River Carp Fishing for BEAUTIFUL Carp

– After returning from the
USA, chasing big wild carp, I haven’t done a great deal
of UK carp fishing, I just haven’t found the
inspiration I’ve needed to get out on the bank fishing for carp. I’ve been chasing a lot
of other species recently, including perch, pike, and sea bass, but I was feeling it was time to go back to my roots to carp fishing. Everything kind of happens
at the right time really, it was a late summer day,
and me and a friend just decided to go for a walk by a local river. Not really expecting to
see anything, I instantly got the carp bug back when
we spotted a group of carp milling around some lily pads. We walked a few miles
of river that day, which included both the tidal part and the non-tidal part of the stretch. Most stretches, we spotted
carp, and I was already making some plans. While I was checking out
the river a number of times, and having a few more walks,
I noticed that I hadn’t seen any other carp anglers, so I knew pre-baiting would
give me a massive advantage. I went for my go-to pre-baiting
mixes, consisted of 6mm Scopex Squid pellets,
15 and 20mm boilies. The pellet would bring all
the species into the swim, and really clear the spots
off and then the boilies will be there, waiting for the carp. As I mentioned earlier, we found carp on both the non-tidal
stretch and the tidal part, so I decided to bait both. In particular, I chose
spots where I thought the fish would feel comfortable. On the non-tidal stretch,
I baited near lily pads, and on the tidal part, I
picked the spot in the river. The tidal stretch is quite
a bit more faster flowing obviously with the tide,
there’s a lot more moving water. So I thought the carp would feel safe and feel comfortable feeding in the slack After about a week of pre-baiting,
I was beginning to see signs of fish on the spots.
There were plenty of bubbles coming up, and I knew I had
to get that first session in. On arrival, there was plenty
of activity in the swim. There were lots of bubbles
coming up and soon after casting out, I was
constantly getting liners. Just as I was getting
my second rod repaired, my first one actually went
off and unfortunately, it was a bream. But what
I saw was a carp spooking off the spot at the same time. That definitely gave me
confidence that there was carp there feeding. I went into that night, knowing
that there had been carp on my spot feeding, although
all that followed was just more liners and more bream. No fishing for me today, just the baiting. So a couple of kilos of 6mm Scopex Squid Pellet. And to add to that, just
gonna put in some 15mm boilies as well. There
are quite a lot of bream in this stretch. I want
there to be some bait. For the carp to eat Don’t forget my polaroids. Might be able to spot some carp. After a few more days of
keeping the pre-bait going in, I felt it was time to see
if the fish had moved in on the non-tidal stretch. As I arrived, I instantly
saw signs of carp. I actually saw a tale in the
lily pads, just waving about. That evening, I also walked
downstream of the weir, and put some bait on the
couple of likely looking spots, where I could give a go in the morning. That night passed
uneventfully, which got to me a bit. Especially as I had seen signs
of carp the evening before, so I headed downstream
to the spots I had baited the evening before, just to
give them a go for a few hours. I grabbed the Sawn-Off,
walked downstream, dropped it in the spots. And five minutes later, I had a carp on. No! The rod tip just tapped again Oh yeah. That’s a carp. How quick was that? Whoa! Oh my god. Oh, wow. We got it. That was a quick bite. Makes up for last night’s blank There’s my result for
maybe five, ten minutes of stalking this morning. The spots I fished last night, the ones actually pre-baited were completely unproductive. A little surprised about
because last night, I did see a couple of carp jump, but I made the right decision to move down here early this morning. Dropped a couple of rods in some spots, I did lose one unfortunately, but I also managed this lovely carp. The following few weeks got
really hectic, with work and other commitments so I
really didn’t have the time to do any more nights. If I had ten minutes free,
I’d get down the river and keep the bait going into my spots. On a couple of occasions, I’d have a little longer
than 10 minutes free, maybe half an hour, and these times I’d bring a rod with
me, I did manage to get lucky on that same spot where I had
caught the first carp from. No way! I can not believe it. I
came down here to bait up, and there’s obviously
some fish in my spot. That did not take long at all. Jesus, river carp are quite hard. Come on. We got him. We got him. (dial tone) Hi Alex, Yo, I caught
