River Life COMMUNTYTANK Live !! Yep!
We’re gonna have to get started a little early here. So sorry
KGTropicals, John and Lisa over there battling against YouTube demons. Just
lagging, it was difficult to watch those guys struggle I know John and Lisa
worked so hard on their stream over there at KGTropicals. So thank you guys
for coming over if you were there. Science Gal I see you there. D Max,
Eric’s hunting for William pride myself in aquatics hello lisa NJ hello Matt
Manby thanks for coming over alien we’re all the products how’s it going buddy
good to see you here enjoyed hanging out for a minute in your
livestream the other night thanks for being so kind to me while I was there my
skiff what’s going on Tyler lot Peplink Creek aquatics
yeah bless their hearts let me go I think peplum Creek aquatics leading off
tonight number one in the chat followed by self in aquatics number two number
three William pride more you guys awesome awesome getting in here quick
Frankie fins what’s up cichlid King aquatics how are you doing hello hello
James Eaton I am definitely your favorite father-in-law you are my
favorite son-in-law at the moment you’re pretty solid right there James
Eaton you’re pretty solid don’t take a heck of a son-in-law knock
you out of that favorite spot J jr. what’s up Paul Martin hey brother I
don’t know give me somebody tell me how we doing how we doing on the stream
how’s the audio individual are we lagging moonstone kaykai’s in here
connections okay okay well I watched Cory before John and Lisa he didn’t have
a problem sounds good thanks river wife stream is
great okay Cavalier sixty yeah Kandy overall says we’re wall-to-wall
that’s good candy how you doing thank you thank you so much for all you do
candy as we’re getting started people are rolling in got forty one watching
now I appreciate the like Scotty G’s giving you the icon there Thank You
Rockford fish keeping s see fish keeping in the house hey brother glad you
dropped in I understand you can’t stay long but I do appreciate you dropping in
it’s good to see it’s been a while we needed to get in touch stay in touch
candy help me with the go fund me that are going on in our community I think we
still have one up for you and your family and one active for Pam I think a
new one started by Bob Taylor for alien world he’s in here and I found one for
the director of project piaba who Scott Dowd his family suffered a house fire
man so here we are you know the community is being community thoughts
prayers wonderful vibes donations to these GoFundMe that are set up all
appreciated candy is thinking at the fish barn okay I got that yeah Zack
thinks will do it I’m what did the fish part oh the fish barn said five dollars
for the tip jar thank you Mike how I appreciate that
Mike’s a a new celebrity with a thousand subscribers plus monetization getting
super chats you know working the platform way to go Mike and it should be
fantastic channel if you haven’t checked Mike out do that over there at the fish
mar 2 2016 so I hope we can get some good community
work done hyung Chow says will River son be playing for us again tonight okay let
me just be transparent about that no River son is not in the house River son
has left the house but I wish you were I know you guys do too and I really
appreciate the kindness that you showed to my son when he joined us on the
livestream two weeks in a row I knew you would I’m not surprised but I had a
genuine emotional feeling and I appreciate that it was because you guys
just came and showed love to my son who was showing you love who was sharing
you know some some thing that he can do with you he was so happy to do it he
spoke very fondly of you guys in our little livestream community of his
entire visit his wife was very impressed with the way you received him so I can’t
thank you enough river wife and I are certainly glad that we got to share him
with you he’s he’s a special kid and I have two daughters that are equally as
special and I mean how it’s hard to say this they might have a better singing
voice than he does they have beautiful angelic voices both my daughters and
they’ve they’ve sang together and then solos things together my midlist
daughter the Middle East and the youngest daughter she is still active
singing she sings quite a bit yeah and I’m not even gonna look for the comment
and because I’ll tell you I don’t anymore
I don’t sing anymore okay the down family candy our house has got a link up
for the down family GoFundMe that’s Scott Dowd and his family the director
of project piaba displaced by a house fire hyung Chao says we loved it
mic thanking me for the kind words you know the no no problem like you’ve said
the same thing about me I appreciate you Scottie G in the house Bob Kaler it’s in
the hey Darrell Deemer hard-working mod there how’s it going bro
good to see you it’s Bob in the house that I miss him coming in or someone
just mentioned him great people in here I love you guys I don’t know if I’ve
seen you before peplum Creek aquatics if not it’s nice to meet you yeah you sing
solo when you are the only one in the audience I got you James Eaton said just
left band practice with Cammie she’s incredible she’s incredible
River daughter she’s incredible okay I’ve started that by the way I’m gonna
talk about my video for this week I started editing on a new program today
and because James Eaton in the house is an a/v expert in professional and he was
helping me to learn Final Cut Pro man that thing is smooth it’s like driving a
car with an automatic transmission after you’ve been driving a straight shift had
no idea so of course James I’ve got some questions I did well I did manage to get
a little video edited but there’s one thing in particular I can’t find I’ll
shout out to you about that later Chad Krotz dropping a 499 super chat thank
you brother Chad good to see you around I’m usually in the rack before I can see
rack hope everyone has a good evening well thanks for dropping in just for a
minute appreciate you being here and all of your support final cuts fantastic
program says Cavalier 60 yeah and and so it’s all about delivering quality
content to you guys but you know there’s a limit to how much of your life as a
youtuber you know making pennies on the video that’s not a complaint I’d do it
because I love it but there’s only so much of your life
when you start impacting other people’s life with the amount of time they’re
spending editing videos the smoother software just reduces that time so you
can do a more quality piece of content in less time so I’m just finding the
cost and expense of final cut with the the the savings of time in my life
because do you do tube isn’t paying for it yet I am G snap made it over great
good to see you here okay DMACC says loving my new goldfish take I appreciate
that you guys are super awesome let’s see if we can get some lights
turned on in here I don’t know if we can no not that no no no no no great I’m trying to learn how to operate
this OBS software and it is smarter than I am
thanks for the posting that goldfish video candy I’m going to talk a little
bit more about that there’s some new names here FNS fish room I think from
across the border welcome from Canada Rack City up in this BZ hey cichlids 23 yeah make these new guys feel welcome
Frank White’s here Mike Sackett if you got if this your first time here we’re
glad to have you click all the clicks make yourself at home make a new friend
check out some of these channels there’s an gingers here good evening to you I
don’t know a greater bunch of people we hang out we have a good time we talk
about fish we learn about each other’s fish room and our lives and our families
lives it’s a pretty cool place to hang out I like to think of it as a safe
place we’ve got a lot of fish keeping experience in the house a lot of
experienced moderators it’s a safe place you’re welcome come feel comfortable
participate of course there’s no bullying nothing too outlandish we don’t
do content for children but it’s safe place at the same time ok so thank you
guys for being here FNS confirming Ontario Canada yeah as I thought the
cliche good day eh the great white north the Mackenzie brothers made that popular
down here on Saturday Night Live let’s get some Chum going you guys want to get
some Chum go and that’s what I throw out there on top of the community tank for
you guys to chew on all night whether we’re talking about it or whether or not
something comes to mind pop it in the chat and we’ll talk about it and I think
when I say this is a safe place this is where you can communicate that way not
have to worry about you know the internet bullying or being told you’re
wrong will you talk about it we like to put
things on the buffet of consideration and if it’s something we can benefit
from we take it maybe we share it but we don’t spit on it
because it might be just what the other guys looking for even if we don’t like
it so that’s the way we handle our business around here Honda Civics in the
