River Gets Her Own Sonic Screwdriver | The Husbands Of River Song | Doctor Who

100 thoughts on “River Gets Her Own Sonic Screwdriver | The Husbands Of River Song | Doctor Who

  1. i think that to but if he was scanned for future then he wolud of used his owen

    i think

  2. David: oh~ oh~ oh~ I am VERY good!!!
    Donna: what? What did you do??
    David: SAVED HER!!!

  3. You know what I love about this the most? We KNOW that the screwdriver is to save River, but the way the doctor gives it to her is not done in the lazy way of “oh here I got you this. Hold on to it. Please.”
    But rather in a legit endearing way, like a REAL Christmas gift~ because he really loved her~ ^_^ and yes we all pointed out he scanned her mind waves, but again done so playfully and endearing. I can bet a kings ransom that lots of whovian couples did this too~

  4. Did anybody notice he was wearing a ring on his ring finger? Not sure if he's been wearing it the entire time or what….

  5. A sad episode indeed, when we first meet river she didn’t seem that important, but through the years of her popping up and getting to know her more it became heart breaking knowing this episode is the last we might see of her knowing she is of to the library and will sacrifice her self to save everyone.

  6. she should have been a season companion instead of clara for sure. these two are hot gold together. so good.

  7. River song my best. But now doctor turn into a powerful female. No more river song. So sad. But this episode. Get me everytime. She a great actress

  8. I cried a bit during this episode. When he gave her the sonic screwdriver I lost it

  9. I lose it every time he scans her… it's like complete closure this was a well-done episode

  10. Am I the only one who feels slightly dumb at the fact that I never put together how in Silence in the Library, when River says the Doctor came with a new haircut, she meant a new regeneration? I feel like that line couldn't have made sense if Matt Smith just had a different haircut for some reason, but until this episode, I never realized it meant a new regeneration.

  11. I'm not normally one for complimenting Doctor Who with Capaldi but this was a beautiful scene with River and the Doctor.

  12. Silence in the Library had a unique, beautiful fantasy soundtrack that is so different from anything else on Doctor Who. Feels like Harry Potter music.

  13. I like this age Doctor + River better than 11. With 11, there was a Mrs. Robinson going on, but here, it just feels like they can have a more mature emotional level of connection here.

  14. i loved this ending and i only just now realised that they set up rivers appearance in silence in the library.

  15. He knew that River Song will need a screw driver with a memory when she shows up at the Library later.

  16. ok fans who see this did you see it.. he scaned her with her sonic screwdriver .. so when he first meets her her data copy is on file in the screwdriver as a back up so that means she can come back fully hows that idea

  17. She gets a sonic screwdriver from her beloved husband and he gets kisses on the cheeks? Eleven got full mouth.

  18. I love how even after all this time, its still the variation of the ninth/ tenth doctors screwdriver.

  19. I love that they brought river song back, but hate that they went in this direction. There is a webisode where they deal with the doctor and river songs last night, why make that and then create a completely different ending to their story

  20. The thing is future me had all those years to think of a way to save her what he did was give her a screwdriver.

  21. I know a lot of people don't like Moffat, but he could be a brilliant writer sometimes.

    Keyword being sometimes.

  22. At least the modern Doctor Who has moved on a bit from wobbly studio sets and old chalk quarries….

  23. But doesn’t river talk about the last time she will ever kiss the doctor in a previous episode with 11

  24. Who almost cried when he saw the screwdriver that the Doctor gave to River? I know I did

  25. Was that, ‘silence at the library’ music when she opened the box with the screwdriver?

  26. I always love to hear old songs pop up. When I heard Silence in the Library I got really excited… Then really sad.

  27. These are the moments I want to watch Doctor Who for but I don’t know if I can sit through everything.

  28. I miss the old doctor who….you know, when it was good lol.

  29. So many visually stunning moments from this episode, all to be sent to the binmen in the latest series.

  30. You sneaky bugger! He scanned her brain cause he knows what will happen😭

  31. Darn it

    Those space-time traveling ninjas are cutting past-future onions again

  32. God damn they did have some good writing still. Very glad they tied that in.

  33. Would love 1 of those squirty things River used to get changed! Lol.

  34. So no one is gonna say that her sonic screwdriver looks exactly like the tenths but with a few changes

  35. i always assumed that the doctor left the screwdriver in the library, which he starts to do but i remembered that he went back in his "moment of brilliance" and used it to upload her to the library …does he then take the screwdriver with him, because if he does this is a bootstrap paradox. Who makes the screwdriver?

