River Basin | A Mushroom Crumble

It’s apple season right now, so I’ve been
baking apple crumbles lately. And this made me wonder about whether people
bake crumbles over in my imaginary river basin? There are no apples in the basin, but edible
mushrooms do exist. And the most prized one of them all is a black
puffball that grows on fallen trees. It’s harvested in late autumn, and in the
north-east, where the royal palace is, it’s used to make a savoury crumble. The mushrooms are diced, placed in a baking
dish, covered with spices, and then covered with a mixture of flour and butter. The flour is made from the seeds of this plant,
and the butter is made from the milk of cows. And the mushroom crumble is baked in a clay
oven for half an hour. And just as the mushroom season in underway
in the basin, the only monastery that sits in the mountains gets its first snowfall. The snow piles up on the sacred flower that
grows in the courtyard of the monastery, and the blue of the flower makes the snow stain
blue. It’s then brushed off the flower, and stored
in clay containers cooled with ice, and then transported to the capital, and served with
the mushroom crumble. So that is one river basin food. But if there’s one baked dish, then there
definitely should be more.

46 thoughts on “River Basin | A Mushroom Crumble

  1. Hell yeah, food

    Edit: probably not gonna see this but what kind of spices does your river basin have access too?

  2. I wonder what kinds of stews, pastries, and the such the people there would bake?

  3. I absolutely love hearing about the foods for the river basin! Now I’m tempted to see if I could make something similar. 🙂

  4. A simple cookbook, and maybe how different classes and groups of people have different cuisines, might be worth worldbuilding into.

  5. I like when you talk about food, is something i overlook in my own stories so is good to get a reminder also your voice really helps me imagine the appeal of the things you talk about

  6. Your videos always get my gears turning but all I got out of it this time was that you like apples. I'm kidding, I did get some ideas out of this but I do think you should've held off on making this video until you had more dishes so the video would've been longer.

  7. Yay! Another video! I'd love to see more videos like this, mayhe a langer video with multiple recipes like this. Keep up the great work! 😀

  8. Omg that sounds delicious! Is the blue snow expensive since there doesn’t seem to be a lot to collect from one flower?

  9. I always love fictional cuisines. The stuff you can come up with is amazing.

  10. Nom nom nom… fajny filmik, jak zawsze. Czy śnieg niebieski na jakiś smak specjalny? 🙂

  11. Why aren't there multiple royal palaces? What's the daily life of the king like? As in, what's his routine?

  12. Cool but how is this invented was baking first and this is just combo of different techniques. Or was this from the first things made and every other baked is based off of it.

    Sorry for the strange comment please tell me if you didn't understand what I'm saying.

  13. ok, welp, time to workshop this recipe and make it this weekend. You've left me no choice.

  14. Are the meals in the river basin mostly plants and animal byproducts? Or do they eat meats(hunted or farmed) and what kind of meat? Fish, cows, bugs?
    I realize you mentioned cows, but I dont know if their for eating or just used for milk
    sorry if you already answered this in a previous video

  15. Practically every early human culture makes two things. Swords and fried dough foods. Swords of metal, obsidian, sharkteeth etc. Fried dough doughnuts, dumplings, empanadas etc. I think it would be cool to explore this concept in your river basin.

  16. so baked shrooms with side of snow is royals only/capital only food? i imagine its hard to transport snow down the river?

  17. +Worldbuilding Notes

    What sort of grain do you think they'd use, and what would the blue flower smell like?

  18. I love your videos but I really wish you would practice reading aloud with more emotion and enunciation.

  19. Didn't you have this fruit that only ripened when left 'till autumn?

  20. I bet there's a whole slew of special royal drinks and tinctures based around that snow, the prestige and theoretically healing powers it provides.

  21. One of the first things I did for my underground society was foodbuild. Their staple foods are mushrooms, bugs, fish, snails, tubers, moss, and other aquatic plants. Although they import grains, vegetables, and other foods, at least half of their diet is made up of those local foods. And because heat management is very important for them, they have more heatless cooking methods than other cultures — a lot of fermenting, pickling, and salting (salt is quite abundant). For heat-management and food-management reasons, most of the population shares communal meals. Visitors can find it a very challenging cuisine.

  22. yay, another food video!

    I have a question about the grain flower seeds – are there any other interesting properties while cooking that it is used for? learning about real-life pseudocereals like amaranth and buckwheat and their differences from true cereals makes me think you could come up with something really interesting for this!

  23. the river basin people looks like some mesopotamian or ancient chinese people

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