River Basin | The Planet and the Basin

Back when the humans inhabiting the cosmic
egg cracked its shell with powerful bombs, a whole new universe was born in an instant. And what used to be the egg, suddenly was
a planet in orbit around one of the stars. That magically-formed planet is 85% the size
of Earth, and has a radius of 5,421 kilometres. Its mass is 72% that of Earth, and its density
is 117% of Earth density. All of which makes its gravity exactly the
same as the one found on Earth. The cosmic egg had been entirely supernatural,
so it transmuted itself into natural elements when it formed into a planet. The continent situated on the south pole is
a solid piece of the shell of the destroyed egg but it’s not an impossibly thick eggshell
any more, it’s now an enormous piece of white limestone. What once was the egg-yolk is now the iron
core. And the giant embryo is what provided most
of the water present on the planet, and its dehydrated remains turned into
various types of limestone. The northern continent is made from the matter
that made up the human-inhabited landmasses in the world inside the egg, But most of the
humans inhabiting those landmasses ended up quite unlucky, and were buried deep inside
the continent, together with entire cities and everything else that existed on land. Hundreds of millions of years into the future,
tectonic action will bring remnants of that civilisation back up to the surface. But there was one piece of inhabited land
that was lucky, and ended up wedged between the newly-formed mountains instead of getting
buried. For the people inhabiting that piece of land,
it was quite a surprise. The land inside the egg had been entirely
flat, so they saw mountains for the first time and brand new rivers rushed in from
nearly every direction, causing flooding in many places. Then the sun fell off the sky,
which was quite alarming, and then people saw stars for the first time. Inside the egg, there had been no sunsets
and no stars. The old society tried to keep itself together
for a period of time, but the inhabited piece of land just so happened to plop right on
top of a giant magical creature which formed the moment the planet formed, and which ended up making the people above infertile. As years went by, the old society found itself
literally unable to reproduce itself. And a new society started to form in the south-east, around a woman famed to have the power to make women able to conceive. There were groups of people who left the basin,
but the planet was, and still is, newly-formed. Most of its land surface is nothing but bedrock. So the only group that lasted, was the one
that went to live in the hills alongside the river that flowed out of the basin. The waters of the river brought the seeds
of aquatic plants with it. The newly formed habitat attracted fish, insects
and birds, and the birds then disseminated the seeds of trees and shrubs across the hills. The ancestors of the people inhabiting this
area arrived there before they could be affected by the magical fertility-removing effects of
the basin itself, and two thousand years later, their descendants carry on as hunter-gatherers. As centuries went on, the people inhabiting
the basin started to see the neighbouring hunter-gatherers as the remnant of the original
uncivilised human beings, and started telling stories about how back
in the olden days, all humans lived in the hills along the river, catching fish and stealing
bird eggs.

55 thoughts on “River Basin | The Planet and the Basin

  1. I love this channel it's so creative and thought provoking , makes me want to make a world too (:

  2. I love these videos and your world so much! I can't wait to see what else you've got planned for this bird egg world!

    The fact that this planet is right now is just a bunch of bedrock has me curious to see what sorts of plants, animals, etc will turn up in other habitats/biomes. And then in turn, what could conceivably happen should humans decide to go poking around and diversifying in other places.

    Also your art is so cartoony and cute, which is the icing on this proverbial Youtube cake.

  3. This is the quality content I’m looking for on YouTube. Keep up the good work!

  4. Joke's on the Basin people when the Hill tribes outbreed them and take over 😛

    If people move into the Basin , do they become infertile?

  5. Do you plan on using asteroids to help populate the world outside the river basin? Some microbial migrants might make a fine addition

  6. This is awesome. So insanely creative. Does the world have an in universe name?

  7. What about the ocean life of this world? Presumably most of the oxygen on this planet comes from phytoplankton considering the bedrock covered continents aren't really even good for grasslands. Are there any undersea structures like coral reefs or sea grass beds that survived the cataclysm (if there were any of those in the first place)? Does this planet have ice sheets anywhere?

  8. Heck yeah I just got into this channel a few days ago and I'm so stoked for all of this! It amazes me that so much has been accomplished and told in so little time!

  9. I kinda binged most of your videos, and it got me thinking. If one of the kings of this island decided to break tradition and run away and risk his chances on the open sea rather than be murdered when his last wife became infertile, what would happen if he washed up on the shores of the island inhabited by the first tribe you talked about on this channel? (The one inspired by Northwestern native Americans.) What if the king discovered the baby producing eggs and tried to bring a few of the giant birds that lay them back to the river basin? I know you focus more on world building than making an actual story, but I think this would be a really neat idea to delve into further.

