River Patrol – Niangua (02)

Eric can you give me a good court date? I’ve got August 7th or August 21st. About five years ago several of the canoe outfitters down
here were suggesting we get on the river and asking us to be on the river more and more. You took a couple of hits?
(A) Yeah, I did. You just took a couple hits? How much did you have, you say? (a) Just a couple hits. Fellows, its in your canoe. Somebody’s getting a ticket, okay? The police officer or your highway patrol is running up and
down your city streets and your highways protecting the people, making sure things are done the way they are supposed to be, and we think the water patrol and conservation are
doing the same thing on our rivers here. Our Sheriff’s department are really appreciative of our efforts because that frees
there men up to work the rest of the county. In a normal case it’s about a 50 dollar fine plus
court costs, but that’s completely up to the judge (minor) Right, well it was my fault. I completely understand. I appreciate your cooperation. (minor) Keep on keepin’ the river safe. That’s what we’re trying to do.
I appreciate your cooperation.

4 thoughts on “River Patrol – Niangua (02)

  1. our family is coming for the first time to the Niangua this summer… glad to see you dong this kind of proactive patroling. We're looking forward to our trip.

  2. Wish Ya'll Still Patroled It…The Drinking And Fighting On The River Is Out Of Control

  3. Wow, what a bunch of BS. What's a little alcohol or marijuana matter? My little retirement mecca on the James River on Highway A just outside of Marshfield was subject to trespassers, calve thiefs, fence cutters, illegal fishing (especially for suckers), etc, etc……and I mean etc. The county that this family has been in since 1870 sucks. If you want to talk about the bible belt; this is it! They'll steal anything that isn't nailed down!

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