house science gal Anthony’s fishy friendz ah haha James Eaton want to
collab heck yeah James what you guys think
about that talking about final cut YouTube editing tips and tricks on the
live community and if not maybe we could do a special livestream for that topic
that’s awesome thank you James you rock the chums gonna be tonight what is your
favorite fish here’s the caveat in your possession right now the favorite fish
in your possession King and Queen cichlids in the house hello my beautiful
family that’s right Scott I Love You Man you know that’s true
glad you’re here the fact Panda gara Zen ginger man I love looking at that fish
I’d like to know more about it I want to know where I can keep it is that one of
the guys that might eat a little hair algae oh yeah IMG snaps got a better
name commander that is so cool albino corydoras Jack Dempsey Farrow Ella
that’s cool who ten-inch pleco scotty g moonstone kk dropping a five-dollar
super chat saying my angel spawn great removing parents eggs went to wigglers
then poof they were gone fed baby Brian before free swim advice
welcome you guys that are got some angel experience help moonstone out there
could be any number of things from what I understand but I’m not an expert I’m
afraid to guide you fish room fever says I may have taken possession of some
piaba marble hatchets today well I may be wanting to see some pictures if
that’s true fishroom fever that’s pretty awesome misters ends in the house Disqus
jaguar cichlid says kitty Schindler uh-oh
Zen ginger says Pentagon’s like algae and they live with my goldfish grow outs
for now I guess for now means that might change in the future Honda Civic says
peacocks and OB cichlids pretty fish aggressive but pretty okay oh yeah forty
Guppies forty guppy fry Geo faggus redhead that’s a pretty fish who said
that Jeff Swank is it Schweiker swanky yeah
that’s a cool fish Bolivian Ram nice little cichlid almost done two new names
here glad to meet you guys thanks for being here super Dumbo ears up II oh man
oh man I’m thinking I’m gonna have to have some Dumbo here Guppies and some
koi Guppies now got some projects up my sleeve the editing I told you I was
doing today it’s probably a reveal its a reveal going on it might involve some
Guppies my skiff says a blue Aranda Oh Elvis wearing his blue suede shoes
that’s cool mice gift now where do you join us from my skiff panda Cory’s and
to the Cross says yeah I was out there in the fish room and the Panda Cory’s
are the cutest tonight okay cool cool I’ve got some cool e loaches out there
speaking of cool that I like pretty well there’s a one in particular that has
like alternating stripes and spots really cool big guy too big I got that
from Pete at lots of fish off aqua bed if you guys been around for a minute and
you know Pete over to Aqua bed he doesn’t do aqua bed anymore
but Shelby Rael ain’t old me that he had bought a fish store took over a fish
store so he didn’t have time to do the fantastic ads and fish groups he used to
do on aqua bid but I’ve got those things I have a video of the unboxing actually
from him and he’s one of the best packing live fish sellers I’ve ever met
or dealt with that includes Greg sage who was a number one 100% fantastic the
difference is Greg Sage ships only overnight and guarantees the fish I’ve
never known of a casualty when Greg ships it and Pete was shipping
at the other end of the spectrum at the economy rate and just had to use some
some really good science the technology was solid but it was a very sustainable
packing material I love to hope you’ll check out that video
Chuy’s in the house hello Chuy how’s it going Angela cross remembering her Red
Devils chanting there to add what’s going on buddy good to see you all the
Guppies that’s right yeah new projects Guppies cool fish I love fish please hit
the like button everyone its King and Queen cichlids scene are Scott and Liz
they get it so well because they do it they go through they know the has they
know the heartache that kg tropicals felt tonight knowing their stream was
lagging all the work it’s Showtime and all of a sudden something outside your
control goes wrong oh man did that exactly wrong there you go I love my my aquarium box coffee cup
quick word on my aquarium box not yet let’s move along we got some extra time
but I don’t it’ll be awfully sad on my time
management skill if we started with an extra 30 minutes and I ended up late and
didn’t get through the program because we haven’t been through a complete
program in three weeks there was travel there were holidays holiday gasp not a
complaint we had fun I did have a couple of comments from people whom I believe
in trust were well-meaning people that said hey man how about some fish talk on
your community tank livestream point taken
point taken it’s never going to be a hundred percent fish talk but I
understand it’s a fish Channel its aquarium Channel we need to we need to
do some aquarium talk yeah and no one actually complained there are a couple
of stray comments outliers that didn’t didn’t get the fish quota met I get it
okay no problem yeah right Chewie
by the way if you guys this is not a complaint either we had a great live
stream last week $10 super chat from King and Queen cichlids let’s show this
man support for all the positive vibes he brings to the Hobby
and fish community well thank you Scott and we couldn’t say the same thing right
back at you you did win a river life award for building community because you
build and share that same positive community vibe that’s why I love you
Scott not to mention your skills and Liz and the way you work together is
absolutely wonderful yes we all would thank king and queen cichlids for sure
yeah so we River Sun sang a song I put it in the title as a cover boom
copyright claim it was a different copyright claim that I never had
we’re sharing the revenue from that stream because we use someone else’s
content I’m not mad at that FNS fishroom says hey
Rach at River life you’re a great blessing to the Hobby right back at you
and finesse this I feel like a reflector you know I like to ride bicycles and
those reflectors are bright when lights hit them there’s no light hitting the
reflector you don’t know it’s they’re too dark but when light hits a reflector
boom see the reflector so you guys are the light I’m just the reflector thank
you for that compliment though I appreciate it so yeah I’m sharing
revenue on that video because I use someone else’s material River Sun saying
and I’m okay with them not mad at that I don’t want to be a plagiarist I don’t
want to use someone else’s work and get credit or especially money for it I get
it and if someone were to take one of my videos and market it under their name so
they got paid for the effort instead of us getting recognized I wouldn’t like
that either so I’m not I’m not mad at that and we talked about maybe that
would be a concern you know while we were building up to
the cover so that happened it’s cool we’re going on down the road from there
Tom Spratt jr. hello well I’m enjoying you being here thanks for getting here
I’m gonna keep up the good work as long as I have encouragement like this from
you guys all right I want to talk about that videos candies put one I probably
it was the last one candy the goldfish video you’re talking about that’s
probably the last video guessing let’s see who might be time for a feeding
frenzy and we can talk more about that video you guys had a lot to say about no more
alright that’s a reference to No More hardscaping no more building the 70
excuse me the 75 gallon because it’s built we finished it off in this video
and you guys said clean neat simple cool tank looks great gorgeous awesome simple
elegance can’t wait to see the fish open tank design excellent tank buy fish save
a tree beautiful great full complement of emojis you guys went on and on I
appreciate that so I said it’s an a-list design alright
boom thank you so much for all that encouragement the views I mean another
video the second week in a row with an above average video especially that
premiere time that first hour and I promote that as best I can hey storm
riders Melvin I want to mention you later in the show hope you hang around it’s very important for for a video to
launch strong as far as the algorithm goes so doing the premiere when you guys
come in and you comment and you like and you share very important so for two
weeks in a row now we’ve had videos that are launching at above-average views and
that’s so on the YouTube analytics if you’re a creator you understand what I’m
talking about and if you’re not I hope this doesn’t bore you to tears there’s a
graph that shows a range in a shaded area and then a line a brightly colored
line that shows in on the reach graph the number of views that you’re seeing
in X amount of times and so when that bright line goes over the shaded area
you know you’re above average and without fail whenever I have a video
that launches above average it continues to grow and get farther and farther