  10. I really appreciate that you cite the Lifeways of Hunters & Gatherers. That was the textbook in one of my favorite anthropology courses and I really admire it. Almost as much as I admire this channel 😉

  11. Hey I was wondering since your last video what would happen if a disease past thought your country since all the lower class are clones how would your country deal with this

  12. When you think about it, this world has some oddly Lovecraftian vibes:

    1: All is normal, until an astronomically large bird emerges from *the SUN* and starts eating it, snuffing it out (and later, all life). Literally the Eater of Worlds. By cracking the shell of their own world, the humans gave birth to another one, which leads to…

    2: An underground creature, that appears to be both plant and animal, seeing as how it sprouts flowers, curses the female inhabitants of the above with infertility. Strange coincidence, seeing as how it was made as soon as the bird died. A reincarnation? Kin of the Sun Eater? Will this beast wake up to amp up the curse, this time with a deadly disease? Only one thing is for sure, and that’s that i should not write yt comments at 1 am

  13. WOW! So you decided to place your island and river basin in the same world. Really cool stuff!

  14. I really dig the mystery and nuance of the slumbering being. Like it’s reminiscent of the unborn godbird in that it is a slumbering godlike being who warps civilization even in its sleep, yet it isn’t the fetus, that is already the bones of the Earth. I really like the godegg concept, always loved things like they. I like how the constituent elements of the world were like poles in the egg. It’s somewhat like platonic ideals existing in the world that was becoming phenomenal manifestations in the world that is. Like before fire was the Sun, now the sun is a thing composed of fire. This is all beautiful. And I like how the island exists in the same setting as the river basin civ. Curious so humanity has been around millions of years here, and major evolutionary leaps seem to have stabilized? Though magic may do that to you, curious if modern man is much different from man that was. Or if the three groups of humans are much different from each other biologically, considering there seems to be little cross contamination.

  15. Does the people of the basin have military forces? Do the Kings & Queens have an order of Royal Guards? Do they go to war against the hunting-gatherers of the hills?

  16. It is quite awsome to see how the temperate rainforest island is only such a small part of the world, yet you managed to do so much work on it.

  17. Great Video. Answered practically all my questions I was planning to post under the Q&A announcment video … not that I am complaining (^_^)' I got my answers after all. But I think I just thought of a new question so everything is fine in the end:)

  18. Can you describe your river basin's religion? Do they see the people who cracked the egg as legendary heroes? Do they believe in a god/goddess or multiple gods/goddesses? That would be really interesting.

  19. So in the egg it was just daytime all the time? Or did it fluctuate in some other way?

    I'm building a world which doesn't have a sun as such, and I'm trying to figure out what to do with it, if it should even have nights, etc.

  20. Oh I miss when you said "Welcome to Worldbuilding Notes" as the intro catchphrase, your accent made it sound quite cute!

  21. It only gets better when armed vigilantes begin to explore and colonize the developing wasteland.

  22. I love everything you've done! Your ideas and artwork are beautiful and awesome!

  23. How did humans reach the temperate forest island? Did they sail there from the river basin or where they another group of particularily lucky civilized people that didn't get buried?
    Also, do the hill people reproduce normally or do they do they do it by making egg babies like the islanders?

    Also I love the picture of that woman trying to turn her car into an ox car

  24. rooting for the hills dwellers
    you can do it guys, reinvent your wheels, fertility is power

  25. Hahaha, I was puzzled by the way you presented the gravity and how it related to mass and density. I was typing that "Hey, gravity has nothing to do with density" but I took the time to write down the math instead. Sure enough, the smaller radius exactly compensate the smaller mass, so gravity at the surface is the same.

    Well done, you win.

  26. so… the basin people do not know of their origins with the egg? they think that they all were from hunter gatherers. what bout the hunter gatherers? or the island people?

  27. Sounds very much like a post-nuclear apocalypse world with the myth being a religious spin on it

  28. I just realised (after reading Tom Fillot's post) that gravity in the egg (before it broke) could be explained without magic by the egg just rotating at a fast enough speed, is this actually how you'd imagined it? Or was gravity in the egg just gravity because that's how the egg worked?

  29. Is it possible fore the river people fore lake of a better term, who live by the river outside of the basin to become a seafaring civilian?

  30. I’m not sure how much you’ve worked out your conlang, but I’d love it if you could do a video or at least part of a video completely in your conlang. I’m working on one for my own world right now, and I’d love the inspiration

  31. My planet is like 1.3 times the radius of earth. It's a little colder and dryer, but there are less mountains

  32. Question: how can a medieval feudal nation turn into a centralized autocracy (not really nationalist dictatorship, but just less oligarchic)?

  33. Is all peoples that ended up under the ground died or is there a possibility of some surviving in cave systems. It would be cool to see a cavern civilization

  34. I just found your channel, but I want to tell you it has already become my new favorite, the amount of care and detail you put into each world is beautiful and makes me so so nostalgic of the days me and my friends would write up entire worlds for no reason other than to just escape the ordinary and explore this new universe youve created, looking forward to future content

  35. Over all others good ideas and creative suggestions in your videos, I must admit that your continental mass and coastlines are really good. So credible in terms of tectonic plates…
    I bet that it's a very interesant story beyond their creation and I hope to know it a day.

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