River Region United Way Community Partnership

River Region United Way focuses on five counties in central Alabama Autauga, Elmore Lowndes, Macon and Montgomery. Worldwide United Way has a program called Day of Action. Well, River Region United Way calls it Days of Action because we are working with two schools this summer in June for one week each school. We go into the school with our teams of volunteers and we work with the teachers through activities and through learning programs and then a field trip by the end of the week. Literacy is key and critical when it comes to our students and so it’s very important for us to build those partnerships so we have the resources to do what we need to do with our students in order for them to improve. At Wind Creek, we are so proud to partner with United Way to help support 2020 Days of Action to help kids with their literacy We’re so excited to partner with you guys. You guys do all the hard work. The grant helps us pay for the books, the activities and tickets and things that will help us teach the love of reading and also make things fun for the summer. Absolutely. Thank you We are so grateful for the collaboration and partnership with United Way and Wind Creek. Because without them giving our students this opportunity, they would not have this experience this summer. Thank you so much for the support Thank you for us helping us be able to reach out into the community with this program and with our programs among the other schools. We couldn’t do this work without you.

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