river mouth | Benefits and Hidden danger explained with subtitle.

in today’s video we are going to know
about what is river mouth and the benefits what is river mouth a river
mouth is the part of a river where the backwater d bounces into sea or an ocean
left side is the backwater big sandbar right side is the sea the best time to
open the river mouth is unn rainy season because the water level will be high
enough to reach the sea level this is a flowing river mouth because of the low
tide back water is flowing towards the sea
all these are seaweeds come from the backwater when it’s high tide seaweeds
will be washed up to the shore it’s been one week after opening the river mouth
what is the benefit of river mouth when the fresh sea water flows into the
backwaters all the species will grow for an example prawns saltwater mussels oyster. clams backwater crabs these are the benefits of river mount
and helps fishermen to catch more passing fishes through the river mouth
the dangerous in the river mouth you should not try to swim in the river
mouth because it’s powerful current will not allow you to swim properly and it
will be fatal to death even the professional swimmers also will struggle
to swim so don’t ever try to swim or play in the river mouth if you liked the
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