what is going on Sharer’s welcome to the
vlog welcome to another awesome day yes I’ve been sitting up here spying because
there’s something in the pond but every time as I walked up closer to get closer
to the pond the thing just disappeared and now I know there’s definitely
something in the pond and we just gotta somehow sneak up on her quietly so we
can figure out what it is if you didn’t see yesterday in cars like he was
swimming in the pond and found some buried treasure but there wasn’t only
just buried treasure in the pond there was something else oh whoa whoa whoa
hang on something major is in the water look at that look at those swirl marks
and shares it is freezing cold today but I really want to figure out what isn’t a
pond so let’s go find Carter and let’s get down to the pond let’s see what is
in this water let’s go oh hey Carter what’s going on oh I got a better idea
hang on one second desperation as we just got back from the store we got a
bunch of awesome stuff and best of all you’re gonna love what we got in this
bag check this out Carter and Liz have a raven plan but check it out I got my
very own Xbox that’s right sure is I’m so excited I’m gonna start gaming and
the first game I’m gonna play you already know it is for tonight let’s get
this thing plugged in and turned on oh yeah I’m downloading for tonight right
now sure you haven’t heard of for tonight it’s an awesome online game and
it’s free and for tonight is so awesome because you can play it on Mac PC Xbox
and ps4 so sure you want to start playing the game click the link in
description below whoo it’s ready to go and let’s start playing here we go this
is my first time Carter you might have to walk me through this okay so it looks
like the game starts off where you’re on this awesome blue school bus and oh
you’re dropping out this is awesome this is so cool whoo skydiving oh yeah one of
the coolest parts about fort night battle royale is that it’s a PvP 100 so
that means you can play with a hundred different people at the same time on the
same map yeah it’s totally epic okay Carter I’m on the ground now what do I
do okay Steve so the first things first run
and try to grab a gun and don’t get shot okay Carter I’m doing this shares I am
doing this to my first time playing fort night this is awesome oh yeah it’s also
really cool you can build custom structures that you can build up tear
down you can modify them and we can even play squads where I can play
with three other players so make sure to add my gamertag right here click the
link in description below to download the game it’s free and let’s play for
tonight battle royale together oh yeah let’s go Oh corner I’m actually doing
good check this out oh no not good yeah you just got eliminated alright sure is
I’m still new at this but I’m learning add my gamertag globus let’s play this
game together yes sure is you can also add my gamertag my gamertag s Carter
sure to get that both me and Steven you can play with both of us online together
we’re awesome gang share the love fortnight squad that’d be awesome now
quarter let’s get outside let’s go figure out what is in the pond well I
don’t really want to find out it’s scary every time we go he’s like like a hunts
to try to find out something bad happens I was sitting up on the patio and I was
looking down I could see something really yeah Cher’s there’s something any
Carter let’s go it’s actually really cold out too so you might want to put
some coat on because it’s freezing outside Oh Lizzie come down the pond
with this yesterday in Cara’s log remember when you saw that monster thing
yeah actually did watch Carter’s vlog and there was definitely something in
the water so you’re gonna come down and help us find it all right Courtney are
gonna go down I will let you know if you find anything oh and it’s starting to
rain outside it’s cold isn’t it it’s freezing out here
whoa so if there is a monster in this pond or whatever’s in this pond I keep
it I went in the pod yesterday yesterday it was nice but it’s freezing but if card didn’t go in the pond
yesterday we wouldn’t have noticed that there was anything in the pond yeah we
also would have gotten that GoPro and I still got to see what kind of footage is
on the GoPro yeah sure we sought to review the GoPro
footage it was in the pond for what three oh my gosh see what is that at all
I told you what what is that what close too close to the wall coach Carter we
had to be quiet so the problem that we have shares is every time we sneak up on
the pond whatever is in the water as we start walking I think the vibration it
can feel something maybe it sees us coming and it just does because last
summer we would find like large turtles or snakes we try to come down and sneak
up on it and then as we’re coming down the hill like darts away you can like
barely even catch it on camera it’s really hard well there’s something there
oh I see the shadow look at that it’s coming towards you where is it Cher’s