apart from the average so I don’t know I don’t know
how the algorithm works I just know that a strong start means a stronger
continuation so thank you very much to all you guys that can make it to the
Tuesday morning 9:00 a.m. premieres for liking commenting sharing all that
engagement it matters and the views for two weeks in a row now have been very
strong so thank you thank you very much kandi wants us to get eighty likes we
got 78 watching lots of tall order how many do we have okay we got 64 likes 81
watching we can get there Thank You kandi we can get there so that’s what
you had to say about that no more 75 gallon wrap up no more but you know if
you watched you know it’s gorgeous it doesn’t have any fish in it we’ve got to
get that tank stock so I’m not gonna ask right now but when we do a water change
I’ve got something to ask you guys 76 watching I can get some good feedback I
hope I know thank you guys in advance let’s get going on the surface level
okay the surface level of the water column tonight I want to know what’s the
best surface level fish for a five gallon five gallon best surface level
fish go and while you’re talking about that I want to get a pen I want to keep
some notes on this one this could be this could be important for future
projects okay Wow Bob’s help good to see you here
welcome nice to meet you if I haven’t met you before three shrimp in a sixty
five gallon yeah it’s like poof gone I’m glad you’re still getting to see him
every now and then clown kilee steve says a clown Kelly beautiful fish I’ve
never had one wanted one for a while I know they’re jumpers fix that problem
with the lid endless yeah yeah how about this redline
half beak uh mike Sackett I don’t know I only know the celebs half beak and that
thing’s a monster I wouldn’t I don’t know if five gallons would make him
happy better that’s good what about those
hatchetfish how much water do they need I’m not I don’t have a lot of experience
with those in a small tank I’ve never heard anyone recommend them in that
small width tank and he says peacock gudgeons are they at the surface tensile
fish those are cool keep it going I’m going to look back through the chat and
the replay and make sure I grabbed these small razz bores yeah and there’s some
pretty ones Aspen awkward Aquarius that’s being
Aquarius I don’t think we’ve met thanks for being here yeah betta and
endler says Lisa and Jay cool cool hi sandy Daughtery
long thin leopard Danny Oh stay up top and they’re cool too
I like the longer fin danios they swim slower yeah they’re cool well right at
the top of the surface while we’re at the surface level of the water column
let’s talk about our Facebook group 183 members strong before we went on the air
thank you guys so much custom I just was looking at the post through there we got
some cool stuff posted in there I think you’ll enjoy checking that out if you
guys haven’t been to the river life community tank a live Facebook group yet
go over and check it out if you like it request to join we’ll get you in there
pretty quick love to have you building community all right all right you guys
are chatting it up tonight I appreciate that keep it going white clouds hmm
that’s pretty sweet white clay I love white clouds tough
tough fish okay going on down to the mid swimmers
now best mid swimming fish for a five gallon Hey
caylor’s aquatics oh my gosh Bob Taylor has had a fish tank burst still cleaning
up fish are all safe killers aquatics our heart goes out to
you right now the ones of us that have had that happen we know that’s a mess
that you don’t want to have to deal with the ones who haven’t had that happen yet
understand oh my gosh that’s a mess I don’t want to have to deal with so we
feel for you thanks for checking in I wish there was something we could do
I’m glad to hear your fish are all safe honda civic 1p puffer may be in a
five-gallon will fit on my little side list over here p puffers at the top 1p
puffer and a five gallon oh my gosh Bob Taylor just said it was a 55 gallon if
you don’t think that’s oh my gosh take a five-gallon bucket and fill it up
and just pour it on your driveway look at look at all that one multiply that by
10 11 I’m sorry math is hard man Bob so sorry red-eyed tetra Freddie and you guys remember these two we’re
gonna work with these fish yeah I want to try to work these fish in the
upcoming projects you feel me okay keep those fish coming I’m gonna
read all about it in the in the replay pygmy sunfish Cody son that is a sweet
fish nice one nice one lamb chop razz bora very cool fish sandy Dottie CPD’s every day
peplum Creek aquatics every day celestial pearl danios love them aquariums maintained by Andy hey what’s
up bump CPD emerald IRAs bores that’s pretty one multi tank addiction says
sorry Rick I’m going to be in lurker mode we’ll get the last of my deliveries
done well see you get those deliveries done don’t worry about it but thanks for
saying hello Chris we love you we’re pulling for you gonna give you a big
shout out when we get down to the aquascaping section of the program it’s
10:20 for 6 minutes before our scheduled start time before kg tropicals had to
pull the plug early they were getting some crappy YouTube streaming on over
there 79 of you in here thank you so much for being here we’re moving down
the water column we’re down to the mid-level swimmers we’ve got some great
fish ideas for a 5 gallon and we need to mention the the making of the video no
more that video basically made itself that tank I know you can tell on the
video that it’s a beautiful tank but when you’re standing in front of it it’s
more like majestic it not only grabs your attention but it gives you a smooth
massage while you’re watching it it’s tranquil it does what an aquarium is
supposed to do and the key is that screen that’s behind it and what some
Zen zouk called it a Shoji panel and it is it just gets the job done
all of a sudden you’re transported this this place where everything’s calm and
relaxed and there are no problems in your world you’re distracted by this big
long leaf that maybe goldfish will eat maybe they won’t but for now it looks
beautiful we’ll find out and I’ll tell you about it so yeah there was I mean
some clever editing and following the beat of the music again there’s
something that I enjoy doing sometimes it’s a little pressure to cut out a
video but when it comes together it feels so good and then when it’s
received and has an above-average launch it seems just worth it rummy knows loved
those Darlene Howard thank you for that thank you for being here John Larson
good to see you my friend trio of Guppies that’s awesome I’ve done
that before and great way to start a colony right there in a five-gallon
Ember Tetris yeah well so when when River wife makes the post of the fish
and puts a heart by it good chance that will show up in the
fish room honey gourami yeah you know I here at Quarry at aquarium co-op talk
about those honey gourami for five gallons it’s he’s a big fan of that
honey gourami I had a sore throat earlier this week so I’m drinking hot
and cold fluids at the same time tonight plan on using my voice for an hour and a
half hope we last that long yeah okay so we got to get some fish in that tank
I got it that’s that’s what the video chat needs to be about we got to get
some fish in there so I can get you guys a video because that’s what aquariums
for I love the plants but I’m not an aquatic gardener only I set the tank up
so we could have some fish so we got to get some fish in the 75 gallon goldfish
build moving down the water column all the way down to the bottom dwellers best
bottom dweller for a five gallon okay now and really needs to chocolate
gourami I hear you fish tropic I got you yeah okay okay Lisa and Jay that’s the
only fish I have on my list I need your help
pygmy quarry for definite Shores and ginger guess we’re all thinking young
you gotta have pygmy quarry on the bottom of a five gallon what else what
else could there be a Coulee loach bingo albino cat hmm
hang on which one I don’t know albino pygmy Corey a few shrimp
Lisa NJ I’ve talked to people that go way more than a few shrimp in a
five-gallon you just gotta keep an eye on them when they begin to to populate
and just kind of set your cap number flip aquatics is worth checking out for
shrimp I love aquarium co-op but Corey was was
wrong by calling out Rob for having low quality shrimp yeah I didn’t I didn’t
hear about that I don’t get involved in that and I am a customer of robbed at
flip Aquatics and what I know about flip aquatics I’ve had one order from them of
livestock it was amazing now take that back one order a shrimp no problems one
order of Scarlett baddest no problem still got them out there in the little
10 gallon aquascape there’s a video you can check it out so I’m all for Rob
mm-hmm and I have checked with Rob he’s currently on the web sites currently out
of stock for a cherry shrimp so my guess is he
