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  1. The episode from 5:21 to 5:46 is a mini-episode, First Night.
    It's set during River's first night in Stormcage 😀

    0:00 – 1:00 – 6×07
    1:00 – 1:10 – 6×01
    1:10 – 3:57 – 6×08
    3:58 – 4:12 – 6×12
    4:13 – 5:20 – 6×13
    5:21 – 5:46 – First Night
    5:47 – 6:28 – 6×07
    6:29 – 7:08 – 6×07
    7:08 – 8:12 – 6×01
    8:13 – 8:54 – 6×02
    8:55 – 9:37 – 5×12/5×13
    9:38 – 10:34 – 5×04/5×05
    10:35 – 11:11 – 6×13
    11:12 – 12:40 – 7×05
    12:41 – 14:11 – The Husbands of River Song
    14:12 – 16:54 – 4×08/4×09
    16:55 – 18:34 – 7×13

  2. Well made timeline… of the last interesting and original part in Doctor Who, before the dark times… before Marxism took over. Good by Doctor, I don't even want to give the series a try anymore

  3. I just realised that if the doctor died in the library then river would be Melody and have a normal life with Amy and Rory (as normal as the world ending due to the doctor not being there)

  4. I really wish i could see what River would have been like had she not been forced into the the astronaut suit. I think it would've been interesting to have the Doctor watch her as she grows up from her original as a little kid into the form as an adult. I also feel this is something they can explore in future episodes.I also find the entire way they set up River's backstory was kind of dumb.

  5. Also with the new Doctor who Christmas special coming out and there are some rumors of Clara coming back and for some reason bill is in it. I think now should be the time for the Doctor to find Amy and Rory again at least for a christmas special. Maybe wait for the female Doctor to come in. I would love to see Amy and Rory's reaction to seeing the Doctor as a female.

  6. the bizantiam part is before the pandorica in her time stream..
    cos she says that the doctor will see her again when the pandorica opens

  7. I like river song and stuff
    but im always slightly confused by the season 6 episode 1
    The one we see (not spaceman river) in that episode already went through that. She knows what happens yet she reacts like it was a surprise and also tries to shoot her past self soooo was she faking? what was going on?

  8. Part of me never was comfortable with the fact that River's last outing from our POV was with the Twelfth Doctor, and her last outing from her POV was with the Tenth Doctor, especially since she shared such a profound bond with Eleven. But I completely forgot that her last moments were with the Eleventh Doctor as an echo, which seems like a fitting end to the character. Spends 20 years with 12, dies with 10, and fades with 11. It really is beautiful.

  9. There is Rummor that River Song has been told she is going to be doing some shows with the new Doctor.

  10. River Song, Melody Pond. I'm debating to name a future daugter Melody River after her. Have always been a big River fan! The actress playing River has been a role model for me since she was on ER!

  11. She really sucks as a daughter! Why not spend more time with your traumatized mum who is depressed because she can't have another child and didn't watch you grow up the way a parent wishes for? River Song you suck on so many levels!

  12. I made the mistake of taking on the policy and practices of the Doctor when I was, oh, about 15. Faltered a bit, fell a lot, but the one who dragged me back in was named River Claw.

  13. And someones prefer the poor relation between Rose and the Doctor… xd Rose is an annoying little girl, River Song is a TRUE WOMAN !

  14. I always get so confused with the river astronaut order – because of when everythings erased and then changed because of the wedding – im even confused about being confused about it

  15. What makes no sense to me is that in Angels take Manhattan, River kind of refused the Doctors invitation to stay on the Tardis, yet in The Husbands of River Song, she complained that he just ignores and wanders around the universe without her.

    Did Moffat forget about it, or am I missing something? These 2 episodes are in sequence together

  16. Shes never gone basically is what the ending implied. Since she is mentally linked to Clara, she can never die as long as Clara lives. Considering that Clara is kind of impossible to kill, it makes it that River is still going to be hanging around a bit.

    Kind of fitting that her fate is tied with the impossible girl considering her dad is The Centurion (the man who dies and dies again).

  17. It’s true that she never falls in love based on what he looks like it’s always what’s inside the doctor that she loves

  18. She's always said "Hello, sweetie. So when she said, "Goodbye, sweetie." I think I broke a little. I think I may have cried slightly during most of the end. 😭

  19. I think I am even more confused. Especially the part about the beach. I'm probably going to need a diagram or something.

  20. Every time Amy and Rory get taken by the angel i always cry no matter how many times i have seen that scene

  21. 10:14 – From an interview I remember she gave, she kneed him in the no no spot on that one.