coming if you saw that thing it’s like whitish maybe clearer cardi it’s
probably somewhere around here right now I don’t know I’m standing back I’m
getting back now shares we do have fish in the pond we’ve seen Turtles come in
the pond we’ve even seen a snake and we actually don’t know where that snake
will win yeah the last time I saw the snake it dope under and into the water
we can find it and we found out where you can breathe into the water up to
like 45 minutes at a time I think three hours on three hours it can stay
underwater for three hours before need to come up for a breath it’s some kind
of water snake so we haven’t been able to find it it’s probably still in the
pond from last summer so maybe this monster is the snake it just got bigger
or maybe something else yeah I don’t know I I don’t know and shares one thing
I noticed check this out though I don’t ever remember this we’ve
always had snakes but this has definitely gotten bigger it’s looks like
a nest Eve definitely like some type of nest
what kind of nest is that I don’t know but I’m thinking maybe something lives
in there and then crawls into the pond to swim or well then if that’s true look
for foot tracks that go that lead to the pond I don’t see any right now maybe the
thing is still hibernating inside but you know look you know look in the mud
oh there’s a footprint right there in there oh definitely a footprint there’s
another one there I think yeah one there one there okay so we’re getting closer
we’re definitely getting close to something
no we got to find the tunnel to the hole to the desert is the front door I don’t
know it’s probably some sort of tunnel I’m afraid to get too close and start
poking around I don’t know what can come out of there well that looks like a
footprint right here too right there the mud looks like something stepped
right there we’ll see that’s deep careful it could go underneath just
might sink in yeah you’re already kind of sinking in who’s that front entrance over that way
oh there might be some sort of hole down there or maybe up there man in there
there looks like there might be three this is definitely the front door to
that place look at that thing something definitely lives in there and probably
Peaks it’s head out and walks out this way and that explains you look footprint
area there and then footprint thing here aha here’s the footprint look it’s
definitely got some type of claw look at this it’s like well let’s see I think
there’s one right in there yeah whatever it is look at this and there’s another
one there like triangle shapes triangle shapes they may be like some type of
bird or clawed animal I’m thinking like the feet looks something like a
crocodile but they have like claws whoa crocodile on the pot I don’t think so I
don’t know I maybe like some sort of lizards kind of thing like a snake with
legs I don’t know like a big salamander let’s see if there’s anything near the
edge that’s another one right there it’s definitely what’s the same shape oh
yeah same shape it’s got that triangle shape there at least gets really close
to the water it’s right there ooh what do that that’s it yeah it’s like a slug
slug whoa what is this what their footprint right here oh is that me oh
this is a shoe false alarm fossil is my footprint but wait what is that oh
definitely something I don’t know I think it looks like whatever the animal
is step it was because it’s wet it’s a lot wetter near the edge so it
definitely sunk in there so Carter whatever animal came out of there I’m
pretty sure went all the way here last footprint was there and then it dove
into the water so you think it’s in the water right now
I think it’s in the water if he goes in the water yesterday when I was scuba
diving what something was definitely the water yesterday yeah I saw something in
the water I can’t tell what it is because the water is not very clear it’s
kind of murky the waters they completed to sperm stay
but that’s just the lid okay another false alarm but we’re getting close to
something I’m gonna keep going this way there’s actually a drain over here for
the pond it’s where like a lot of creepy things
hang out a lot of the time Carter come over here check out the drain what I
can’t tell what that is that might be another like that’s either like a pole
one in there another footprint maybe it will dug it out but no but there’s
definitely signs of like animal life down here yeah check this out so here’s
the drain shares this is the drain for the pond which regulates how full the
pond can be and there’s always weird things hanging out around it look how
moldy that is it’s like so nasty oh my gosh there was something that was
bigger than any fish I think yeah so definitely knew we were over here so
that’s probably why swim over there there’s nothing was huge and here comes
otter water definitely heard it otter did you see that thing – lets go check
