100 thoughts on “River Treasure: iPhone, Gold Rings, Tons of Sunglasses and MUCH MORE! | Aquachigger

  1. How do you know the value to these items? Do you look them up on Google?

  2. Do you just take the useless stuff like trashed sunglasses to cut back on pollution

  3. someone had a bad day fishing and threw the rod in lol, great work cleaning up the rivers and Happy hunting

  4. If you can't find the owner, instead of scraping the rings you should sell them as sunken treasure ?

  5. sunglasses for days. just finding things randomly like that, it'd quickly become a hobby

  6. With all the glasses h found, I swear he went pass a glasses case

  7. I feel bad for whoever dropped the phones, expensive rings and designer sunglasses ?

  8. Hi Aquachigger just watching this video not sure if it is but at 3:59 as bubbles first clear looks like gold ring just as you put camera in and you don't see it.

  9. ALWAYS TAKE CANS SAVE THE OCEAN AND GET 10 sense at meijers 😀

  10. fan of rings… If no one claims em ill gladly take it i guess ?, i live in guam tho so i doubt ill get em

  11. 6:02 some frat boys got too drunk and dropped their 12 pack and ray's lol

  12. I can never understand paying so much money for name brand sunglasses. Are they really that much better?

  13. Probably be better to put their SS number. Phone numbers change like the weather.

  14. I so enjoy your videos.  I am just learning about the sport of metal detecting and I love it.  I think you have detectors for sale….?  if so could you let me know where I can get info about them.  Also, do you ever have any videos about how you research to find places to hunt for treasure?  And also, do you offer anything when you ask permission to metal detect on private property.  Sorry this is so long.

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  16. Cool this video, but should be nice for u to pick up the rubbish and throw it out of the river.

  17. It would be nice and appreciated if you picked up some of that trash you find , and why you didn't get the free bear ?

  18. Not cool dude.. Why don't you pick up the broken bottles n just throw it away instead of ignoring if? Someone might step on it n get hurt

  19. Félicitations pour le succès de la vidéo très bon ami toujours ????????????????????????

  20. What happened to finders keepers . Makes me kinda hate the hobby . Why waist my time

  21. Ножом кого-то ебанули и в воду выбросили))

  22. So, how/why are there so many of these sunglasses/rings in one location? Do folks tube this river? As someone who lives along the coast I could see a lot of stuff around marinas, docks, and where boats raft-up, but why does all this stuff accumulate in this one section of river? And how do so many people lose rings??

  23. Someone's cooler tipped over into the river 5:50 lol If you only had a "Washington" for every "Lincoln" you found huh? (or glasses) ;P Need Gloves to protect u from blades lol "Not riverproof for sure" LMAOOOO

  24. Dude you passed over few rings because you’re were going way to fast smh ??‍♀️

  25. I can only think of one reason why someone would throw a knife like that into the river…..

    Also finding gold rings like that, if this was repeatable every day, just in different rivers people could make a living out of swimming in rivers.

  26. I swear there was an old pocket watch right next to the last thing you picked up in this video!!
    Love your video's by the way.

  27. Lmfao that stuff been planted there he knows exactly where to go to find them

  28. So why wear gloves sometimes and not others? Do they actually help? I've been thinking about getting into this. Gonna try it this summer

  29. I would think one of those small looks-like-a-flashlight metal detectors would triple the yield. (panners: take notice!)

  30. Can I ask… What kind of device are you using to see & record under water?? (This looks fun) and I wanna do it here in Alaska now that it’s summer and warm!! ?

  31. That steel bracelet was a medical alert bracelet. I had the same one. The symbol wears off.

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