sold all his cherry shrimp but yeah it Rob was doing the 30 day quarantine
importing the shrimp then doing a 30 day quarantine nobody does that it’s nuts so
yeah I don’t know if you keep a shrimp in quarantine alive for 30 days it’s I
don’t I don’t know how that would be considered low quality aquariums
maintained by Andy with a $2.00 super chat and says great fish talk thank you
grams maintained by Andy says yeah we’re getting it done
we got some fish talk going on up in here yeah that’s what I’m talking about
thank you hey hung Chow says he just came back into stock on cherries today
that’s good I sent him a message yesterday indicating I would like a
number of those zebra pleco not in my five gallon d max that catfish costs too
much money for me to stick in a five yelling yeah even if a five-gallon was
the only tank that I had I wouldn’t I wouldn’t get a zebra pleco to put in
there I guess a baby a grow out tank for a minute would be okay but you got to
have other plans on hand I believe the thing about the five gallon is not so
much just the limited water capacity because you can hook it up to a
reservoir and yeah I’m gonna tell you that story right now but you could
actually you could have five gallons worth of space and a lot of water but so
in other words if it’s just a five gallon and you get something a little
out of balance boom it’s gonna get a lot out of balance in a hurry so excuse me
peplum Creek aquatics has scarlet badass yep I’ve done it and man those things
are cool little finicky on the the grub but they gotta eat some live and frozen
fish oh oh yeah aquariums maintained by Andy Odo’s and
what a great utility fish that’s fantastic
caylor’s aquatics back in the game 1999 super chat thanks fish family I feel
better just sharing with my people hashtag fish family it’s what it’s all
about Bob I believe you III would feel better knowing that there
were 75 people watching now hearing about a fish room dilemma that I had or
an aquarium dilemma and and they were pulling for me they were thinking
positive thoughts about me that has to make a difference ginger graves in the
house how are you doing ginger graves good to see you in here so much fun
hanging out with you chili razz bores in a 5y and aren’t they
cute the chili Raz Boris okay we’re gonna move on but if you guys think of
any more bottom dwellers for a five gallon put them in the chat I’m gonna
read that when I watch the replay and take notes my skiff is back got the
iPhone going did we just did we learn where my skiff was from where are you
coming from my skiff you may have answered that and I missed it my
apologies let’s see where where are we on the page
we’re gonna do a water change we’re gonna mix it up the 75 gallon is
complete and ready to stock I got to get London UK yes welcome from London thanks
for coming all the way across the pond my skiff and a part of the water change
listen we’re gonna do a little community service announcement project piaba
director Scott doubt you’ve heard me talk about project piaba the best thing
happening in the freshwater fish keeping community and hobby in my opinion right
now it’s the best thing 27 years of data you can read a paper exhibitions going
to Rio Negro the biggest tributary into the Amazon River to sustainably harvest
fish for our hobby from the Amazon to our living room in a sustainable fashion
the director this is non profit this is a nonprofit organization you look deep
enough you can see their financials they are not a mega corporation hiding money
these people are doing it because they love it
the director has a full-time job at the New England Aquarium in Boston another
nonprofit organization he’s been there since he was old enough to work I think
it was his first and only job and might be a little bit of an exaggeration but
not much he just loves fish keeping his family
suffered a house fire major setback he’s displaced from his house but it wonder
stand it was the house he grew up in and he and his wife bought it to raise their
family in I know they have at least a couple of sons not more children and
they spent the better part of a year renovating it and then it has during the
holiday season suffered a house fire so there’s a GoFundMe to help get the down
family back on their feet and I’m mentioning that to you for whatever it’s
worth the overalls has the link there again if
you want to check it out that’d be great I’ve you can go back and look at my
videos there’s Scott doubt appears on a couple of videos I’ve talked with him on
the phone we share emails regularly and I would not have known anything
about Project piaba had Scott not led a team to set up a booth at the aquatic
experience years ago back when it was still in Chicago and he very patiently
explained things to me that I needed to know because things that I thought I
knew and held in pretty high value he said but there’s more and that was we
need to focus more on captive bred fish than wild harvesting of fish and he was
able to give its a guess on that but also so when he gave me the also and it
was oh so it’s actually the wild harvesting sustainably of fish that
benefit the Hobby and if we only captive-bred
the Hobby would would degrade quickly as far as diversity of stock goes we’ve got
to preserve the wild habitat once the fish is extinct in the wild and it’s
only in collections it can’t rebound to the wild reintroduction very low success
rate so then one problem in a collection that wipes out a collection of extinct
in the wild fish too risky too risky good and we need to keep those cares
programs going absolutely there’s no competition it’s an and for sure on that
I learned project piaba is well aware of the fish on the cares list and sides–
list an endangered species list and all the other lists they’re not harvesting
or exporting those that are protecting those from being harvested as part of
the rainforest preservation so definitely a worthwhile program
program one that I’m passionate about the fish tube booth has helped out
project fiala for several years now and got a you know the director the chief
the head needs a little of our appreciation and consideration right now
all right think of him kindly would you would you do that
Candy’s got the link up for project piaba and also the cares fish
organization things that we as hobbyist could find of interest and benefit
there’s there’s mutual benefit for us and the organization’s when we decide to
support them and I’m certainly going to continue to give them airtime here at
the river life community tank live live stream okay so thank you for that moving
on there’s a show coming up in Florida I’ve never been to but river wife and I
are going in March it’s the Central Florida koi and goldfish show I am
looking forward to seeing all the beautiful koi and goldfish I’ve got
three goldfish right now I set up in the mock-up scale model of the Ming Dynasty
tank they’ll be moving over to the 75 I’m looking to get some medium goldfish
medium fancy goldfish maybe a couple more right now and still save a little
bit of room for a couple at the show so I can’t wait to get down there and see
some hey any confetti uh-oh she she’s aquatics hey thanks for dropping in good
night stay tuned I’m gonna do videos and
pictures and stuff so I’ll get you some stuff going on there from the Central
Florida goldfish and koi show alright so gonna get a couple of fish
down there I hope and I also learned of an opportunity river wife and I decided
to take advantage of it and that was to sponsor one of the best of show Awards
so the river life community I’m sorry the river life YouTube channel is the
sponsor of the best fancy goldfish award so that’ll be a trophy that’s given
and river life was proud to sponsor that award this year I can’t wait to see
which fish wins and hopefully they’ll let me get a selfie with it hopefully my
voice will turn around and last for another fifty minutes ten thirty nine
right now 78 of you still watching some of you having to go to bed I get you
work day tomorrow yeah oh my gosh my skiff might be there from London England
that would be cool definitely find river wife and I my skiff if you make it over
and I hope that you do yeah I love to give you a couple stickers chat with you
for a minute and probably be prepared for this question what’s your favorite
fish and it’s impossible to pick when you go to a show that’s you know it’s a
lot like the best of the best oh man I like so many I get excited at
those things like a kid at the zoo alien world aquatics says eating dinner and
watching don’t forget to hit the like thank you so much
alien World Aquatics you know so we got that going on river life as a sponsor I
did put a post up on the river life community tank live Facebook group with
a link to the show if you want to check out more on that Candis got the link in
our chat here hung Chow says what’s the record so far for live watchers I’d have
to go back and look at that it was one of the first nights I started following
John and Cory did a great – oh you know what it was after it was after aquatic
