go around the building raft goes on top of the building and they chase these guys, but We have heard that this version and these enemies here or these villains are the Foot Clan that are in here at least the two like general or generals or main Foot Clan guys that we have talked about in the past and um they have teleportation powers in this version of the Ninja Turtles So they teleport as they run around the corner and this kind of for to the Ninja Turtles first attempt into stopping them and the turtles Pretty much are out of paper stores to go kind of scoped out since this was the last one. They hadn’t hit yet so Leo again Very leadership type starts pumping up the team since everybody’s down starts and this part is very funny as well. By the way again, Leo to me is the standout turtle in this whole series he’s Pumping up Raph. He’s pumping up Don. He’s pumping up Mike he says he has a plan and what they do is they build a fake paper store out of And like the paper stacks for me out of salami instead of paper. It’s whack It’s kind of goofy, but it’s funny at the same time to me This one came off is the humor came off a lot better to me in this episode than it did in the first one They need a human to run the store. So April shows up at one point thinking she’s there for a job interview, but it’s really, you know Just a reason for her. It was just the call they made to her for her to come in and be the Worker in the store that they built this fake store that they’ve built in like an alley. It’s a very Makeshift and it’s funny that it even works at all. That’s the whole point. It’s it’s it’s pretty great But yeah the guys show up They steal the salami paper and the Turtles again are unable to capture these guys Although Donatello being the smart one that he is puts a tracer in the salami paper That they stole and are able to track down The Foot Clan or at least these two members To this boat where it looks like they have a bunch of paper Stored away on this boat. Don’t know where they’re taking it, maybe overseas to Japan Maybe there’s a shredder that we haven’t heard of yet But yeah, they’re taking it on a boat and it looks like they’re gonna transport this paper somewhere We don’t know where I don’t think it’s too barren Jackson sand burn Jackson’s under the city Don’t know why they would need a boat to take it underneath the city so they’re definitely taking it somewhere else don’t know where so we finally get a first look at our Foot Clan members and I’m not sure if we’ve ever got an official name for these two guys except for just Foot Clan members So that’s how we’re gonna refer to them as of now, but I don’t think we’ve done Official names for them yet. They are voiced though by Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche Who are also known for voicing? Pinky and the brain So definitely some star-studded – like voice actors in this show There’s more maybe I’ll do a separate video on that But yeah, there’s definitely a lot of good actors and voice actors in this show We get a good look at one of them doing some origami and then some magic to turn this origami Into a like this is and this looks like more of a traditional Foot Clan ninja so they call them the origami ninjas in this I think and they just create pretty much a foot ninja out of paper and Then it attacks the Turtles Leo Slices it up and then confetti flies everywhere They’re all grossed out about it because they feel like it says body parts falling all over them And then they just realize it’s paper. There’s two different shades of these ninjas there’s like a reddish tinted one and they’re like a greyish tinted one and There’s just there’s no real explanation about this if one has special abilities Or strengths that the other one doesn’t and vice versa Not quite sure if it’s just for style. Maybe I’m just overthinking but Maybe down the road. They’ll explain it to us why some are colored? Like a reddish tint and some are a great tip. We don’t really know as of now, but Asthetically. Yeah, it looks pretty cool. I like it Now the a bunch of these ninjas are created and are start attacking the turtles The turtles are fighting them and pretty much non-stop and Leo just starts Announcing to the other turtles like they’re not getting anywhere fighting these guys need that they need to get to the source again Leo show him a lot of leadership and again I Would not be surprised if they switch up the worlds between between him and rap eventually maybe in later seasons but I do like this the way he Sounds when he’s talking to the turtles this way comes off Well, it almost makes me yearn for when this happens in the show It just don’t feel like a little bit more Like I know a lot of changes have happened to the turtles in the series and I’ve been a very open minded about it But it feels like one day do you get to that if they do go out down this route? – that leo is the leader and kind of they’re on their traditional roles. It’ll just feel sweeter once we’re there But yeah, I like this I like Leo when he does this kind of stuff in this new version of the turtles it just kind of Reminds you that Leo does have leadership capabilities So Leo goes after one of like the main