carp from the river! – What? – Yeah man. – Just straight away – I was getting liners constantly,
and I’m like, there must be some fish down there. I
baited it with two kilos of pellet, literally ten minutes ago. And I was just wondering if
I could get a photo I don’t know, It’s up to you. I’ll pin point on a map and
share my location with you. – Yeah man. – Cheers. Sorry to bother you. – Not at all, I’ll come over. – Thank you, bye. So I had a rod in the car and I saw a few bubbles on this particular spot behind me and after dropping it in, I
only took about ten minutes, and I had this hard fighting, river common. Whoa! No way, that was so quick, (water splashing) Oh, we got one. We got one. There it is. A long old looking common. Just dropped in the spot
I’ve been pre-baiting last couple of days. And
it did not take long. Probably about six minutes,
six minutes of waiting. And this banging common took the bait. It’s getting off to a great start. The time finally came and
I had a night free to spend down the river so I got
prepared and got some fresh rigs tide. The rigs where my bog standard
go to carp setups using Skinlink and super
sharp Fang Twister Hooks A simple knotless knot was
made and as a hook bait, I used a 15mm Scopex Squid bottom bait topped off with a 10mm popup. The only addition to the
rig was a small PVA bag bag of crushed boilies
that would protect the rig on the way down and also
give a bit of attraction right around the hook bait. So I got back down to the tidal stretch, just at dark, and got the rods out. This time, the bream activity
was minimal, compared to the last trip. Maybe
the carp have moved in. The carp certainly got onto the pre-bait, and it turned out to be a
very productive night fishing. Look at this carp. There’s a carp. We got one. – Is this the third bite? Oh he’s so nice. Oh wow. Oh wow. Yes! That’s three fish in a night (laughs). – Three. Wow. This particular spot did
two bites and it’s just a shallow slack and they were obviously there. I had only one bream as well. I
only got woken up by 1 bream. And the rest have all been nice carp Been watching the barn owl this morning as well. After pre-baiting for a
few days, and seeing quite a few bubbles whilst pre-baiting, I knew I had to give it a go. Two lovely commons and I’ve
got a mirror in the net as well. (splashing) whoa! The stocks of carp in this
river are completely unknown to me other than the odd fish I’ve seen. So each time the rod rips off it’s
very exciting, to get your first glimpse and see what it is. And after two small commons,
I was pleasantly surprised to see a mirror on the end. That night had been so productive, I just had to return soon for another go. And following night, I was back. (splashing) – Look at that Alex! – Beautiful mirror. – [Woman Walking] Sorry mate. – That’s okay – [Woman Walking] Go, go, sorry. Go. – The dogs are probably
like what? What is that? It’s a mirror. The lady is like what
is it doing on the bank? – Rolly Poly release shot. Once again, work was
starting to get very busy so I thought it was necessary
to get back down the river as soon as I could, have another go. I arrived at the non-tidal
stretch in the evening, and got the rods out just on dark. Just one carp would do. I
really wanted to find out what lives in this particular
stretch of the river. And that night, I was lucky
enough to get a couple of bites, and be rewarded with
two very special carp. Well, this is the smaller one of the two. Still about 14, maybe 15 pounds. What a fish though. Big
fins and it fought so hard when it was in the water. I thought it was a lot
bigger to be honest. Aw yes. Carp are like, such cool creatures. And the thing I love about
carp is that they come in all different shapes and
sizes, and you just don’t know what you’re gonna catch
next. It could be a common, it could be a mirror, it could be a koi. All the scale patterns
are completely different, and they’re all so
unique in their own way. But yeah, what a carp. And the other one, I’ve
got over down there. It’s a little bit bigger. boom! We got one, we got two. Let’s have a look at the other one. Look at that! Wow. Oh my word. I was not expecting a catch. a fish that look this good. Or catch one this big!
I was not expecting to catch anything this big, but sometimes you get lucky, and last night, I certainly did. Wow! I love catching carp like this. A few sessions I’ve done
in the river have produced more than I expected. But
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last few weeks, and I’m
looking forward to hitting the rivers again soon to
see what else is in there. The unknown really does
keep me wanting more.

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