experience Cory had a tremendous turnout for his live stream as he always does
and then John oh gosh I want to say 1,600 people came over to John’s and we
we had a lot of viewers that night John sent them over to do our live stream and
it was a pretty good it was a pretty big number yeah I think it was more than 140
yeah so then ginger says two-twenty all right yeah well over a
hundred it was a big night it was I really appreciate you guys for for just
checking us out you know this might be your kind of thing if it is glad you
found us okay we’re moving along here got a couple of
things to talk about the my aquarium box you guys subscribed to that I’m a my
aquarium box subscriber have been for years I met those guys at aquatic
experience several years ago I had had less than 200 subscribers on Facebook
and both Greg Jones and mass aquariums gave me lots of encouragement and tips
shan-pak Peck Tech was hanging out the booth to Michael Aaron’s was a part of
my aquarium box at that time and they all were just very supportive of my
youtube effort and they didn’t care that I was a small channel which it meant so
much to me I decided I was going to help channels that were smaller than I was no
matter how large I got and now you see I’m falling in with larger channels that
have the same attitude because people are people channel numbers are numbers anyway my
aquarium box subscription does if you’ll do a video upload a video of the
unboxing what’s just good marketing for them it’s a great idea they have a
competition every month and for December I won the competition again I won the
mega box it’s a Fritz prize pack and I can’t wait to get the fritz price
package it’s very it’s an honor to win that thing to be an award winning
youtube channel hey Blake’s aquatics how’s it going Chattanooga ed was in
here earlier Chattanooga ed he’s a piece of my aquarium box megabox winner self
in aquatics is out of here good to see you good night thanks for thanks for
stopping by yeah so my aquarium box it’s the best
subscription service and business if not the only one they source
the great products across the industry and they give me the little ol fish
keeper an opportunity to speak directly to them and then they speak directly to
manufacturers hey here’s what they want here’s the price point they want here’s
the modification they want here’s the diversity and product line they want it
just it’s a better connection for us I recognize that as someone that has as a
career in the past supported small business and entrepreneurs I just I love
the concept I love that it was a part of our aquarium and fish keeping community
I’ve been on board with them and I learned that they in the last couple of
months have had a major change major change is mike from mass aquariums is no
longer partner with Mike Wayne Box Greg Jones is now the owner of my aquarium
box and they parted on excellent terms and Mike is still very supportive and in
his video in his own words he says you know I got a house full of kids I got a
schedule full of activities and a full time job and I just didn’t have time to
continue my aquarium box so hing Gregg reached an agreement and now it’s all
Greg Jones and I’m guessing Greg is overwhelmed with his work life and his
my aquarium life I don’t think his YouTube channel is uploaded a video in a
few months Andy had a new fish room built going so
I can’t wait for him to be able to have time to do another video I’m sure it’s
gonna be very exciting in the meantime I’m still supporting my
aquarium box they’re still supporting me and and I love the products that are in
there I’ve never gotten a bad product they do some of their own self branding
that the aquatic experience they sold a ton of hardscape material and botanicals
I mean they I don’t know how many booths they had huge and was laughing he was so glad that the
boxes that were much lighter loading them back up to leave and they were
unloading them at the show Mickey M says hi all dwarf anchor catfish that’s great
I’m gonna look it up thank you for that Mickey I’m alright so that’s going on
over there at my aquarium box and I’m involved with them so I was happy to
share that with you everything’s good we talked last week about Amazonas magazine
featuring one of my videos in their magazine article about project pyaar but
it was the unboxing of the rainforest conservation kit they were in contact
with project piaba and aqueon makes the kit and they used my video as their
go-to marketing aid when Amazonas reached out and said tell me about your
rainforest conservation acquainted yeah so aqueon makes it puts the kit
together high quality stuff high end except for the hood the hood is your
basic it’s a great hood it’s got lights in it it works but it’s your basic
aquarium kit hood kind of one piece with the snaptun LED lights
all right filters great hardscapes great comes with gravel comes with fish get a
coupon for fish comes with your water conditioners and net a heater so I mean
it’s complete it’s nice and so they said tell us about it and they said look at
River life’s video so that’s what they put in the article and they quoted me in
the article so it was a real honor quite surprised and just more community work
going on so I shared their link across my social media and then they responded
by making me a recognized fan of the which I need to learn about of their
Facebook group Amazonas magazine Facebook group
I need to lay aqua Ness we’re gonna talk about your channel in a second so I need
to learn how to make some of you guys and I don’t know what the what we have
to achieve as far as members go before I can start making you guys favorite fans
so let’s let’s share that out and get get that number on the Facebook group up
as high as possible so we’ve got some things to share
someone said Blackie is Blackie in here dr. black six six hello welcome aboard
good to see you mate he’s got some things going on I’ve got a
note here to talk about him in just a second – coming right up okay so we’ve
talked about project PR but my aquarium box of Central Florida coin golfers show
and Amazonas magazine we are cooking so many things happening here the river
life community tank live stream was a great place for us to hang out safe
space to have chat and social time together and also it supports the river
life YouTube channel thank you guys for being here
we’ve got 76 watching now I’m gonna take a peek at the likes 94 likes hey can we
get to 100 likes I don’t know can we do it can we get to 100 likes skippers
aquarium wants me to check out their videos please yep I probably will I
probably will in the meantime let’s hold off on the spamming and the chat yeah
you guys check each other out in the in the chat over here no need to ask to
watch videos or for subs please but do use this as a community space and check
each other out let that be understood so we don’t have to have clutter with that
thank you aqua ness you got my light – okay I’m glad we had extra times 1049 so
much going on we are rocking aqua Ness over 900 subscribers storm riders in the
chat earlier over 900 subscribers all you have to do is to take your cursor
and move your mouse over to the right side
of that channel name and you should get three little dots and if you get those
little dots over on the right side of the name you can hover over those and
then if you click on the three little dots gives you the opportunity to go to
page and then once you go to the page of course you have the opportunity to like
and subscribe view videos whatever it is you want to do once you get over there
and I encourage you to do that so Aqua Net
over 900 storm riders over 900 recently we had Bob Taylor of killers aquatics
one of our hard-working mods just crossed over the 1000 subscriber mark
Pam 54 punchy did the same Mike how the fish barn all those guys are in here
regularly and they just got to a thousand subscribers and it’s because we
take a second as community to say hey here’s some community members we love
and support them they’re sharing our safe space they’re trustworthy maybe do
a click just go over click into the channel so if there’s anything there you
like and if there is give them some support
you’ve got aquatic nasan here you can read her positive comments Melvyn of
storm riders there’s not a better community supporter than Melvin storm
riders aquatics everyone loves that guy give him some support someone last week
said every time I come to this live stream I end up finding more channels
that I subscribe to that’s just community being community so alright
candy yeah you guys do that let’s get I’m looking at your link and inna I see
54 punch you go fund me but the link address there you go okay
quick-draw there yeah candy you’re so fast
you’re welcome Mike thank you brother you’re welcome Bob so these got luck
they’re appreciative this is a chance for community to be community if you
haven’t subscribed a candy overhauls yet do it
she doesn’t have any content and look at the work she’s done scroll back through
