100 thoughts on “River Treasure: iPhones, Cash, iHome, Raybans And MOAR!

  1. يلي راح يدور على القناة و من طرف يوسف احمد لايك

  2. You should be a little more like DallmyD and his gang and pick up a bit of that trash while you're in the water. Help protect the fish from all that crap.

  3. Why so many sunglasses in the river ?. Don't forget come to indonesia river sir ?? you can so shocked

  4. I always assume someone call me and say Hi bilal i found a voilet having 1000$ i wanna give it to you. Give me your address…

  5. More)

    But great vid!

    I did this and found 5 turtles, sunglasses, a galaxy phone case, and sunglasses/glasses.

  6. Ae đăng kí kênh chuối vê lốc ủng hộ bọn mình nha???

  7. pls take the trash out..because it will disturbed for fish…so do that u may watch man+river they take the trash and trow it out..

  8. Почему в Ютубе нет перевода??

  9. hello how are you guys, have a nice day. I often watch your videos so many things you find, can I ask for a cellphone that you found? I hope you are not disappointed or angry with me, I am only a private employee in Indonesia who has a salary that may take several years to buy Hanpon Apple that you often find. I only hope for all of your generosity and if you want to help me, this is my address: ruma sakit advent medan, gatot subroto km. 5.5 terrain north sumatra, indonesia. may God bless Jesus

  10. Hello friends at sea and on the land doing hobby with a detector for hobby purposes and I share them in videos on my channel and I would appreciate it if you follow my channel thank you in advance

  11. Please, I admire you very much, I have a question for you. You can connect my channel to 100 subscribers

  12. اكو عرب بل طياره ؟؟؟؟ خههخهخهخههخهخهخخهخهخهخهخهخه

  13. Pick up the trash! If you come across a bottle or can pick it up, it’s bad for the environment

  14. Vc podia tirar os lixos do fundo e ajudar os animais !Mas tirando isso o canal e legal

  15. yea of course you threw this stuff to water a couple of days ago and then you "found it" ???

  16. Pollution of rivers with plastics. The worst possible. Congratulations. Good job and continues to contribute to removing crap from the rivers.

  17. I am binge watching again. I think the,Civil war relics have no hooked. I think I can Smell relics when you start on a lucky hunt.

  18. He is an honest guy! I can only imagine that most people would keep the cash and mail the id and credit cards back, or worse, keep the cash and dispose of the id and credit cards, or even worse, keep the cash and sell the id and credit cards on the dark net.

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