like I call him the general Foot Clan guys and it starts fighting with him and Actually gets his ass handed to him a little bit and gets thrown up against a gigantic stack of papers Which starts falling down a little bit and this creates like a tornado of papers? Which the other like Foot Clan general turns into a giant Origami ninja which grabs Leo Raph ends up ordering Donnie and Mikey to go after this giant ninja and it grabs Mikey and Donnie as well and this is when Raph realizes the Giant ninja is mimicking the actions of one of the Foot Clan generals so Rath instinctively goes after that Foot Clan general guy to Take him down subsequently taking down the giant origami ninja which he does and then ends up releasing the rest of the turtles and Paper just starts flying everywhere. And before the foot can start creating more origami ninja star Leo orders Mikey to go ahead and use his weapon to set off the sprinklers turning all the paper pretty much into like mush the foot end up sending out like Salami because remember how they had the soul/the like salami paper stacks, but so they end up sending like a salami origami ninja out to distract the Turtles and it works because Turtles turn back around and the foot are gone and We’ve seen the clip with Raph once the salami origami ninja just kind of falls apart because it doesn’t really work very well with salami Raph starts eating parts of the Ninja or parts of the salami and the rest of turtles are gross now This is also very funny We had already seen it before and a like sneak peek before the show had even premiered and the episode ends with Leo Pumping up the team on their first win Or at least one of their first wins As a team and that’s pretty much where the episode ends and overall I think I enjoyed this episode more than the first episode This is probably my favorite one and I’ve seen by the way all five of the ones that have been released on nick.com This is probably my favorite one. This is the one I’ve rewatched the most since all of these have premiered So I definitely recommend if you jump off of the first one and maybe just weren’t feeling it Maybe go back and watch this one. This one’s pretty good I’m not Probably not like the best thing you’re ever gonna see if you weren’t really feeling the first one because it’s very similar in tone But this one just does a little little things better in my opinion Especially the comedy the comedy comes off a lot better In this second episode then it did to me in the first episode in the first episode I had said someone hit and miss some of the jokes and this one I feel like it’s mostly hits and the action is great as well a little bit about episode 2 B so this you know the next episode that would Chronologically come out after this when they’re when these end up airing on television That one for some reason was skipped when the first five episodes were released on nick.com so it’s not on Nick com it jumped straight into Episode three a and I was talking to Leonardo 2003 who also does a YouTube Ninja Turtles channel and he’s been doing it for a long time by the way I was talking to him on the back end and he sent me a list of the episode lists at least for the first few episodes and There is gonna be an episode to be called Donny’s gift and it is nowhere to be seen on Nick comm so I don’t know if there’s a spoiler in that episode or something They want to keep as a surprise or if they just accidentally skipped it when they were posting these episodes on Nick comm. I’m unsure What exactly is going on with that episode and I feel a little bit of a hesitation to do reviews on The episodes that come after this without reviewing episode 2 B Maybe it’s just like an OCD thing I have but I like to do them in order So I’m not sure if I’m gonna hold off on reviewing the rest of the episodes until episode to be Errors at whatever point I’m kind of I’m kind of gonna think about it. Maybe kind of get your guys’s feedback So maybe on this video let me know down below. Do you want me to continue reviewing the episodes that have already been released? Even though episode 2 B Hasn’t been released or do you want me you want me to hold off and just kind of wait till 2 B is released and then go from There let me know down below I’m not sure if it’s a huge deal. Maybe it’s just me kind of being a little obsessive or keeping them in order But I guess we could review the other ones and then you know when to be air to go back Let me know down below whatever you guys think I think I’ll just kind of go with that take a pull here in this video and Leave you I’ll leave your comments down below and I’ll just kind of look at the results. So yeah, let me know What did you guys think of episode 2 a origami tsunami? Like I said, it was my favorite ones out of the five that have been released that but I’d love to hear your thoughts That’s it for this review though. If you’re stumbling across this channel and want more Ninja Turtles content in your life Well, then go ahead hit that subscribe button. If you enjoyed the video, please hit thumbs up. That’s it for this one guys I’ll see you in a little bit another one. Take care

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