this chat and look at the work Candy’s done okay let’s get her to a thousand
subs without her doing a video aqua Ness cranking out the content storm riders
doing content showing up supporting everybody let’s be community if you like
it it doesn’t cost anything to subscribe if you don’t like it that’s okay don’t
let me encourage you not to use the dislike if something bothers you and you
or you’ve got constructive criticism find a private avenue to use it so that
the creator might benefit and then thereafter it might be a benefit to you
if your advice is taken as bob leaving aquanetta singing about a bob jim w 102
likes we did it thank you guys so much hundred and two likes see you guys are
awesome and and what i love doing is harnessing this awesomeness and sharing
it let’s get together and share where can we share i’m giving you ideas all
night some are as easy as a click and some you have to read a paragraph and
others if you if you want to make a charitable contribution there’s
opportunities speaking of oh by the way the highlighted multi tank addiction
yeah and you know i was missing it Chris multi tank addiction over nine hundred
subs he did our original artwork he’s helping out project piaba yeah alien
world says harness the awesomeness would be a good t-shirt I’ve got a list I’m
gonna add that to it alien world thank you needle benders
we’re bending the needle toward the good Chris is over nine hundred subs these
people are so close to a thousand means something to a creator it does it means
something we got to get Chris to a thousand subs the sky does beautiful art
he supports project piaba he loves you he loves this community he does live art
on his life him he takes live calls so he’s a
creative force that’s how I described Chris huge tanks 300 gallons plus huge
fish breeding fish fry amazing have you seen this endless print I love this fish
this is part of his calendar that was February you don’t have the calendar I
don’t know if they’re available or not but I just loved the way he does the
fish art Multi tank addiction if you send me a self-addressed stamped
envelope to the post office box that’s and that’s in the description of the
video you get some River life stickers free stickers and Chris also gave me
some multi tank addiction stickers to throw in there too alright he’s over 900
subs we can do it final countdown oh yeah by the way James fish room fever
got this sweet sticker he wanted me to give you guys some of those too you want
to get in on the river life free sticker jam I got something for you
self-addressed stamped envelope and they’re yours but Chris multi thank
addiction priority got to get that guy to a thousand subs yeah there you go
thank you candy there right Jer there you go the post-office box off it’s an
aqua Ness or aquatic Ness yeah I’m not gonna listen to myself say that wrong
dozens of times it is aquatic Ness okay I wrote it down right I said it wrong
only I don’t usually admit that I just say that’s what I said yeah that’s what
I said all right I’m sorry about my voice but the passion
is real aquatic Ness multi-link addiction storm riders people I love
people I’m recommending for you to love give them a couple of clicks let’s get
them to a thousand subscribers check out there um this isn’t charity
they’re creators they’ve got things that they’ve created and they’ve put online
for you to watch for free creating is not easy
any one of you that have posted a video know exactly what I’m talking about
10,000 clicks to get a video uploading and we do it because we love it and we
can show appreciation for free I just hope we do harness the awesomeness I think lookout wants to get in here I
don’t know you guys want to see lookout okay dr. black six six has got to hit
the road we’ll hope for mobile data on the drive tune back in river wife has
just brought me another cold drink cause she’s awesome I love you honey hey
listen before you go dr. black six six let me talk about your channel I was
hanging out and dr. black six six live stream and his beautiful wife Sarah and
they’re from Australia alright they’re there they’re doing the
fish keeping thing over there down under they’re trying to get themselves down to
a fish show in Australia and so they’re on the live stream they were auctioning
off some art crazy wild abstract art I’m an artist
and I can tell you that they had some really cool art work Bob Keller caylor’s
aquatics he bought one or two of their pieces of art in the auction awesome he
said some of that art needed to come to Tennessee and so he bought a hey lookie
you want some art you want some doctor black six six art come here take my word
for tonight she’s a little camera-shy doctor black
six six trying to get on down Candy’s got the link up yeah
and so he’s doing some self funding to get his self and tear it down to the
major fish show there in Australia I can’t remember the name of the show
won’t that wrong and the method you need to watch excuse me the live stream
check out his live stream because he’ll tell you how you can help if you want to
this candy candy you’re so awesome candy has
already grabbed the link from another channel to bring over here and share
with you guys it’s the hippies ghost sick with some underscores to get dr.
black to the underwater Pet Expo in Australia oh look what I found
what can we do with this tankers huh looking you want a treat Oh what we do
for treats quick visit from the lookout okay and so formally known as splash I
did remember that I knew they changed it from splash the Zen ginger okay so thank
you for being such a good mate Blackie dr. black six six I appreciate you very
much it’s great hanging out with you I appreciate you being a big supporter in
the fish fam and giving us such diversity by being one of us on several
continents away and one of these days we’re gonna have a cigar together my
treat and I hope you have a great time with your event and you get lots of
content and you show us some pictures of what’s going on down there I’d love to
see some of those fish in Australia so yeah I hope you get a mobile feed if not
it’s good having you in here we’ll see you next time moving along so we got
some some GoFundMe x’ Bob Kaler has got a GoFundMe for candy overhauls families
that’s that still is that still available Bob we need to check it out
and see if it is okay now there’s a youtube link so you can check out the
art that dr. black six sixes was auctioning and they’re going to do it
again next week and their next live stream I said next
week yeah aquatic Ness she’s a sweet dog she is so sweet
aquatic net says hello lucky yeah thanks for joining us we loved you okay Bob
Kaler for candy overhauls family fish tank barb says thanks for the stream rec
I have to head to bed have a good night thank you Mike great to have you in here
it’s 1101 thank you guys for hanging out 71 watching so there’s an opportunity to
help the most helpful community member that I know candy overhauls Bob Kaler a
pillar of the community hosting that GoFundMe for candy Candy’s mentioning a
new one now that’s on my list also the alien world go fund me you’ve heard a
couple of comments from alien world I was in his livestream wonderful sweet
people welcomed me with open arms spoke very nicely to me throughout their
stream I thank you guys so much for that I’m happy to have you here tonight and
with the recommendation for another t-shirt and harness the awesomeness so
if we do that let’s do that by checking out Bob Taylor’s GoFundMe for candy
overhauls and Bob Taylor also caylor’s aquatics also hosting the alien aquatics
alien World Aquatics go fund me and check out these channels now check out
the channels if you’ve not subscribed you can do that for free and that’s
encouragement and makes people feel better makes them healthier right
clickety click click candy overhauls is has organized a
GoFundMe for Pam at 54 punchy you’re welcome alien World Aquatics thank you
bro I love you guys good luck I know everything’s gonna work out hopefully it
will sooner rather than later candy overhauls Ghana GoFundMe going for
payment for punchy another fantastic artist off-the-chart fine artist blow
your mind James welcome back excuse me Pam’s got some goldfish I’m
super interested in she’s got the pearl scales they look like they’ve swallowed
a golf ball cutest little water piggies I love watching those things so there
you go we got several community members hosting several go fund means for other
community members this is community at its best if you want to help helped you
can help help if you want to just have positive thoughts bobs and prayers by
all means certainly that has a value it really does and anybody else near that
1000 milestone I try to keep up to date on that but I’m just one person with one
set of eyes if you guys know of anybody over 900 subs and the fish fam and are
trying to crank out some some subscribers I’m glad to help remember on
our list we’ve got Chris at multi tank addiction working for us we got aquatic
