100 thoughts on “River Stone Sculptures by Xiang Duan

  1. 😱😱😱😱….using that big rotary blade….beautiful work btw!!!

  2. Crazy amazing! You are so brave putting your hands so close to a wet saw. Respect

  3. عاشت ليادي نه لويمي شتري منك 🤠🤠💍💍💍

  4. Wow quel talent👍👌! Comment peut t on arriver a la conclusion de mettre un pouce ver le bas bizz!

  5. Excelente esculturas.. pero cuida un poco más tus manos, recuerda que son las únicas que tienes.

  6. Nunca he visto piedras que sean de un color por dentro y de otro por fuera

  7. Now thats real talent and real art, your 40 million dollars white paper with a black liken in the middle isn't

  8. Was just watching the thumb, but need to complement and like the video.
    Great job! Super skilled.
    Keep it up!


  9. I can't even cut a picture out of paper that good in rl and this guy can draw and cut the drawings off of rock

  10. Great talent… but I predict he’ll be losing some digits if he keeps putting his hands close to the blades like that. GOOD GRIEF son!!!

  11. Wow check out MOUNTAINDUKE Hypocritical wolf official music video here https://youtu.be/zAT_QSaLNes

  12. Красиво!👍
    Это же не простые камни, это кварц, кремнезем в основном.

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