31 thoughts on “River of no Return 2)Marilyn Monroe/Finale- Rivière sans retour (En/Fr Lyrics)

  1. – Please watch Mitchum and Marilyn –> https://youtu.be/QCbECNhSPII
    – Playlist Western+Music –> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoFNPG_DWvOtPqB9fXaoJvwBjO0jAVPih

  2. Leaving the shoes on road are symbol of her no return in the same profession. So symbolic end of a magnificent movie. One of my favorite.

  3. Marilyn Monroe might not have been one of the greatest actresses, but by God she was a truly beautiful woman

  4. Ahora estara y verdad se fue en el rio sin retorno que es la muerte solo algunos viven de los recuerdos sean malos o buenos pero para esta mujer solo son malos

  5. Hey, MM is actually a pretty good singer. All along I thought she was bad because many criticized her “Happy B-day” debacle to JFK.

  6. Hollywood was stupid for not allowing Marilyn to sing more. She had a wonderful voice, but they thought it would ruin her persona as dumb blond. River of no return was easily the best movie she ever made, and the most memorable. The idea of using angel voices while they traverse the river was outstanding, and wasn't used again until the movie Patton when trumpets played in the background.

  7. 今観ても、綺麗です😍💕

  8. Hollywood..JFK..and the Rat Pack..killed this Beautiful Woman..to many
    Broken Promises made to her for Sex…RIP..Marylin..
    The World..misses you still today..

  9. at 0:22 second her eyes had a very mysterious and sad (as well as attractive expression).

  10. She should have become America's first female president.

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