it out okay so we now know whatever the thing
is it’s over here I want to see if you think that’s the same thing that’s in my
video when I’m underwater you can see something swim by I wonder if that’s the
same thing wait so if this thing lives out and in the water then that means
it’s like and fibia saw something yeah it’s probably the same thing that lives
in that thing that’s no biggie that’s kind of scary okay look it’s around if
it comes with land you can come out of the wall I don’t know what that thing is I think it’s swim right now it’s over
there I see it whatever it is it looks like a shark I honestly think it’s a
shark I don’t know but if it looks like a short but it comes on land it has to
have legs so I’m thinking it’s like a large salamander like I think it’s like
this big whatever it is I think it’s about that oh my gosh you know what it
is Carter. Sharer’s I know it’s a snakehead I bet it is I think it’s a snake
heads make kids are like this invasive species they’re a fish but then they
grow legs and they can walk on land oh I think I’ve heard of these they live they
live in this area I think they have been reported to be all over the US
especially in this area and they’re basically like large fish that eat
anything and they can live on land for like three weeks at a time so they can
use they have leg legs they walk on the land it’s a crazy where they can eat
anything they just eat everything yeah anything
okay core do you think this was in here doubt it stop was that you know how could it be
me oh my gosh what was that corner I don’t want to get closer what was that
what was that I don’t even know who there’s bubbles shares there is
something in the water and it’s getting closer bubbles again bubbles again okay
we got to figure out what this thing is I got the GoPro let’s stick this thing
in the water and let’s figure out what is in here okay here we go let’s see
Steve oh let’s see I wonder if you can see anything time to
find out let’s leave it in and see if it catches anything you see a quarter I
think so oh I see it yeah it’s at the wall now hopefully this camera picks it
up though I lost track of it okay I’m gonna take this boat out onto the water
I think that’s kind of scary see because this boat isn’t too fast so again I
don’t know okay yeah okay I guess you’re off wait you don’t even have the GoPro
let me get you the GoPro so you can stick it in the water okay I went
through the GoPro – you ready go where to go oh there it is okay I’m officially
hunting for whatever’s in this pod yeah I don’t know what this thing is but I’m
thinking it’s like maybe some kind of like river monster fish thing because we
haven’t really seen what it looks like just yet just a few clips I think I
caught it on camera when I was in the water I think it swam by me really close and we definitely saw it splash a few
times today in the pond so I think it is in here I think Steven is right I think
that it’s not like in the nest today it’s actually in the water we just kind
of keep an eye on so if you see it shows make sure you comment because I’m not
catching all the footage because the cameras looking behind me okay you’re going this way now see he
was being quite brave right now he’s not in the water but he is like on the water
so I’ll just hoping that fish doesn’t pop up around his boat or something like
reach up and like pull him in the water that would be really scary there he goes
no see if I haven’t seen anything I think it’s it’s kind of gotten really
calm and quiet kind of like Yuri I feel like since you’ve gotten on the boat
everything has just calmed down a bit I’m shares whatever this thing is it’s
smart it is a smart creature whatever this thing is I think it knows it’s
being hunted so we’re going to come back tomorrow and sneak up on it yes Steve I think that’s a good idea
because just like the snake after a while I think it just dives under sits
with a bottom it shows out and just waits for us to leave I think that’s
what a lot of like animals do in the wild it’s like a pretty good strategy
because I mean I’m not diving in the water to find it it knows we’re not
gonna jump in there because yeah I think it has the upper hand in the water
because whatever it is it looks like it’s pretty fast and pretty big I would
do my research on River Monsters tonight and see what what it might be
good yeah hey kid could it be something else there’s some stuff in the water
over there but I think that just might be some fish I don’t think those are the
monster that we’re looking for but uh Carter you know what you should go
fishing for something tomorrow yeah I think I’m gonna go fishing in here I’m
gonna get a big fishing pole I’m gonna be just like the guy on River Monsters
and I’m gonna see if I can catch this thing that would be really cool yes
yours will see you tomorrow so until then you know what to do stay awesome
and share the love peace! Woo


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