River Water – Tales of Tenali Raman – Animated/Cartoon Stories For Kids

King Krishnadevaraya’s court had many learned scholars and elderly advisors. One day, when the court gathered, an elderly scholar, by the name Deva Priyan, said to the King. Greetings your majesty. I have served you for many years now. I have grown very old. I no longer will be able to come to your court. I would like to go back to my native village, And live in peace with my family there. It doesn’t matter if you have become old. It is your knowledge that our kingdom requires. Knowledge never grows old so kindly don’t leave us. No your majesty. I am not even able to walk. I sit comfortably here. So please relieve me from your services. As you wish. I relieve you from the services of this court. Treasurer, pay him is due respects, and send him happily. The King respected and liked the old scholar, very much. So he missed him very greatly, after his departure. The King stopped taking interest in Royal functions, or day to day activities of governing the Kingdom Tenali Raman noticed this change. Captain, it has been a month since Tenali has attended out court. What is wrong with him? Your majesty, there is no news from him at all. His house is also closed. It seems that Tenali has left our Kingdom. I have sent parties, throughout our kingdom to search for Tenali. What? Has Tenali Raman also left our Kingdom? What wrong have I done? Why is God punishing me like this? Oh God. My heart aches very badly. Your Majesty. Don’t worry. We will all pray for Tenali Raman’s return. If you don’t mind, Please take a tour around the Kingdom, to feel a bit relaxed. That seems to be a good suggestion . Make arrangements for my tour. The King went for a walk on the riverbank. As he was strolling, He looked the clear blue water of the river, Then he saw a sage sitting on the riverbank. Ah The river water looks so fresh and clear. The blue water steals my heart with its beauty. It makes me feel so relaxed and peaceful. After a walk the King returned to his palace. The next day, he went to the riverbank once again. The sage was present that day too. Beautiful. Lovely. The same water. Hahahahahahahah. Hahahahahahaha. Oh Sage, why did you laugh at me now? Is anything wrong and admiring the river water? Yes, your Majesty. What’s wrong? Your words your Majesty. The water you saw yesterday in the old river, has already flown away. Today, there is new and fresh water here. The beauty of the river lies in this fact. Similarly, coming and going of people in our lives is a natural process. But their departure does not stop our life. Then why should we be feeling so sad, for your old scholarly adviser who has left the Royal Court? Think your Majesty. Think about what I’ve said now. I agree, Oh Sage! But, Tenali, who is so young and so deer to me, has left me alone. With your divinely power, Can you find his whereabouts for me? Sure I can. I can bring back your Tenali, right in front of your eyes now. But only if you promise to do me a favour. Will you do it? What do you want? 10,000 gold coins? You may take all you want, but I want my Tenali Raman back. Why does this sage need gold coins? All I need is that you should govern the Kingdom, well without any worries Will you promise this to me your majesty? Tenali Rama. I have learned a true lesson for life. Thanks to you. You’re indeed my true friend Dear children, To look regret on what is gone, Think properly and plan well with your future. This will surely make you succeed in life.

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