RIVER MADNESS [Bande Annonce]

I didn’t catch anything I think it could come from two possibilities It’s not a big fish but the
length is the size mat And the caudal fin,
I have big hands There’s fish over there Let’s stop messing around
and start fishing I wasted too much time Let’s go The fish have tremendous fight If I caught a fifteen kilo
or something more I can’t imagine the
mess it would make He came here and he got his
rods destroyed and his reels The shape here is
a little different They’re rounder here These are interesting shapes And it’s on the bottom? It’s fifty centimeters
from the bottom It’s carp If we were in France these
would be first class waters These are waters where salmon
and sea trout live So heavily oxygenated fish and huge caudal fins that tear
your rod But who will tell you what
the Columbia River is Tell us It’s magnificent

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  1. Palala pressé de voir sa juste la bande annonce j étais a fond comme si j allais regarder badboys

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