Ness in the chat glad to have you here aquatic mass storm riders Melvin was
here earlier all over nine hundred subs and I know we can do this because we did
this 454 punchy our our Pam for Mike the the fish tank barn and for Bob Taylor
caylor’s aquatics we just decided we’re going to help these people reach this
goal and we did so so here we go and also the the alien world aquatics yeah I
don’t know how many subs those guys have but they are smaller Channel and
definitely go check their channel and hit that subscription button because the
sooner they get to a thousand subs the sooner they’re able to get their channel
monetized and allow the platform to start helping them earn an income an
additional income so there you go big Jays fish keeper is in the house what’s
going on Frank quite no no worries Frank quiet glad to do it
I’m a small channel we are small channels and a rising tide raises all
ships it isn’t candy awesome tethers Aquatics ouch
I don’t think let’s see who did oh I guess fishroom fever’s who he’s asking
it’s James still here yeah we got to get candies link posted
can somebody post candies link hello Brenda I don’t think I know Brenda do I
know Brenda hey Brenda Schroder welcome good to see you
oh hey James we’re just asking if you would post candies link for the GoFundMe
she doesn’t post her own links she posted everyone else over and over so we
were just looking for a mod to post candies link Bob’s got his hands full
he’s knee-deep in aquarium water because his 55 gallon burst tonight yeah so
that’s that’s what was up thanks for checking in James appreciate that it is
11:07 69 still watching we got over 100 likes because you guys are awesome
I got drinks all over the dashboard here control panels full of hydration
opportunity for me butts the throat you know I had a little bit of a sore throat
earlier this week and then just talking hey hung ciao it’s kind of just cracking
that’s not sore doesn’t hurt just kind of Gibbs out you know Bob Seger against
the wind there’s there’s the okay check this link out that fishroom fever has
just posted that’s the link for Kandi’s GoFundMe that Bob put that link up after
Kandi’s husband Stacy suffered a heart yeah so you know no one schedules one of
those that was perfectly inconvenient so we’re helping out as we can if you guys
would check out that link to Candy’s GoFundMe I would appreciate that
skipper’s aquarium’s yeah offering Bob some sympathy absolutely yeah moonstone kay-kay says that new
subs would be motivating that’s what I’m talking about so if we boiled down our
effort here at the River Life community to think live into one word the word
would be encouragement that’s what we do and with all the different types of
support all the way that we we love each other
it’s encouragement and the sub is immeasurable encouragement right three
dots on the right side of the chat by the person’s name select go to channel
you’ll have the opportunity to subscribe there’s homeowners insurance cover tank
failures anyone know mmm gosh that’s a good question it could get into flood
insurance if you have flood insurance or not sometimes there’s a deductible so
with the 55 gallon tank I don’t know if that would meet the deductible if it
damaged the cabinet and the floor and any other furniture you may meet your
deductible that way there could be it’s interesting if Bob wants to share about
that as he goes through this process of cleaning up after a 55-gallon tank bust
maybe he can share alright James Eaton is in the house James helping the fish
family I know James has had an aquarium before because I set it up for my
grandson and then they moved and then I set up another one for my grandson and
my granddaughter that time so they’ve had fish I don’t think they have any
fish right now but James are still here supporting the fish pham helping me to
get better on the back end here with the technology I’m all thumbs but he’s very
patient god help him right through that so we appreciate him
being here Reles tanks cheers to you that’s the sparkling water razz
cranberry that’ll make everything alright uh-oh
James Eaton says kids are about ready to go again yeah they call me Jeep ha not
River Paul just Jeep ha so maybe G Paul get another aquarium
over there for the grandkids that would be fun
storm riders aquatics are you back in here Melvin we’ve been talking about
your brother yeah there’s storm riders aquatics ok
alright how many how many subs do you have no Melvin Mike Sacketts got to go
check it out have a good evening sir thanks for stopping in I got to get some
goldfish I need you guys to help me find some goldfish let’s source some goldfish
for my new tank I’m shopping all over once I guess online sellers that I’m
aware of include coast gems king Cohen goldfish get gills aqua bed eBay my
local fish stores east coast ranch ooh and dandy Aranda anybody know of any
others I think those are like the the bigs easy to find
next they coy had a few but mostly I think they were comments and cheb
bumpkins I don’t think they had any fancy goldfish I’m looking for fancy
goldfish and actually I asked this question on a couple of live streams
this week and there’s not a lot of there’s not really a go-to place you
know what I’m saying Jimmy Swiss Key had done a video had
some beautiful goldfish and then the follow-up video he said well they maybe
didn’t arrive in such good shape and he lost a few precious tranquility ok
all right I guess there’s a website there is that right does in ginger New
York Gold does have a couple of fish right now Donnie and I think he’d sell
me one give him a ring King koi is the one who’s trying to remember okay thanks
Kaler squatting there was another one that you mentioned that didn’t like
online sales I think that was East Coast ranch you and they just do like a
day-long livestream of goldfish swimming in a big tank and then when you go to
their website they have the individual fishes priced so you can buy the
individual fish that’s a pretty cool way of doing goldfish sales solid gold Jenny
used to swear by de indias Randers yeah and I heard Andy Aranda is back also
doing auctions yeah here’s what I have available here’s the fish then one you
see is the one you get and will dis auction it off and and that’s it so it’s
not like there’s a huge inventory page there are several auctions they’re dandy
around if I recall correctly yeah Jenny as solid-gold is selling off her home
and her and her tanks and so forth or maybe not her tanks maybe just some of
her other equipment and accessories we miss Jenny Jenny did a couple of videos
from that Central Florida koi show it looks like a great show I can’t wait to
get down there and get some content I hope you guys will tune in if I’m able
to livestream from down there okay it is 11:14 we got 76 watching now we got
multi tank addiction coming up next you guys I want you to subscribe this
channel check it out and that was an ask I’m sorry
I love Chris I love what he’s doing I believe in what he’s doing
yeah I’m just offering you an opportunity to subscribe to multi think
addiction and hey you can get a free sample immediately following this
livestream he’s gonna go live you can see what we’re talking about let’s go
over there with a hashtag tonight let’s go over to multi think addictions when
we raid Chris at 11:30 let’s go with hashtag goldfish I’ve done the 75 gallon
series now I’m on a goldfish mission I want some fish in my tank storm riders
jenny has a youtube channel called solid gold and it’s about goldfish jenny is
the one that has half long black hair and half long white hair and sweet girl
love her content hashtag goldfish Jessica Taylor is in the house I know
it’s so easy to hang out with us Jessica thank you for being here we appreciate
you hanging out with us pink candy said I got it right Anthony’s fishy friends
says I like the bluish looking goldfish those are so popular right now oh you
know I have another goldfish source on my list
Joshua of water pigs I’ve been checking out his content excuse me if that popped
his content his videos and I think he has some goldfish for sale every now and
then I look forward to him being at the Central Florida show I don’t know if
he’s gonna be there I do know that he’s a certified goldfish show judge so I
hope that he ends up being there and I got a chance to talk with him all right
11:16 we’re moving on to the school I haven’t got to take you guys to the
school lately what’s the group doing what’s the group learning where the fish
schooling tonight’s question for the school is this is a trivia question yeah
right Chevy fish it’s gonna be hashtag goldfish Blackmore’s I’ve got one
I named her silhouette and I called her silly for short and she is amazing she’s
awesome the school question is there’s a trivia question where was the first
public aquarium opened where was the first public aquarium opened Odie max
you got your Google working right D max is absolutely correct over there in my
skiff country London England 1853 at the London Zoo
