River Dredging for Gold – On the Paystreak!

whoa oh man so for the first time in a
long while I actually did the gold happy dance the other day now this is just a
reenactment I got out of the water looked in the Box
saw the go behind the riffles and I literally said gold we found gold I tell
ya we’re pretty stoked it seems that our
float down the rapids and search for a better deposit and a different pastry
starting to pay off when packing here in the bush and try to
take as few trips as possible I’m pretty loaded down anywhere I’m carrying a I’m
a post driver to my waist belt got power jets got the back it’s always fun seeing fish underwater
these two brown trout were swimming in front of the hole you can see how
they’re aligned facing into the current and fighting the current looking for
food and I’m kind of doing the same thing but instead of food I’m looking
for go waters so fast
you’ve really gotta be streamlined just like a fish so the current doesn’t rip
you downstream so next I’m going to drive a tee post here in the ground it’s
gonna serve as an anchor for the dredge but also have a hole drilled in it I’ll
show you guys with that’s for in just a second there we go nice and sturdy now I
got a hole drilled here I’m gonna put a bolt through the post and this bolt
serves as a little hook so I can zip the back of my dry suit by myself so there
you have it I got my anchor post and my boat so I can zip up my dry suit on the
back loop it close it all by myself here you can see a nice little flake of
gold sit right on top of this false bedrock clay layer along with all these
heavies and black sands it’s just amazing we’re gonna dredge it all this
being a new dredge hole I have to work around the entire perimeter of the hole
taking down layers so that I can eventually get down deeper now you can
see I’m dredging one handed here it doesn’t look very efficient that’s
because I’m holding the camera on the other but so what I do is plug in and
we’ll pick the bigger rocks or the troubling flat long elongate rocks I can
plug up the nozzle or the hose I try to rip those out of the way and then I just
pull those suck up as much material as I can as quickly as I can the bottom of the first heart pack layer
we start finding lead iron rusty relics check out this wicked pickaxe we found
down there as well along with iron black sands and other heavies this is where
the gold is found check out that beautiful little picker I say we got heavy black sands I mean it
check this out so this is the top box we have an
over/under sluice and these riffles are just crazy loaded
with black sands I had the sluice box running as steep as
it can go Ronald is pretty high and still the
riffles aren’t clearing properly right there we got a little piece of gold and here we have the expanded metal
section load it again we have smaller expanded up top with
miner’s moss and I think we’re on the goal they see a bunch of flakes this one
right there there’s one right here bunch of little guys there’s nice one
while we’re seeing gold and every Matt every riffle of the box we’re taking a
look at the under turn right now and it’s no exception it actually looks like
the undercurrent ran quite a bit better than the top box which is interesting so
you can see the ripples are nowhere near as loaded however they are catching the
black sands now there’s a little specks all
throughout here but up here in this top top section man I just see I see dozens
and dozens of flakes there’s one guy right there try to zoom in with the
other camera guys take a look well I’m pretty darn excited I’m going to say we
found a pastry it’s just freaking awesome we look in the box here we got
way more big magnetites and we’re getting bigger gold there’s
just flakes everywhere everywhere look at that this whole carpet is just
littered there’s like tiny little boogers as well the topmost mat pads I
mean hundreds of visible flakes every every little golden PISA something in
here you see is gold look at all of these it’s loaded gold everywhere look
at that nugget there’s flakes just in every single
crook and crevice they’re everywhere mister top man you can see them better
there’s a pile there’s a pile there’s a pile
garnets only that guy garnets there’s a bunch there’s the whole mess
of them right there holy cow we get this where is it huh it’s like 30 flakes
there’s two Nuggets beautiful holy cow look at all those so it looks like we
got in some bigger magnetite and some slightly bigger gold for us man these
carpets are just loaded two years in a row I get on the best go holder right at
the end of the season this is our second to last con bucket running it through
the gold cube here and it’s just loaded now this is what you want the cube to
look like so far the whole bucket has been like this just that flake just
sitting there sir final cleanup of 2019 let’s take a
look in the box whoa oh man need two hands for this job
whoa not too shabby freaking awesome remember guys the gold
doesn’t care who you are if you got determination strength power persistence
you keep after it day after day you’re gonna find it

12 thoughts on “River Dredging for Gold – On the Paystreak!

  1. That's the best dredging video I've seen yet !You're not kidding about them Heavies. Dang that would be one hell of a panning session 😥 Have you sweating lmao

  2. I've been thinking of joining the dredge-level membership in your club…and this video is really making me want to solidify that decision lol. Great videos to watch during wintertime,thank you!

  3. That is a awesome video! Did you have a dive buddy with you?

  4. How many dives do you have to do in order to get that much concentrates? Do you clean the box after each dive?

  5. NO it's going to an area where other don't go like going down stream or going 3 miles back to a creek NO ONE goes to that's how you get the gold every greedy asshole is looking just like you only they don't hike back not saying anything bad at all have a good day boss

  6. Pretty nice when you gotta force the gold out of the cube there's so much! Good video! 👍✨😄

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