Rivers in The Desert (With Lyrics) – Persona 5 OST

75 thoughts on “Rivers in The Desert (With Lyrics) – Persona 5 OST

  1. My favorite song from persona 5 (and that's saying something cause they're all amazing)

  2. Nice to see the veggie of legend bring back this masterpiece for the common folk. Thank you for your service! (^_^)-b

  3. YAAAS finally the one with the Lyrics hehe~ Thank you so much for the reupload!

  4. "Cognitions, son! They harden in response to mental trauma!"

  5. "Don't ask why I'm ready, but I'm ready to take them (YouTube) down now, the time for a new start is constantly drawing nearer…" Truely a trickster in all regards, Thank you so much for reuploading "Life Will Change" and now this!

  6. Some songs I would appreciate:
    Wake up get up get out there
    Beneath the mask
    Last Surprise

  7. F for the other version with million views…
    I hope you can make the channel grow again!

  8. What happened for the video to be taken down originally? Choice or a copyright strike?

  9. Who's boss battle should be tougher?
    The Illuminati
    Prison Guard lolis

  10. Man i love this song… finally its back… so ill do again a 50k view…. 😂

  11. I'm seeing a lot of comments about how the video is back (yay! btw), but I should be seeing more comments about those closed captions…

  12. YouTube: hah! This brat ain't dead easily 👿
    Phantom thieves: we will steal people heart's!

  13. You reuploaded the video and still didn't fix the part where it says "signed land".

  14. Shido when Akira "assaults" him: Damn brat, I'll sue!

    Shido when Morgana tells him to go to sleep: Damn cat, I'll sue!

    Shido when Batman topples his evil conspiracy: Damn bat, I'll sue!

    Shido when all his plans get ruined because of a rat: Damn rat, I'll sue! Turns to dust soon after saying that

    Shido when the wind takes away his hat showing everyone his chrome dome head: Damn hat, I'll sue!

    Let's keep this joke going everyone

  15. At least I can be happy now that this is back
    I spent my money to get a PS4 and this it was damn well worth it
    Thanks YouTube for randomly recommending me persona 5 and mostly shenpai

  16. It is amazing how much the vocal track can change a song. The vocal and instrumental versions are complete opposite in tone despite with only the the addition of the singer. Listening to the instrumental version gives out a much more ominous and dark feeling compared to the rebellious one in this version

  17. 1:47
    There’s a mistake: It says “signed” when it’s supposed to say “singed”.

    Otherwise, great vid! 👌

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