River Dining in KYOTO | Bamboo Forest – Arashiyama

Hi guys, it’s Kim Dao here welcome back to my channel Today, I am going somewhere really far away So we are in Kyoto and we are going to do some river dining So river dining is something I have never done before my friend told me that it looks really beautiful and something that we should probably try to do So, we are travelling I think about 2 hours away from Osaka to get to this place but it looks absolutely beautiful We are at the restaurant now The restaurant is called Hirobun I’ll try to see if I can find it for you in the description box below But it’s like a river dining restaurant so you can see here there’s a river It looks really beautiful We just finished lunch but we are doing this somen now and what happens is that there is this bamboo cut in half and it like has water going through it what happens is that they put somen, like noodles, that flow down the stream and you can like pick it up with your chopsticks and eat it We’re gonna head back to the main Kyoto area Now we’re gonna to go to Arashiyama which is the bamboo forest We didn’t go yesterday so we’re gonna go today Because I’m so tired from yesterday we probably will just go there and head back to Kyoto station and chill around there It’s super sunny and hot now but we made it Now we’re going to go to the bamboo forest which is about I think a ten minute walk from the station we took a – station it is so sunny Should’ve brought some sunscreen with me but it’s okay, the sun is not as strong as in Australia so I guess it’s not so bad I am walking to the train station and gonna go back to Kyoto and then do some shopping there Hi guys, I am back home and as you can probably tell I am very tired For the past few days we’ve been in Kyoto and we’ve been walking like a lot I mean a lot We’ve been walking non-stop and it’s good because we got to see a lot of stuff so hopefully you guys have enjoyed these Vlogs Sorry I didn’t really talk that much in the Vlogs because I was spending time with my friends and also, I was busy trying to get footage on my other camera tryna to get some really nice new footage because I’ve got some new videos planned out for my main channel so I was trying to focus on that and then I kinda forgot about the Vlog so I kinda apologise to you guys if I wasn’t really filming that much Tomorrow I am going to Kobe and I’ve never actually been to Kobe before so very excited to go and sightsee It’s been really cool because everytime I went to Kyoto, it was always to take friends around and this is like the first time in a very long time that I was able to go to new places and sightsee Usually when I come to Osaka and Kyoto I am always like taking my friends around so it’s nice to actually go around and enjoy it for myself Anyway, I’m gonna take a shower now and go to bed because I am about to just, close my eyes and pass out Thank you so much guys for watching this Vlog, hopefully you enjoyed it Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet and thumbs up this video if you enjoyed it and I will see you guys in the next video

77 thoughts on “River Dining in KYOTO | Bamboo Forest – Arashiyama

  1. Hi Kim that's a lovely top you're wearing you look beautiful always <3

  2. I love your vlogs ❤️ everytime I watch them I get more excited for my Trip to Japan after I finished school☺️ still a long way to go since I am just 14 but you really make waiting more bearable 💁🏼thank you for making these amazing videos💕

  3. Hi Kim!!! I enjoy your videos but I've noticed a change with your music selection… to be honest it doesn't go with you, your content or anything….. I find myself muting as it's really disruptive. Don't mean to sound harsh, I do think your smart and entertaining!!!!!

  4. What a beautiful restaurant. Your vlogs are amazing. Love getting to see Kyoto.

  5. I really wanted to go there last time I was in Japan, but it started raining so heavily that I scratched that plan 🙁 Hope I can go next time!

  6. i cannot get over how beautiful japan is! no matter where you go, so much history and scenery! 🙂

  7. I really enjoyed this video. What a beautiful Country. U obtained some of the most outstanding pictures. The bamboo forests, wow!!!!! Simply stunning. I did not however, understand the noodles flowing down river, so to speak. I'm rather confused with that. Cool non the less tho.

  8. I'm Australian I love all your videos I can't wait till I go to Japan

  9. The scenery shots were amazing! I especially loved the upwards shots of the bamboo forest. For a moment, it felt like I was there 🙂 Are these with the new camera?