  22. They should never have gotten rid of River. I quit watching for awhile. Never liked Clara. River will always be my favorite. Wish they would bring her back somehow. She was the best with the doctor. Miss her alot. Why couldn't the doctor, knowing she was going to the library, sent a robot River to actually do the death. Since the doctor knew she was going to die, he could of done something to save her. Not put her in the computer itself. He could of saved her. The writers need to do it again and River be fine.

  23. When Rİver said '' Funny thing is this means you always known how I was going to die. All the time we've been together you knew I was coming it.'' it really hit me when I watched Singing Towers episode. I wish we could see River Song as a companion to The Doctor. They don't have enough episodes.:(

  24. I refuse to believe she's actually really gone. I can not accept never ever seeing River Song again

  25. What was the last "spoilers" about? I think River is alive in the future. The Doctor just doesn't know it yet… Because of time wimy stuff.

  26. River could come back and meet the 13th doctor. She’s forever within the library and technically not dead dead.

  27. I want River back…. but her story concluded perfectly…. but still. UHH MAKE IT HAPPEN. AS IF JUST A VISIT.

  28. Almost perfect. We're just missing Jim the fish and the postponing of their date!

  29. Episode Order:

    S6E7: A Good Man Goes to War (As a child)
    S6E1: The Impossible Astronaut (As a child)
    S6E2: Day of the Moon (Regenerates to Mels)
    S6E8: Let's Kill Hitler (Regenerates to River)
    S6E12: Closing Time (Forced to become the astronaut )
    S6E13: The Wedding of River Song (Same events as the Impossible Astronaut)
    S6E7: A Good Man Goes to War (As an adult)
    S6E1: The Impossible Astronaut (As an adult, outside suit)
    S5E12: The Pandorica Opens
    S5E4: The Time of Angels
    S6E13: The Wedding of River Song (At the end)
    S7AE5: The Angels Take Manhattan
    Christmas Special 2015: The Husbands of River Song
    S4E8: Silence in the Library
    S7BE8: The Name of the Doctor

  30. Saddest part is that if she didn’t give the doctor all her regeneration energy then she could of had forever with the doctor, but what really pisses you off is that the time Lords could of just given her more regenerations like they did the doctor.. lol, but we know that she was not supposed to live that long, but he has a daughter out there somewhere.. but I always wonder if River had one or two hearts as she is basically a time lord.. as the Tardis is grown and not built, maybe that’s how the first time lords were made.

  31. I just realised when she dies she says "Not those times, not one line, don't you dare" and when Eleven dies he says "I will not forget one line of this, not one day, I swear"

  32. The husbands of river song- “doesn’t look very impressive does he? Nardole what have you brought to my doorstep!?” Silence in the library- “ you turned up on my doorstep with a new haircut and a suit”

  33. Shouldn't melody be half tardis since her being conceived in the tardis is the result of her power and how the doctor (the *last time lord) is not the father

  34. Anyone else a little bit uncomfortable watching someone make out with someone else half their age?

  35. I just realized the first "Head Teacher" sign was written in comic sans 0.0

  36. This is by far the best ark I have ever seen and not to tell my age but I have see a few. He did an amazing job and I'm so sad to hear he is no longer the show runner 😢

  37. We could use a man like the dr to help sort out the current spygate crisis. River could take the deep state back to school for a civics lesson. Then again, if we can’t sort it out ourselves then perhaps Liberty is too good for us.

  38. It always breaks my heart when the Doctor asks River to travel with him. That little light of hope. For just a second, he would have rewritten time.

  39. If you could travel in time, wouldn't the fact that you are there mean that you are rewriting time, meaning that there are no fixed points in time?

  40. The 12th Doctor gave River the screwdriver that the 10th doctor used to save her. The echo of River then talked to the 11th Doctor who knew he had saved her to the library before he became the 12th doctor and gave her the screwdriver for that to happen in the first place. I don't think anyone fully understands River's timeline.

  41. One of the most tragic couples of all time.

    Never share the same timeline, her last time is his first time. Never ment to be together…

  42. Maybe she will return as a mental link with the doctor

  43. what about when she was a blonde girl in new york and she regenerated

  44. I want an episode where it shows maybe what happened on deriliam (idk how to spell it) or like maybe the doctor and her got into a argument and she time traveled away for a bit and then ran into the new doctor and they save a planet or two

  45. Omg river in a white spacesuit when she kills the doctor, and river in a white spacesuit when she sacrifices herself for the doctor

  46. There should be a list of episodes and what order to watch them in from rivers point of view. Of course some episodes might come up twice but it works fine any way.

  47. I like to think that those 24 years they spend to know each other without lies or spoiler stuff.❤️❤️

  48. I would’ve loved for her to meet the 13th doctor, that exchange would’ve been interesting to say the least

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