River Hoopoe Hour of Devastation

Hour of Devastation Preview – River Hoopoe I got my first preview card while on Safari. The signs pointed to the Hour of Devastation. So I went out in search for weird and amazing
creatures. I’m going to show you what I found, right
now. Welcome Young Mage I’m The Rhino. Young Mage is devoted to reaching and teaching
young mages of all ages. Subscribe now to show your support. And don’t forget to tap that bell down below
to get notifications of all the cool stuff coming soon. “I can see the Hour of Devastation is almost
here.” “Do you hear that?” “I think I see it…” “There it is.” “My old friend Sana says that it’s a cruel
thing to give such a sad song to such a colorful bird.” “The River Hoopoe is truly magnificent.” “These birds are normally arboreal creatures.” “I hope that Nicol Bolas doesn’t make
these beautiful creatures extinct.” “There it goes… amazing.” Wow, to be able to preview that bird was incredible. Let’s take a closer look. It’s a Simic Creature, one green and one
blue for a 1/3 flyer. Not too bad. Flying creatures are always nice. But look at its added ability. For three, one green and one blue you gain
2 life and draw a card. Wow, that’s pretty good. Everyone loves card advantage. And drawing cards gives you an advantage. I want to hear from you in the comments below. What format do you think is best for this
card? Are you going to want it in your decks? Let me tell you one format that it will be
great. Sealed. At the pre-release creatures win you the game. Flying creatures dominate the game. And being able to draw a card and gain 2 life
will be extremely helpful. I’m looking forward to this card, because
there is a good chance that it will show up. The rares are great, but the uncommons are
the real power of Sealed. I think my sister may even want to put it
in her flying creatures deck for Friday Night Magic. It is really fun. Oh, and did I mention about drawing a card
and gaining two life… Oh, I did… yeah. That’s really cool. Comment Below and tell me what you think. Are you going to the Hour of Devastation Pre-release? You might want to check out our videos on
building a Pre-release deck. Papa Mage is really good at sealed and you
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already. And there are a few things here and here that
may interest you. I have more videos coming out soon. And until then, Rhino out.

38 thoughts on “River Hoopoe Hour of Devastation

  1. sweet seems decent in limited especially long game also possible constructed playable

  2. hey man, good game of two headed giant at Charlotte, gonna check out some more of your videos

  3. I want to try this out in my Edric, Spymaster of Trest EDH deck. I've honed that deck to be very quick in the early game, but once in a while my opponents can set me back. This little dude can get me back in the game because it gives me something to do with excess mana, and drawing cards means I'm necer out of a game

  4. Great video and congrats on getting the preview card. I think it would be good in sealed too!

  5. What a neat card! Would love to open this card in foil. Congrats on the preview- it's a huge honor, and well deserved!

  6. Super glad you got a preview card! Your YT channel is awesome and I hope your preview gives you tons of subs 🙂

  7. Amazing preview. The bigger MTG channels need to take a lesson or two from you.

  8. Well done Rhino and Papa Mage. The video turned out great and congratulations again on receiving a preview card.

  9. The other day while I was playing pokemon go a seagull tried to fight me for my french fries but I couldn't shoot at it because there were cops around.
    Btw OMG it's Sphinx of Magosi junior! I LOVE IT!

  10. Dude! I wish I was cool enough to get my own preview card. Especially one that's very good.

  11. Your best video yet. You are going to blow these other MTG YouTubers out of the game.

  12. Wow, Simic is my favourite color combination. I like how I can drop this early and have a viable blocker with flying and late game get all of the sweet cards. It might even force a removal out of my opponents hand. And all that for two mana. Thanky for the preview.

  13. Great video, and congratulations.
    Also I learned that this is a real bird.

  14. Awesome Preview, it looks like a good card and could maybe even see some standard play especially in some budget brews, as in the early it is an awesome blocker blocking most other two drops (winding constrictor, longtusk cub and grim flayer (before they get big), and servant of the conduit and in the late game it can start netting you some card advantage

  15. firstly this is perhaps my favourite spoiler video for MTGHOU, only tied with Magic The Amatuering's Pride Guardian spoiler.
    I LOVE this card. It is absolutely the cutest card in the set, I reckon. I feel like it could be fine in limited, as well as maybe good in some commander decks?

  16. Great Video! This goes very well an the Ezuri, Claw of Progress commander deck. It triggers Ezuri's ability and can generate card advantage. The fact that it flies as well means you can stack a lot of +1/+1 counters on it and potentially get in for huge amounts of damage.

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