River Pike – EPISODE 5 – Post Spawn Fishing | Kanalgratis.se

36 thoughts on “River Pike – EPISODE 5 – Post Spawn Fishing | Kanalgratis.se

  1. firstt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love your videos kanalgratisdotse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. and why do you always have a pink headphone in the liveshow? its fuckted up

  3. do you always use braided line for perch and pike??? or sometimes also nylon or fluorcarbon??

  4. How much did Ballerina pay you for that little ad at the end there? ;D

  5. Nice rivers with nice fish in it! As always you give me inspiration to try new things. Gonna head for some river fishing this year too i think!

  6. Here in the netherlands we arent allowed to fish for pike during spawning :s

  7. Vad använder du för hemsidor/program för att kolla satellitbilder osv?

  8. Man I wish I could come over there and get some Pike! It's hard to find the huge ones anymore in my area here in Northern Idaho.

  9. Johan, that was one of the most beautiful pikes I've ever seen! The colours and the wide back was just 😍😍😍😍😍

  10. My favourite show, a show made for me. I'm so excited I commented before I watched it. 🙂

  11. Really nice pike!
    I'm coming to sweden at the end of august or the beginning of september for some
    pike and perch fishing in the lakes of Småland!
    Do you have some helpful tips for me, maybe?
    Greetings from germany and keep up your awesome work!

  12. Tjena!
    Finns det möjlighet att vara med och fiska?
    Fiskar rätt mycket själv 🙂

  13. How long did it take for u to catch it and how much did that lure cost

  14. any tips for tourists? This summer I wanna do a road trip through Sweden,Norway and Finland. Any tips about Sweden? permits? do's and don'ts?

  15. How can i fish with you i have fishing in 2years. I will fish and learn me more about fishing and how to fight agianst the fish so the fish not go lost🎣🎣

  16. Vad krävs det för att jobba med er? Ser riktigt kul ut 🙂 Jag fiskar själv i Sibbofjärden som jag vet att Johan har varit på. Hör av er gärna så kan vi ta en tur där 🙂

  17. great video! really great fishing as usual guys! I have bought quite a few lures from your store kanalgratisdotse and are all great, I actually got my pb on the black okoboji perch. Do you guys know any websites that have lots of pig shads and ship to europe?:))

  18. Excellent fishing lessons 😉 by the way , can you tell me what's the song playing at the minute 12:22 on this episode soundtrack?

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