and it was called the fish house and the first one in the United States did not
open until 1856 three years later got some good guesses Chicago Texas San
Diego Boston all good guesses my skiff says yeah we got it goin on right over
here in London it was actually New York City New York City the Barnum’s American
Museum Barnum’s American Museum in New York City 1856 when you think about that
think about transporting fish to a public aquarium in 1856 that was steam
boat am i right yeah just noticed I got a message from
Blackie we’re happy to help each other out you know I owe him a cigar now I
found this of interest while I was doing my research my homework for the school
moon stone KK the fish house that’s right gone mad what’s up fish fam close
Bob it was New York City 1853 in London 1856 in New York and then in 1904 the
first aquarium opened in Hawaii the Honolulu aquarium I think now it’s
called the Waikiki Aquarium yeah I was hoping Jessie would be here tonight yep
so he could tell us about that I’m sure he’s been there anyway I find that
fascinating I love going to aquariums when River wife and I go on vacation
we’ve been to several Ripley’s Aquarium so Tennessee State Aquarium is out of
this world Chattanooga edy can back me up on that
Bob Taylor James fish room fever you guys know what I’m talking about
unbelievable the investment we put in an aquarium and it’s just fantastic
education you can’t walk through the place without learning something right
amazing they have penguins I love penguins and let’s see what other
aquarium Fort Fisher down in North Carolina all the North Carolina
aquariums I love that they have a real indigenous feel wherever they’re located
on the coast they’ve got aquariums built that just
mimic the biotope just outside out in the ocean
James Eaton says Georgia yep should one of my most popular videos the Georgia
Aquarium hmm here’s here’s a tidbit for you guys all right this is a tidbit went
to the Georgia Aquarium awesome loved the discus they’re probably my favorite
exhibit was the discus I was telling folks about this on kg tropicals
livestream when I was a guest there met Hahn
of Hawn’s discus that weekend and Han said hey funny you mentioned the Georgia
Aquarium discus display we provided the discus so I got to see again the the
world-class discus that Hans had up there at discus Hawn’s man oh man
Oh want some of those in my life in anyhow Georgia Aquarium they have a
whale shark they have a whale shark in the aquarium massive and so a question
that’s often asked how did you get the whale shark here they contracted I want
to say oh man the failing memory is embarrassing sometimes I want to say
they got the well shark out of Madagascar it came all the way from
Madagascar but it could have been Mexico I think it was Madagascar and once it
got to the United States coast probably New York it was shipped by UPS I’m sure
about this part UPS shipped the whale shark by land to the Georgia Aquarium in
Atlanta downtown Atlanta pretty cool okay so I’m digging this place I’m
petting the stingrays I’m mesmerized by the discus I’m looking at the albino
alligator I can’t believe I’m in shock and awe over a quail shark I learned
they had this bronze statue of a little man and his wife sitting on a bench I
read the plaque the founder okay here’s the tidbit the founder of the Home Depot
donated 14 million dollars to make sure that that aquarium project became a
reality so as aquarist sometimes we’re faced
with the decision you know we’re gonna go to the blue team or the orange team
for this next project supply and sometimes it’s a matter of practicality
and convenience I get that but sometimes they’re next door to each other so
as a knockwurst I just want you to know that what I learned
touring aquariums was that the orange team donated over 14 million dollars so
that aquarium could open in Atlanta Georgia and have fantastic world-class
exhibits including a well shark okay I thought that was worth mentioning
sometimes we we vote with our dollar nothing bad to say about the blue team I
shop there awesome just as a fish keeper I have a little leaning toward the
orange team that’s off James says at one time that was the world’s largest could
be it’s enormous I’ll tell you that cool thing we were in
the parking garage and they had robot policemen they had robot security going
up and down saying hello to people advising where to park giving warnings
reminding people not to smoke it’s pretty cool like something out of Star
Wars yeah right river Wi-Fi no I think it’s going to end up being arraigned as
I think they’ll tale around us and we’re just gonna have to manage the diet and
man I hope I don’t have to trim that win hong jiao says river life I know that
aquarium is large but I just hope they have a good plan on releasing those
whale sharks once they begin to grow larger I think they’re pretty much maxed
out they’ve been there for a number of years orange team always says caylor’s
aquatics but I’m with you hyung Chao if that’s not the case I hope to have a
plan and and by that I mean I have faith I didn’t ask but I have faith they have
a plan they have a complete staff a professional awkward they’re aza
certified in affiliated so the American Zoo
Association only runs conservative oriented operations period you can take
that to the bank the zen ginger said no politics
but I don’t shop at the Depot okay no worries Zen ginger I just throw that out
there for fish keepers to understand in case they didn’t understand it
previously and I don’t even know hello to you post see we okay I know I
butchered that and I apologize please help me out phonetically I’ll try to do
better the next time river wife talking about her best trip
ever she swam in the wild with the whale sharks and open water in Mexico
spiritual experience she’s told me about it many times so envious
no seriously yeah everything about that was serious okay it is 1126 we’re
winding down we just got out of school onto the spawn what’s next on the river
life YouTube channel you know it’s stalking the goldfish tank I’m not gonna
stop until it’s stopped it’s gonna be a great video and I’m going to enjoy
making it I am going to spend some time watching that tank I’m gonna watch that
tank in every shade of light that little remote control will change that bubble
bar it’s gonna be a fantastic time I’m gonna share it with you I’m gonna share
as much as I can with you I want you to share it with me I want you to be in the
fish studio with me loving those goldfish maybe we’ll do a contest maybe
we’ll do a naming contest I don’t know you guys kick it around think about hey
trailblazer what’s up think about goldfish names and we’re getting ready
to go raid multi tank addiction I haven’t seen a link that I missed a link
for Chris’s stream yeah with hashtag goldfish multi tank
addiction aquatic Ness thank you again for all the great info river life glad
to do it so glad you’re here to share it with us
all right yeah we’re gonna do the goldfish stocking next wait a minute
as soon as possible I can’t do that until we get some stock and I’m shopping
you know I’m shopping yeah I won’t stop until I get something and if you guys
got any other ideas bottom-feeding are bottom-dwelling fish in a five gallon
goldfish resources hit me up in the facebook group
leave me a message I’ll be glad to hear from you Reles tanks well sharks get 33
feet long geez Barbara cross is loving my new fish
thanks river mom got some new fish this weekend and river wife and I gave them
to her and they look great in her 29 gallon aquarium I love to talk about my
mom she’s such a sweet lady and she got a Facebook account so she could watch
her son on the youtubes so I love you mom thanks for being here and thank you
guys for always being so nice to River mom and killers Aquatics wants to know
what they are they’re golden mollies lyretail golden mollies at least a betta it’s a beautiful Beddoes like black with
blue rays and maybe river wife can help me out there weary home Oh Oprah Stiller
Tetris for still a Tetris and white cloud minnows and they already had some
black wag platies and a couple of coolly loaches in there 29 gallon and also some
plants I dropped some anubius in there some java moss some Malaysian driftwood
some cholo wood they’ve got a decent upgrade it was pretty sweet
thanks for the Facebook group link their candy J jr. it was not marketed to me as
a Black Orchid better it was stunning absolutely stunning it was a better bred
by alluring betters okay you guys know alluring Bettis well if you find one
mice gift send me a picture because I’m looking for a panda Aranda – absolutely
gorgeous it’s 11:30 guys we got to get the likes turned out thanks for jumping
in the community tank tonight I hope you stay in the tank and get your fish on
and until we get a chance to chat again why don’t you get out there and see it
love it and live it I’ll see you on the next one good night

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