River Sims – Rant [Official Audio]

[Music] adios to all the haters bye-bye Later-Later alligator they say i rap too fast might need a respirator boy i’ll squash you like a bug call me the exterminator I’m boutta revive rap somebody get me a defibrillator you’re probably so stupid that you need the calculator just to solve my raps boy you need a fucking an educator caught you in the hook like a fish guess you could call me a masturbator they said I have no flow, they obviously do not know they said i have no rythem i do not know what’s wrong with them not doing this for the fame not doing it for the clout to myself I wasn’t ever gonna go down that route this a passion of mine that would never ware out that’s what I am about if you have fuckin doubt I am not gonna shout I am not gonna pout i’ma just knock your little bitch ass out he’s that kid with a dream river sims? yeah the one named after a stream but don’t knock him his lyrics are mean, he’s the type to get sent a long message and leave you on seen ha I’m laughing this beat is slapping on me they’re napping but the better wake up cuz the shit I ain’t having on this beat i’m ranting it’s it’s actually the haters that i’m thanking because of you I’m expanding tried to knock me down but I’m still standing they say I have no flow they obviously do not know they said I have no rhythm I don’t know what’s wrong with them I had to work hard for the shit and times it was hard I admit no matter how hard I get you I will not quit I will not submit and by all the bars that I spit they don’t catch half of it someday they’ll realize that I’m the shit [Music] [Music]

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