    i also like the idea that he scans her brain ready for an upload it never did sit right that the data recorder inside would have her whole brain pattern in it? i was under the impression it was just the last looped thaughts

  36. I wished the 10th was in the back ground looking it would of been such a great touch to all of it and the 12th noticed and they would be both smile but a sad one

  37. Did anyone else notice the music when he gives her the screwdriver is the same music in the forest of the dead ??

  38. The scenery is just divine. The look in her eyes speak louder than any words could ever.

  39. When the music started to play from the library I went mental, it’s was so magical!

  40. Men are all the same, terrestrial or not; it took 12 regenerations of Dr Who for him to mature enough for her..tsk tsk.

  41. "I don't think you've ever given me a present before." Didn't the Doctor give River her diary at the end of Let's Kill Hitler? I seem to remember he left it by her while she was sleeping, so perhaps she never realized who it was from.

  42. After the intensity and tragedy of "Heaven Sent" and "Hell Bent", it didn't hurt to have Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston have fun in this holiday show. Alex was leaving the show to come over here (we keep stealing Doctors and Companions to cross the pond. Sorry.) and she's given a fine sendoff. Never hurts to have your own Sonic, either.

  43. I really hope that we get to see more of her. I love the way the set up her character. She can poo back up at anytime because of time travel but also the with the library she can be revived. The doctor needs a match and it can't always be an enemy. She pops up enough to give spice and wonder but not so much to be boring. Plus it removed the need for every freaking thing with a vagina falling head over heels for the doctor. Give me my river song

  44. Can someone tell me why we never got a toy of this nice clean version of her Sonic?

  45. I usually just accept the writing the way it is, but this time… the only time… It would have made me cry if the Doctor had said "Look, there's even a red setting".

  46. Doesn't quite match the description River gave to the Tenth Doctor, but good enough. One inconsistency I've noticed is that she knew all about his incarnations, but failed to know that the Tenth Doctor didn't meet her. Could mean the Doctor lied to her, he does that a lot.

    This, btw, is why River Song will not be returning going forward. She's dead. That's what makes the Thirteenth Doctor so great; there aren't any loose ends waiting to be tied up anymore. Time War is done, River's done, we're out in completely uncharted territory.

  47. One of the best moments that breaks my heart and i have a love-hate relationship with it🥺🥺🥺

  48. A happy but depressing moment.
    We all know what the screwdriver resembled the moment we saw it

  49. I just noticed it plays the music from Silence in the Library when she opens the gift

  50. You missed the best bit not only did he take her to the nicest restaurant in the galaxy he commissioned and funded it after the ship crashed

  51. This episode had it's good and bad moments, but this moment. This was EXACTLY what I wanted and more when River first described this day.

  52. The thing that I love about River and The Doctor is just how much they get each other, especially River. I like the way the show it here with 12 and her, and her comment of “doctor you have no idea if I look amazing or not…. well, thanks for trying.” It’s simple and sweet and in no way mocking, she just knows that to The Doctor, looks are not what he sees. I always remember him and Clara and him not noticing her dressed up or wearing make up and while it proved funny, it showed that Clara didn’t know him on the same level that River does. She loves him regardless if anything, even him noticing her, which is brilliantly composed in the previous scenes before the crash. But he also loves her, in his own way maybe, but he does as shown by him trying to say that she looks amazing even if he doesn’t really know, or more importantly I think, doesn’t see any difference in her from when she’s dressed in pants and a jacket to a dress because to him she is always amazing. I just really love these two and will forever ship River and 12!

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