  10. I really like your vlogs, I really do! But please stop with the 'Sims' music please. 🙂


  12. hi Kim love you awesome video japan is so beautiful and breathtaking place take care ♥

  13. I actually ate at that Tonkatsu restaurant in Kyoto. Didn't you find the food there great?

  14. We did river dining too, i think we went to the same one actually You had to go on transportation and then walk to get up there? They specialized in somen but you could order lots of things. I stayed in Kyoto for 3 weeks when I was there. <3

  15. まだ京都に行った事無いので、いつか行ってみたいと思いますね!頑張って下さいね!💕

  16. did you enjoy the noodles coming down or were you like "everybody picks up from here,this is disgusting"

  17. You're so beautiful and nice! I'm always looking forward to your vlogs😍🙆🏻

  18. I like your music selection on this vlog. Cheerful and chirpy 😀

  19. hi kim.. I love your vlog..
    when I went to japan last year, your vlog help me so much..
    for the new editing, i like it..
    but for some scene, I see it just like random picture.. It will be more good when you group it, so the transition when you show the place will go smoothly..
    One moree.. can you pleasee put the restaurant nameee?

  20. I don't know why I think your eyebrows are a little bit look strange.

  21. Love your videos u make the best vids there so interesting I can't wait till I go to japan an I hope we can be friends

  22. Love your vlogs! I was in Kyoto a few weeks ago & I've visited some of the places you went but it's really cool seeing the places from your perspective

  23. Damn the stabilizer on that camera is sooooooo good. Such beautiful shots and scenery. Makes me miss Kyoto as I spent most of my Japan trip there. xx

  24. Please mention the locations you visited in Kyoto in this video

  25. A wonderful restaurant on the river!!!!!!!and a big tonkats!! I imagine you had eaten it so easily.

  26. Kyoto Looks beautiful! Thanks for "taking" us with you there! 😘😘😘

  27. 今度はぜひ沖縄にもきてくださいね♪♪綺麗なビーチがいっぱいありますよ❤️

  28. this video is soooo beautiful. Amazing scenery and the food looks so yummy

  29. I was just in Kibune last week! Your new camera is amazing!
    If you see this, what's the name of the matcha sweets restaurant? I'm dying to go! 🍵♥️

  30. I love seeing the different places and restaurants of Japan! Good job!

  31. Beautiful cinema! The trees are starting to leave (a pun) here too! Another cool video! Thank you so much!

  32. I really loved this vlog! I typically prefer when there's less talking and more music and footage of the scenery. It's so cool to see where you go. I've been to japan many times, and there's still a lot more that I still haven't seen. You make me want to go back and experience more.

  33. Hi Kim, love your videos ! I'm in Kyoto and want to go to that restaurant but can't find it in google maps, could you please help with the location. Thanks a lot !!!

  34. it's nice seeing you travelling! and I prefer less talking so I'm really enjoying your new format where it's scenery montages with nice background music 🙂

  35. Hi 👋 I'm watching from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦🇯🇵

  36. Lived in Japan for years and I have yet to go to Kyoto. You make it look so cool.

    Chobi Mi

  37. Gorgeous video!! Always amazed at how beautiful Japan is. I can hardly wait to go there.

  38. hi hun can you please write down what you eating the food looks so yummy

  39. 1:40 What is the name of that restaurant please? Thank you very much. I couldn't find it in the description.

  40. Love that restaurant! Does the restaurant also open in the winter? I'll be in Japan this December and would love to try, but I imagine it will be super cold ((;

  41. I find myself watching these videos less and less. I prefer the talk throughs. While beautiful, the music is repetitive and I'm finding myself bored. I miss the old videos.

  42. Im sure the suns worst here in the philippines since were very close to the equator

  43. What is the name of the restaurant in kamo river? How much did you spend for your dinner? I’m planning to visit Kyoto next year

  44. You're such a great help! My friend and I are planning our trip to Japan right now and you're making it so much easier with your videos thanks <3

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