River flows in You – Yiruma – Guitar

Hello everyone and welcome to today’s study “River Flows
In You “by Yiruma to be able to play in the same key
the piano we have to put the nut to 2tasto
the 1Posizione to make is this: we the dito4 3tasto on the first string and the dito1
on 2tasto rope 4a we play with the right hand thumb and ring
Then we remove the dito4 and position the dito2 2tasto on the first string with the index and ring
we play, respectively, the third and the first rope We position now dito3 on the 3tasto
2nd string and dito4 3tasto on the first string, with the right hand we play and the Middle Ring
on the 1st and 2nd string Remove the 3 and 4 left hand and had
already 2 in the meantime we have not taken 2tasto remained on the first string and play
3rd string with your right hand and the first rope, Index and ring
Now forgive 3 and 4della left hand 3tasto respectively on the second rope
and 3tasto the first chord we place too 2 on C 3tasto the 5th string and play
First Ring Thumb ie 5th string and the first rope with his right hand, then the index and middle
who will play the second and third string, we play again the first rope with this position then
3tasto of the first string with the left and Then we play the C with dito1 on 1tasto
the second rope. Sound these two jokes. The result is almost the same if not the first 2 notes that anticipate this section.
G vacuum Bs in vacuum and again the entire sentence as we have just studied. Same time, but something changes in terms rhythmic views up here is equal, then it places the 2 C 3tasto on the 5th string and you do with the thumb
average index and ring fingers, are played respectively 5th 3rd 2nd and 1st string. Then again with so
this position 5a and the second and third here you change lightly, you put the two on the 3tasto
6th string and the rope 4 on 3tasto third and there is a small ligation in this way
then repeat the 4 slides from the 3tasto 4 from a B to a B-Natural
with the one on C 1tasto the 2nd string I then I slide the one on the second D 3tasto
rope and with the right hand rope fourth sound 3rd string 2nd string.
ie 2 open strings and 2nd string instead It is played where the left hand is the one
Then on 3tasto 2nd string open a B and an A 2tasto of
Then 3rd string 4th string open which is a D Third open string and 4 rope fourth button
is an F # then from here And now Basso 6a open string and G-load third
open string B 2tasto the 5th string
And on the fourth string 2tasto time G-load that the lego to A 2tasto the third rope and now 5th
3tasto rope together with the second open string And 2tasto rope 4a
G-load third open string Now they place the 2 on 2tasto rope 4a
and they play the third string and the second string open lego with dito1 C 1tasto rope 2a
and then with the dito3 and the dito4 I’m going to move 3tasto on the 6th string and the 3tasto
2nd string and then the fourth string open 3rd string to empty C: 1tasto second rope that lego
with the B vacuum in this way At the same time sound and 2tasto
3rd string with the 4th string open and close F # 4tasto rope 4a
I will sound throughout this section since we made the cue From here it takes the same section for a while We got here. Now I moved with 1 from C to D to allow time to dito4
going to sound so 7tasto the 7tasto 4 with your finger and then position it on the first 5tasto
the first string with the 4th string open Now lego 1 with the 3, that is, from 5 to 7tasto. Again 5tasto second 8tasto string of 7tasto 8 again but this time with low-E then
I will play the 6th string and second string. I go with dito2 7tasto on the 5th and I get back then
now in position to the first position. G-load third open string again the third string
Vacuum lego but the 2tasto of this string then the sound of the 5th string together 3tasto
the third string and the second string open And 2tasto the 4th string 3rd string open and the 2tasto
4th string together GB respectively third and 2nd string open
and with the right hand thumb I will play index average
lego C 1tasto the second rope and put the 3 and 4 respectively of the 3tasto
6a and the second 3tasto New sound-D 4th-load G string empty
Third open string C 1tasto the second rope and the tie with a B and then I put in the 2tasto
3rd string along with D Low You sound this new section Here we say we play a more difficult part of the song
we play the 3tasto and bind to 5 again 3tasto, 2 with 4 and go on 3tasto
sound along with the 6th string open Place the 1 on the rope 4a 2tasto
Place the 3 3tasto on the empty second eun G chord identical but this time instead of playing with rope
a hollow sound on the 5th string that 2tasto I take a third one open string D 3tasto
the 2nd string and again the third open string so these two phrases will play as well the last sentence, the most difficult, in this section, it is this
3tasto lego back to 5 3, 2 put the barre to 3tasto with dito3 I go on the first rope
to 5tasto, then with the dito4 I go to 7tasto then 8, I slide up to 10 and simultaneously
Sound G idle with the thumb right
then more 7tasto the first chord we go on 2nd string and play the 10, the 8 I make a small
barrè to 7tasto to cover two strings, I need to cover the 2nd and 3rd string and simultaneously
the sound with the D Low, then I will play first D Basso with 7tasto the second rope and
Then I’ll play the third string of 7tasto All that will be after it is identical to
what we have just studied, but there will be only this difference: instead of playing
3, the 5tasto so simply It will be played as well
then with a small ligature that is done by 3tasto to 5 and again 3 You are repeated throughout this section to 2 times and then it closes with 7tasto rope 4a
It slips with 1 to 4tasto rope 4a and it resumes section as in the beginning. Then
the sound and recognize identical to date because here changes slightly I explain G play the third open string and we raise A 2tasto
Rope third position the dito3 on C 5a 3tasto rope that we play with the right hand
with the index and middle, respectively on the G and B, 3rd string and 2nd string. then we play
And 2tasto the fourth string and then G chord 3a void that we tie with A 2tasto the 3rd string.
Then we play a B-load and again C 3tasto the 5th string.
We now 2 of the 4th string E 2tasto we will play together with G and B-load, that is,
2nd and 3rd string open string in this way and we tie the rope C 1tasto second. immediately
after we put this position 3tasto the 6th string and rope second 3tasto
We’ll play with your left hand, respectively with 3 and 4 and with the right hand we will go
to play index and middle thumb. Respectively 6th 3rd and 2nd string. Then we play a vacuum D
4th string open a G and B in the second and third string void and will tie C 1tasto the 2nd string,
then we play G-load along with a 3tasto then 3tasto of the 2nd string that is a D
6th string, again the third open string with C 1tasto the second rope and tie this
so sounding B-load 2nd string Vacuum then we put the dito2 on the 2tasto
3rd string we will play together with the rope 4a empty.
Again fourth open string C 1tasto the second we tie the rope B 2nd string open we
2 2tasto on the third rope and F # 4tasto rope 4a.
From here we take the section as the beginning here the same section just explained and here it takes up this section It is repeated 2 times and everything closes I finished the song in this way to avoid delays I concluded the piece with
E-9 I put this agreement on the dito1 2tasto the 5th string and dito3 on the 4tasto
4th string. all other strings to, I go down with the right hand thumb in this way
inch inch average index finger which then I pull up in this way. ‘I do ring
slip mo ‘sweep as with a plectrum in this way
So let’s say that the sections to be studied are basically 3
a is the initial one which is repeated several times in a rhythmic formula
different there is a second section, that of individual notes
then when we move further away on the keyboard and then those with ligatures some particular If we study these sections separately then
It will be easier to connect them by playing the song without too many problems
I have taken away even the choruses, actually sections are repeated several times.
I would say that you can mount the song a little bit so when you want, how you are most comfortable, the important
It is to respect and listen to these different sections because they definitely are part of the
song, then if you make a section or repeat more times with respect to another one will be
your own version but without distorting too the song
Let’s play the song together and that’s it.
We’ll see you at the next tutorial. Hello

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